What does my irregular period mean? [Solved]

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I haven't had my period for three months but I am not pregnant. I have done a home pregnancy tests, and they are negative. Is this normal please? Actually I have not had sex for more than a year now, is this why I'm having such trouble worrying about this
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So you can not be pregnant if you didn't have sex for such a long time. Then there is a possibility of hormonal imbalnace and it could return to the normal soon. If you wish, you can also seek the advice of your GP, but remember if your stressed out this could be delaying your period too. Take care and good luck
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Alexnde 10 Posts Wednesday June 27, 2018Registration date July 6, 2018 Last seen - Jun 27, 2018 at 12:04 PM
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Why didn’t tour doctor it will be positive? I want to share with you that Surrogacy is the best thing happened to us. Anyone can have a baby via surrogacy. I repeat anyone! I get it that it can be expensive. There are places where it is affordable too. Multiple tries are also offered. The clinic I visited had this facility. I was so happy I opted for it. The legal issues were taken care of. The surrogate was such an amazing lady. The staff there was caring and helpful. Our accommodation was covered in the cost too. It was the best experience so far. You should totally go for it. Hope all will be good.Best of luck
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hey Tanatsa !!! no this is not normal at all. Things have crossed their limits. You have not gotten periods for three months. Why are you sitting with calm? This is really a topic of more concerns and seriousness. I know the reason. Some symptoms of late periods or not having periods for three months. This is because of your weight loss. Might be your food disorders have affected it badly. Your PCOS hormone has reached its minimum level. This increases the amount of those hormones that ceases the growth of reproductive hormones. OH, that’s so worst of you. I will recommend you to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t take stress because this is the major reason for everything.
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Carebeag 3 Posts Sunday July 8, 2018Registration date July 8, 2018 Last seen - Jul 8, 2018 at 12:23 PM
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This happened to me and I will go to the doctor, but my problem is that I had sex yesterday and my appointment with the doctor is in three days and the condom broke, so I want to use an emergency pill, is this bad?
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