How long does depression last after quitting smoking? [Solved]

 Bjay -
I'm 41 years old and gave up smoking due to ill health 3 weeks ago. I previously smoked a full pack every day. When I did not have anything to do, I would have smoked a cigarette. Now I have nothing to do and it's really embarrassing. I think this is the reason I am so depressed? What can I do? Please help

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If you have been able to stop it for three weeks, then you have been really good and you must keep it on. Nevertheless, if you feel the need, get yourself busy with some music, mind games and also get some regular exercises.
Good luck!
Thanks for the tip.
Find something hat you enjoy doing, rather it's reading a book, taking a long hot bath or walking. Remember your body is getting use to not smoking, drink some juice, o something that you wouldn't normally do...