What is the red skin rash on my inner thigh?

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Thursday August 11, 2011
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August 11, 2011
 Lena -
It's been a week since several itchy red spots have appeared on my inner right thigh. It has started to spread and some of them have a white dot in the center. I know that I do not suffer from any particular allergies and that it has probably nothing to do with what I have eaten.

Could you tell me if you know these symptoms and to what it could be associated with? Any special precautions to be taken? I am planning to see a doctor if the problem is not solved, but it can be a simple and effective answer that would be enough to solve my problem rather than paying for it. Thanks

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It may be from your underwear or excessive sweating causing this. If this is the case, please consider using 100% cotton made underwears.
Take care.