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  • Skin moisturizers

    Hello, What is the use of skin moisturizers please? Thank you.

  • Been to the beach

    Hello, I had been to the beach yesterday and this morning when I woke up, I found some red rashes on my hands, please help me. What do I need to...

  • Fats on the face

    Hello, I have fats on my face and I want to lose them completely. What are the work outs that can help me achieve this please? Thanks.

  • Pimple on the forehead

    Hello, I have a big pimple on the forehead and I need to get to a party in four days. What can I do to remove this faster than possible...

  • Spreading further

    Hello, I have acne and it is spreading further even if I am not popping it at all. What is causing it to spread please? Thank you.

  • Bigger butt

    Hello, I am a 15 years old girl and I wish to know how I can get a bigger butt please. Thanks.

  • Wishing to have a perfectly smooth skin

    Hello, What can I do in order to have a perfectly smooth skin please? Thanks.

  • Different size of breasts

    Hello, I have my left size boob smaller than the right one, can you please help me about it? Thanks greatly.

  • Pimple on the lower lip

    Hello, I have a pimple which has appeared on the bottom my lips. How is it possible to get rid of this pimple sooner than possible...

  • Pimples on my back

    Hello, I have some small pimples on my back and they are not going away at all. It is all a mess. What do I need to do for getting rid of...

  • Hair growing on my feet

    Hello, I am a girl and I have hair growing on my feet, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Breasts

    Hello, I'm 31 years old and have a breast of 100D. I have given birth to three children and I often have pain on the back. I have come around in...

  • Face swelling

    Hello, I have my face which is swelling. I don't know what's happening to me but I need help fast, please help me. Thanks greatly for your...

  • Shaving myself

    Hello, I was shaving myself and I cut myself at the cheek. I was wondering if the shaving foam can get this cut infected. Can someone please...

  • Broken toe nail

    Hello, I have broken my nail and when I went to the hospital, they removed it. It really hurt when they removed it. They did not even use any...

  • Belly button red and stinks

    Hello, I have the belly button which has become all red and it is smelling bad, what should I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne question

    Hello, Is there anyone who has never had acne in his life?

  • White hair at 16

    Hello, I am having white hair on my head and yet I am only 16 years old. What's going wrong with me please? Thanks in advance.

  • Red spots all over my face

    Hello, I have slight red spots on my cheeks and nose. It is since my birth that I have these. I wish to know if there is any possibility to get...

  • Bad smell

    Hello, I have a very bad smell because of the fact that I sweat very much. Why do I sweat so much? How can I prevent this please? Thanks in...

  • Cuts on my hand

    Hello, When I was still 15, I cut myself at the forehand and the scars are still here. Is there any way with which I can remove these...

  • Black spot on the cheek

    Hello, I have a black spot on my cheek, right under my left eye. I simply don't like it and wish to remove it completely. Is there any possible...

  • Removal

    Hello, How is it possible to get rid completely of blackheads please? Can someone please tell me? Thanks for any help.

  • Red lines appearing

    Hello, I have some red lines appearing on belly. It is not because of fats because I am not overweight at all. What can this be...

  • Veins appearing on my forearms

    Hello, Why do I have my veins appearing on my forearms please? Thanks in advance.

  • Vitamin E

    Hello, I have purchased some vitamin E capsules and wish to know whether this may help me for getting rid of my scars. Can someone please...

  • Slim girls

    Hello, Is it possible for slim girls to have cellulite please? I have some marks at the end of my butt but I am not sure what it is. Thank you.

  • Seems like fungus

    Hello, My son has a white spot which is growing larger on his neck. It seems to be fungus, how can he get rid of this please? Thank you.

  • Irritations

    Hello, I am very irritated because my skin is always dry. It gets itchy at times. Can you please tell me what I need to do? Thank you.

  • Hair all dry

    Hello, My hair is all dry and it is very irritating. Is there any solution for this please? Thank you.

  • Dark spot on my nose

    Hello, I have a large dark spot that has appeared on my nose since a week. Has anyone have this same problem please? Thanks in advance.

  • How big they need to be.

    Hello, How big someone's breast need to be according to the size of his body please? Thank you.

  • Blue marks under the eyes

    Hello, I want to know how to remove these blue marks under my eyes. These are from the veins and they are really irritating, can you please help...

  • Irritation

    Hello, I have some irritating feelings when I get my pubic hair shaved. Can you help me about it? Thanks in advance.

  • Breast hypoplasia

    Hello, I want to bring some changes to my breasts and have no knowledge of how to do it, can you please help me about it? Thanks for any reply.

  • Curly ugly hairs

    Hello, I have curly hairs and I hate them. They are really ugly and I want to make them straight permanently, is this possible please? Can...

  • Deep scar on the cheek

    Hello, I have a deep scar on the cheek, can someone please tell me how to get rid of this? Thanks.

  • Small pimples appearing all over my body

    Hello, I have small red pimples appearing all over my body. They are all rough and at times, they become very itchy. Can someone please explain...

  • Fairer skin tone

    Hello, Is it possible to have a fairer skin tone naturally please? Thanks in advance.

  • Skinny and need to gain weight

    Hello, I am very skinny and I have been told that it is very easy to gain weight while being on puberty. How can I gain weight please? Thank you.

  • Not able to wear bikinis

    Hello, I have some cellulite marks on my butt cheeks and it is very ugly. It is because of this that I cannot wear any shorts or bikinis. Please...

  • Getting more acne pimples

    Hello, I am having more and more acne pimples, please help me get rid of these. Thanks for your help.

  • Gym training

    Hello, What kind of training will help me gain weight rapidly please? Kind regards.

  • New piercing

    Hello, I have had a new piercing yesterday and it is bleeding. I had my ear bleeding all night long. Is this normal when you have a new piercing...

  • Feeling overweight

    Hello, I feel like I am overweight, is theer any possible method for knowing if I am really overweight please? Thanks.

  • White spots

    Hello, I have some white spots that have appeared on my neck. I have a friend who says that this is a fungul infection, can someone please tell...

  • Fats

    Hello, I want to get slim legs free of fats, can you please tell me what I need to do in order to get along with it? Thanks.

  • Getting rid of a scar

    Hello, I have a scar on my cheek and I want to get rid of it, can you please tell me how I can do it? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne attack.

    Hello, How is it possible to get rid of acne fast please? Thanks.

  • Removal of birthmark

    Hello, How can I remove a birthmark please? Thanks.

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