Device for early detection of breast cancer

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The MaMmography with Molecular Imaging is a device which assists the doctors for an early detection of breast cancer. This allows an early medication which about one year to two years before chemotherapy is needed. Its distinctive function is it can capture images. The patient lays her face down to a special board and enters her breast in one of the openings. Through the ring shape of the device detector surrounded the breast taking images is much better and those small tumors are also can be detected. It has improved visualization which enables for it to see thoroughly the areas very close to the pectoral muscle. This device is base on the highest and resolution and sensitivity market which is the PET System (Positron Emission Tomography) which has greater advantages. This enables the early finding of cancer cells in the breast by measuring the metabolic movement of the tumor and locating the cancer cell with high uptake of glucose. Hence immediate detection of the disease leads to immediate medication which lessens the mortality rate of patients suffered from breast cancer.

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