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  • Waiting

    When I married at the age of 39, I was not quite ready at that time. I decided to postpone pregnancy for the first year of my marriage. It was not...

  • want to change

    I am feeling overwhelmed. It’s been a bad feeling when everybody go wrong and put everything that help me to change the thinking of my life. ...

  • Medical marijuana for asthma

    Hello, Can medical marijuana help me for my asthma problem please? Thanks in advance.

  • Difficulty in breathing

    i am 49 years old and has difficulty in breathing during winter times ?

  • What are the reasons of Asthma & What is the cure system?

    What are the reasons of Asthma & What is the cure system? If there is any Herbal Cure for Asthma please mention here. What is the main cause of...

  • What to do after interstitial lung disease (ILD) diagnosis? [Solved]

    I HAVE BFFN DIAGNOISED interstitial lung disease with honeycomb in lungs also bronchiectasis in B/L lower lobes. trouble in breathe .no smoke or...

  • Can cardiac problems be related to asthma? [Solved/Closed]

    Hello, Can cardio problems be related to asthma please? Thank you.

  • Bringing up a son with asthma

    Hello, What are the things that I must take care of in bringing my son up please. He has asthma and he is already following a treatment for...

  • Inhalers not helping me

    Hello, When I am breathless, I make use of my inhalers but it seems that they are of no use to me. It is only by resting for some ten or fifteen...

  • Organ affected

    Hello, What is the organ affected when someone has asthma please? Thanks in advance.

  • heart or asthma

    Hello, My son is only 6 years old and he has breathing troubles. Can this be cardiovascular or asthma problem please? Thanks.

  • Different color of inhalers

    Hello, Why are there different colors of inhalers please? Thanks in advance.

  • Shorth of breath

    Hello, I am a football player and I always feel short of breath on the football playground. It has been since the beginning of the year that I...

  • Cold or asthma?

    Hello, I have caught a cold and I am very breathless. It's worse at night when I try to sleep. Do you believe that this is from the cold or it's...

  • Irritation from inhalers

    Hello, Are there any asthma patients in here? Do you all have an itchy feeling in your throat when you use your inhalers please? Thanks in advance.

  • Forgetting my inhaler

    Hello, I often forget my inhaler at home and I wish to know what will I do if ever I have an asthma attack if I don't have my inhaler with me....

  • Diagnosis

    Hello, How are asthma patients diagnosed for asthma please? What are the indications for asthma? Thanks.

  • Breathing troubles

    Hello, What can be causing me to have so much breathing trouble please? I have never smoked in my life, so what's the issue? Thanks.

  • Breathing trouble when watching TV

    Hello, I have breathing troubles while watching movies and yet I am only sitting and not making any efforts, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Inhalers

    Hello, Does inhalers for asthma patients only contain oxygen? Why does it makes my stomach and throat itchy please? Thanks in advance.

  • My son has asthma

    Hello, My son has asthma and I wish to know whether it he can practice sports. Can he practice sports so that he gets in better health or will...

  • Asthma patients

    Hello, How much time does asthma may take to be cured please? Is there anyone who had asthma before who can share his experience with me...

  • Breathing problem

    Hello, I am always breathless when I wear perfumes, can this be an allergy please? Thank you.

  • Fighting against asthma

    Hello, I'm fed up of this problem. I always have troubles breathing. I don't know what I must do to get myself cured, please help me and yes,...

  • Do I suffer from asthma

    Hello, Since some days I'm having difficulty to breath properly and when I will make the slightest effort, I will be left breathless. I have...

  • During the night

    Hello, I don't know whether it is because of cold but at night I will start coughing. It is dry coughs actually and it is really painful at the...

  • Itchy throat from using inhalers

    Hello, Is it normal to have an itchy feeling in the throat when using inhalers please? Thanks in advance.

  • Respiratory problem

    Hello, I am having some respiratory problems since already a year now and I want to know whether it is possible to develop asthma at 23 years...

  • Smoking

    Hello, Can asthma get worse when someone smokes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Breathing hard

    Hello, I have difficulties to breath at night. I never have any breathing problem during the day and even when I play soccer, what's the problem...

  • Breathing problem when running

    Hello, I have breathing troubles when I run. I cannot run over 20 metres, please help me. Can this be asthma? Thanks in advance.

  • Itchy feeling at the throat

    Hello, I have an itchy feeling at the throat when I use inhalers, it makes me sick. Is there anything else that I can use instead of these...

  • Asthma treatment

    Hello, It has already been since 10 years that I am going through treatment for asthma, when will I be alright please? Thank you.

  • Treatment of asthma

    Hello, How many days does asthma treatment last for please? I started treatment a week ago and I want to know how long it really takes to...

  • Signs showing asthma

    Hello, What are the signs that show that someone has asthma please? Thanks.

  • Asthma she can't eat properly

    Hello, my sister is 15 and the doctors says that she is suffering from asthma but she has never had the asthma crisis i mean suffocating and...

  • Inhalers

    Hello, I have a problem with my inhaler and was wondering whether these inhalers have an expiry date. Can someone please answer me? Thanks.

  • Breathing so hard

    Hello, I am having a very bad time to breath properly. I have a burning sensation which is making it so hard, please help me.

  • Asthma

    Hello, Are the lungs responsible for asthma please? Thanks.

  • Breathing trouble

    Hello, I have breathing trouble and I have been to the doctor. He says that it is not from asthma or any disease. He simply told me that it...

  • Asthma patient

    Hello, I have asthmatic and I have been on treatment for two months. How long do I have to take treatment for. I am really fed up of having to...

  • Problems breathing

    Hello, I often have problems breathing. When this happens, I feel like my throat is going tight and I lack oxygen and I will feel weak. What do...

  • Don't like to use inhalers

    Hello, I am 16 and have asthma. I have been using these inhalers since already two months and I don't like them. Is there anything that can help...

  • Asthma

    Hello, Does asthma source from lung disorders please? Thank you.

  • 5 year old son

    Hello, I have a 5 years old son and it seems that he has breathing troubles when he wakes up. He will be breathing hard but after some ten...

  • Is this asthma?

    Hello, I am having respiratory troubles and wish to know if someone may have asthma at 31 years. Can someone please answer me? Thanks in...

  • Diagnosed with asthma

    Hello, I have a three years old son, he has frequesnt episodes of coughing. The cough syrup didn't do him any good and finally the doctors...

  • Sex life

    Hello, Does asthma affect someone's sex life please? Thank you.

  • Asthma and allergy

    Hello, I suffer with multiple allergies and asthma. This results in bad breathing problems. I have been surviving with this for a long time,...

  • Breathing troubles

    Hello, I have asthma and it's been already two years that I am on treatment and yet I still having breathing troubles, can someone please tell...

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