What are you allowed to drink on the Dukan diet? [Solved]

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I am following the Dukan diet and would like to know if I can drink a glass of wine this weekend. I hope to have a positive answer. Thanks.
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Thank you
Doctors state clearly that it is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol during the Dukan diet. However, it happens that occasionally I drink one glass of wine without taking gaining weight. My advice is control your calorie intake. All the best.

Thank you, benana_0405 2

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I am following the Dukan Diet and have enrolled in to the coaching programme where you do a daily report, weigh-in and so on and every day they send you instructions as to whether you are on PP or PV day with receipe suggestions etc etc - it's really good!
What you also do every day is to fill in a little report, they ask if you have strayed (with a drop down list of items including alcohol) and there is also a drop-down list for things you are missing. One day I marked wine / alcohol in this list of things I was missing and voila! Next morning my instructions said that as I was missing it, it was OK for me to have either a Glass of RED WINE, half a glass of CHAMPAGNE or a LOW CALORIE BEER. But.....then it was totally forbidden for the next 14 days. So I didn't have it - I thought I would save it for another day when I really wanted one. :-) Good to know though!
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