Orange vein / root like string came out of my mouth from my nose.


I've been experiencing globus-like symptoms since late July 2020. Main symptom being a sensation of someone choking me by the neck as if I'm not getting enough oxygen to my head. I got a Covid test up the nose on Aug 11 then on Aug 14 I snorted/hacked up this strong orange vein/root like string from my nose and pulled it out from my mouth. It's a single string that literally has roots/branches coming off of it and is about 2.75 inches long. I was able to breath a little better through my nose for a short period once it was out but the nasal air restriction almost immediately went back to its original state. It doesn't feel like sinus blockage but rather restricted (maybe inflamed?) nasal airways. It's not on any particular side, I don't cough, sneeze, or have a fever. No sinus drainage. Mucus is thick white sticky or sometimes white foamy. When I do cough nothing comes up or out. I kept the string, showed it to an ENT & he kind of laughed & said he had no idea what it was & just left it at that. I'm wheezing a bit, trying to clear my throat frequently (nothing new there though), no heartburn. I wish I could attach pictures - I've shown it to a couple nurse friends and they have no idea what it is either. Most were quite sure that it wasn't dry mucus. Can anyone please help? We've tried cefuroxime pills, antifungal lozenges, nasal spray and nothing has helped.