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  • Dark lines under the eyes

    Hello, I have dark lines that are appearing right under my eyes. Is this from any kind of allergy please? It is the first time that I am having...

  • Round peeling between my legs

    Hello, I have a round peeling between my leg , but no itching or rash.I have used an antifungal cream but no cure.what should I do?

  • Interior skin of the hand

    Hello, I find the interior skin of my hand which is peeling off. I'm a 14 years old girl and it's really irritating. My hand has become rough as...

  • Palm skin crack

    Hello sir, I am Anseem , I have a problem with my palm skin. Its always became crack and peeling . please suggest any oilmen for curing this. I...

  • Allergy with dogs

    Hello, I have small pimples all over my back and when I have been to the doctor this morning, he asked me if I had any pet. I do have a dog and...

  • Anxiety problems

    My anxiety gets worse with allergies but does anyone know how to help it with out any medications? Thanks!

  • Precautions for dust allergy

    Hello, I've got a bad condition of dust allergy. I'm planning to travel middle east this winter. What all precautions should I take before I go ?

  • Allergy due to Bee Pollen

    Hello, About 8 years ago I happened to consume few grains of Bee Pollen just once, which is normally used for therapeutic purpose. Ever since...

  • How to cure herpes? [Closed]

    Hi, I often have some buttons of herpes, lips or even in the nose, do you know an effective treatment? Thanks a lot

  • How to format written and protected usb drive

    Hi. I have a usb drive, i want format it. but i'm unable to format it. the message appear on my computer screen that this usb is written and...

  • suffering very badly from cough & cold

    I am suffering very badly from cough & cold. Please suggest any good & quick recovery medicine

  • How to get rid of allergy

    Hello, My little son has an allergy and each time he has small pimples that appear on his cheek. How can he get rid of this please? Thanks.

  • pimples

    Hello, iam laxman before i got my face is very nice but now it is very ugly can any body say a treatment for it.........

  • Redness on the cheeks

    Hello, I often experience redness on my cheeks. Can this be from an allergy please? Thanks in advance.

  • Red spots

    Hello, I have some red spots on my face and it has been spreading greatly. There are some parts of my face which have become dark. How can I...

  • Redness on the skin

    Hello, I am having some redness on the cheeks, can this be an allergy please? Thanks.

  • Keeping free of sneezing and asthma... be aware of the Hazzards.

    Hello, Just in case you guys are not aware of the dangers of many perfumes, fragrances and essential oils etc. there are many various types...

  • Skin diseases and allergies

    Hello, Are skin diseases and allergies related please? Thanks in advance.

  • hipon

    Hello, im allergy yo hipon

  • Can you become allergic to your cat? [Solved]

    Hi, I have small pimples all over my back and my legs and the doctor asked me if I had any pet at home. I do have a cat, for several years,...

  • Allergies

    Hello, Is there any treatment for someone who has an allergy please or he simply needs to keep away from the specific food? Thanks in advance.

  • sick

    Hello, i am sick as in so tired i cant get out of my own way the only thing i can figuar is that it has to do with my sinuses i have...

  • Fainting

    Hello, I often feel weak and faint. Can it be from any kind of allergy please? Thanks.

  • Cause of death

    Hello, I have my uncle who had an allergy with dust. He has been found dead at work and I was wondering whether this particular allergy might...

  • Nausea

    Hello, Each day when I wake in the morning, I have nausea and it affects me more when I had spicy food at dinner the day before. It has been...

  • Gluten free

    Hello, I have allergy with gluten and I need to have gluten free foods, what are the foods that do not contain gluten please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pain at the stomach when eating chicken

    Hello, I am having pain at the stomach each time that I eat chicken. I am 16 and never had this before. Do you believe that this is some sort of...

  • Allergies

    Hello, How many types of allergies are there please? Thank you.

  • Pimples from eating mushrooms

    Hello, I always have small pimples when I eat mushrooms but they go after some two or three hours. Is this an allergy? Thanks.

  • Hot rep spot on his arms

    Hello my son is 3 years old and he is having some sorts of red spot on the arms and it is really hot when touching it. What can it be? It also...

  • White pimples on my face!

    Hi everyone... My week starts badly; I woke up this morning and was nearly horrified seeing my face. It is covered with white pimples and they...

  • Throat and ears itching

    Good day here, I need some clarifications if possible as I don't know what is happening to me. Since months I am having ear and throat itching...

  • Further complications

    Hello, I have red pimples on my chest when I eat mangoes but I love eating them. I want to know whether eating them despite of having allergy...

  • Itchy all of a sudden

    Hello, While sleeping, I often wake up having all my body itching. I will normally take a bath and spray some perfume on me so that it goes...

  • Prawns and spicy foods

    Hello, I was still young when I discovered that I have an allergy from prawns. That's why I don't eat prawns anymore. I have recently had the...

  • Possible allergy

    Hello, I have bought a new brand soap and while applying it to my genital parts, I started having a burning sensation. Can someone please tell...

  • Scratching everywhere

    Hello, So here we are, i can't stop myself from scratching all over my body each time I enter my home. My house is a hygienic guaranteed and ...

  • Sick after eating chicken rounder

    Hello, I am sick since this morning. It started after eating a chicken rounder. I had dirrhea right after some ten minutes. What may have...

  • Dry skin

    Hello, I am having dry skin since some weeks, what may be causing this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Seat belt

    Hello, I am a truck driver and I may work for at least 10 hours in a day. I have started having my skin turning red only at the region where my...

  • Pain at the stomach when eating chicken

    Hello, I am having pain at the stomach each time that I eat chicken. I am 16 and never had this before. Do you believe that this is some sort of...

  • Coughing syrup

    Hello, I had coughing syrup yesterday and started feeling dizzy. I finally went to bed. Do I have any allergy with coughing syrups...

  • Allergy

    Hello, Is there any treatment that may help me get rid of an allergy permanently please? Thanks in advance.

  • Unknown allergy

    Hello, I have been to the doctor because I started having pimples all over my body. The doctor confirmed that it was an allergic reaction and...

  • Dizzy when drinking grape juice

    Hello, I really like drinking grape juice but there are times when I feel dizzy when drinking them, can this be any kind of allergy please? Thanks.

  • Affecting the nervous system

    Hello, I have been told by my doctor that I have the nervous system getting affected and I want to know what kind of foods does this. Thank you.

  • Face mask

    Hello, I had been to the beauty parlour for a face mask today. The problem is that when I got home, I had my face all red. Is this something...

  • Advise against salt allergy

    Hello, I have developped an allergy with salt since 7 months now and I want to know how I can prevent myself from consuming salt. Is there...

  • Prawns allergy

    Hello, I have been eating prawns since very long but never had any problem. Now, everytime that I eat prawn, I have nausea and stomach pain. Is...

  • Allergy to onions

    Hello, I believe that I have an allergy with onions. I have my face which becomes all red when I eat them. How can I confirm that it is because...

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