Dental consultation for broken tooth

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Friday February 7, 2020
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August 5, 2020
Hey guys,
My brother and sister-in-law are nurses, and they've been on COVID duty for the past few months. They have a little girl, she is only 5 years old, and she is staying with me for the past few months. Unfortunately, she fell from the swing yesterday while playing in the yard and broke her teeth. I immediately fetched her to a nearby emergency dental clinic and She was okay until last night, but she had swelling on her face overnight. I think it is very natural to have inflammation as an aftereffect of tooth problems!
But when I informed my sister-in-law about this accident, she is exaggerating the scene. She is acting crazy, and she wants me to take the kid for a thorough dental consultation. I already had a genuine dental consultation for my niece, and the doctor told me that there is no need for tooth filling or bonding because her primary teeth will soon shed, and permanent teeth will start to come in immediately. I honestly felt it as genuine.
So I didn't get my sister-in-law's point, I don't know if anything changes if I take her for another consultation. I'm still thinking about it! Does anyone here feel the treatment isn't enough?? Please let me know. I'm still thinking about it!