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  • Chlorine

    Hello, I have acne and I wish to know whether chlorine in water will help me in any way to get these removed please.

  • White pimples

    Hello, I had shaved my legs and now I have some white pimples on them, how to get rid of this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Soap

    Hello, Can the use of soap can make someone have acne please? Thank you.

  • Dry skin peeling off from my palm

    Hello, I have dry skin which is peeling off from the palms of my hand. How is this condition called please? Thank you.

  • My breasts are not round

    Hello, I have breasts which is not round. They are rather pointy, what is the reason for this please? Thank you.

  • Wearing a new pair of earings

    Hello, I have an infection at the ears and it is since I had weared a new pair of ear rings at a party that it happened. I had borrowed it from...

  • Chubby cheeks

    Hello, How to get rid of chubby cheeks please? Thanks in advance.

  • Natural treatment for oily skin?

    Hello, I am 21 years old, and having problems with my skin. Well i do use Neutrogena Treatments to stop the excess of oil that exist on my...

  • Green veins on the forehand

    Hello, I often have my forehands full of green veins. They are very ugly, what can I do about this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne not going away

    Hello, I have acne pimples and they are not going away, what should I do in order to get rid of them please? Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Mole

    Hello, How is it possible to remove a mole from the cheek please? Thanks in advance.

  • How to remove freckles?

    Hello, I would like to know if it was possible to remove freckles using a laser, or by another technique, for good? Thanks for your answers.

  • Acne and scars on my foreams

    Hello, It's been several years now that I have small pimples (transparent) on my forearms.. I've punctured them and as result I have those...

  • Eating peanuts regularly

    Hello, I regularly eat peanuts when watching movies and it has become a habit. I just wanted to know whether it causes any damage to the skin...

  • Losing hair

    Hello, I have a small question. I wanted to know if and excessive use of hair products (sprays ,gel...) can cause hair loss? I noticed that...

  • Popped my pimple

    Hello, I had a very big pimple on the forehead and I popped it up. Now it is all red and more ugly than before. Does someone has an effective...

  • Sunburns

    Hello, I had been to the seaside yesterday and now I have sunburns all over the body, what should I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Maintaining your body

    Hello, What can be done for maintaining your health in order to have a young physical appearance please? Thanks for your advises.

  • Proportionality

    Hello, Is there any proportionality in the human body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sun tanning

    Hello, What are the dangers of suntanning please? Thanks in advance.

  • Big or small lips

    Hello, What's more beautiful, big or small lips please? Thank you.

  • White spots

    Hello, It's been since three months that I have started having white spots appearing on my finger nails. I am worried about it now, please tell...

  • Annoying black heads

    Hello, What is the solution to get rid of these black heads please? Thanks in advance.

  • Make ups

    Hello, Are there any side effects from make ups please? Do they cause damage to the skin? Thank you.

  • Bigger breasts

    Hello, What is the reason that girls like to have bigger breasts please? Thanks.

  • Skin trouble

    Hello, I have my skin which is itching. Last night while scratching, I had some red pimples that had appeared. Has someone ever had the same...

  • Ears malformation

    Hello, I have a friend who has his ears malformed since his birth and he wants to get normal ears. Is this something possible please? Thanks in...

  • Red spots over the back

    Hello, I have my back covered with small red spots and I want to know what is causing this. It is worse when I scratch my back, it becomes red...

  • Instantly getting all red

    Hello, I simply get my skin which turns red as soon as my body temperature goes up. How is this skin condition known as please? Thank you.

  • Dark spots

    Hello, I had some acne pimples and I had been to a doctor who advised me to apply cucumber cream on it. They finally dried up but the problem...

  • Parents scolding

    Hello, each time i make up myself, which actually takes up much time, i often receive bad comments from my parents telling me that this...

  • Solution for getting rid of acne

    Hello, Is there a really effective solution for getting rid of acne for good? I want a permanent solution, can anyone please help me? Thanks.

  • Scars making me look really ugly

    Hello, I have two scars on my forehead. It is since I was eleven years old that I have these. Is there any natural method that I can use to...

  • Shaving with razors

    Hello, Can shaving with razors make someone have acne please? Thank you.

  • Keeping a healthy skin

    Hello, How is it possible to keep my skin healthy please? Can anyone please help me?

  • How many sets

    Hello, How many sets of squats must someone do in order to have bigger thighs please? Thanks in advance.

  • Normal measurements

    Hello, What are the normal or best measurement for a woman to look pretty please? Thanks in advance.

  • Never had acne

    Hello, Is there any teenager who has never had acne in his life please? Do you have any secrets for it? Thanks in advance.

  • Beauty spot on my nose

    Hello, I have a beauty spot on my nose and it makes me so ugly. Is there any possible method for removing this please? Thank you.

  • Decreasing boobs sizes

    Hello, Here you are, i have boobs let us say enormous and i would really like to have their sizes decrease simply because i longer can bear my...

  • Increasing breast size naturally

    Hello, I know that it's a bit senseless what i'm going to ask but nevertheless, maybe that there can be a solution. My question is, Is is...

  • Best cream

    Hello, What is the best cream that I may use for getting rid of scars please? Thank you.

  • Developing stretch marks on the sides

    Hello, I have some stretch marks which have started appearing on the side of my belly and I want to know how to get rid of this before I get...

  • Showering

    Hello, How many times must a person bath in a day in order to have a good hygiene please? Thank you.

  • Scars not going away

    Hello, I fell down from the bicycle two weeks before and the scars are not going away, what should I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Surgery for having a smaller nose

    Hello, I have a very big nose and it is not at all to the right proportion on my face. It is very ugly and I want to know whether I can get it...

  • I often have acne

    Hello, It's like every three months that I have acne. I am really fed up of this. Is there anything I can do in order to get rid of this...

  • Straight hair

    Hello, I have curly hairs and I want to make them straight permanently, is there any method that I can use to do this please? Thanks.

  • Red mole

    Hello, I have a red mole on my shoulder and it is there since I was a little kid. Is there any method for removing this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Slim waist

    Hello, How is it possible to have a slim waist please? Thank you.

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