What does Lasik Surgery Do

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Wednesday October 14, 2020
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October 29, 2020
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I've been working as a fashion designer for over a year. In the last few days, I'm facing some issues related to my vision. I can't be able to see far objects. Due to the pandemic situation, I made an online appointment with the optometrist and discussed it. He spots that it is the first stage of myopia and advises to consult any eye clinic for the detailed result. After concerning his report, I've done an online search to know more about the diseases and their symptoms. While searching, I have seen a successful story of a woman who had rectified myopia permanently with Lasik surgery. So I'm curious about the Lasik surgery and decided to consult a <code>Lasik eye surgeon, which she has consulted. Can you suggest what all measures should be taken before proceeding with it? Please be free to share your views too.