Will an apple a day really keep the doctor away? [Solved]

It's been since long that this saying exist, but just to confirm. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Is this myth or reality?
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This is just a saying but of course fruit is good for you, and daily intake will help keep you healthy lets say.
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In answer to question about apples:It might depend on what a person believes about the value of a fruit diet. Some people think illness can be cured by eating large amounts of fruit and eliminating other foods at the same time: such as fats, salt and sugar.
A good book is:'THe Health Revolution' by Ross Horne, as it describes the reasons why an apple a day thinking might work, but it costs money and you have to be determined. I've tried it many times, and it can be very effective: I really recommend reading this book.

Unfortunately some illnesses are not possible to cure so easily, and might require a visit to a doctor.
For example: I recently developed what seems to be a hernia (after a car accident I had recently:which meant I had to carry some heavy bags on buses so maybe that was why, although nothing I had not carried many times before, so I am puzzled by it, especially since a person I know - not a doctor- told me he could not see any hernia or stomach lump) and can't avoid going to a doctor now, whereas normally I would try to cure things by a fruit diet.

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Apple is fruit with multiple virtues, and so good, as a pie for example :D

This is a summuary of those:
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