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  • Weight lifting and face

    Hello, Does weight lifting bring any change to your face please? Thank you.

  • Not at ease with my breast size

    Hello, I have a slim body but I have big breasts. I don't find that they fit me. I am not at ease at all when I find all these guys watching...

  • Skin like burnt

    Hello, I have the skin like burnt at some places and it is very dark. I want to know whether there is any method for getting them in only one...

  • Skinny girls

    Hello, Is there any way for skinny girls to gain weight faster than possible please? Thank you.

  • Hair falling

    Hello, I am only 24 years old and I have my hair falling, is this something normal please? Can someone please help me, I don't want to become...

  • Bumps appearing on my hands

    Hello, I have bumps which are appearing one by one on my hand. They are really ugly. I want to get rid of these but how do I do it...

  • Birthmarks

    Hello, What causes someone to have a birthmark please? Can someone explain this to me? Thank you.

  • Sudocrem

    Hello, What is sudocream used for please? Thanks in advance.

  • Too big butt

    Hello, My butt is simply enormous, please tell me how I can lose weight from it and get it smaller. I really need help. Thanks for your kind help.

  • Skin disease

    Hello, I am having small pimples on my back. It is very itchy. It is irritating because the pimples are on my back. Can someone please tell me...

  • Ugly green veins

    Hello, I am a 15 years old girl and I have veins which appear from time to time on my hands and legs. They make me look so ugly, is there any...

  • Big red pimple on the nose

    Hello, I have a big red pimple on my nose and it is so ugly. Please help me get rid of this sooner than possible. Can I burst it...

  • Stretch marks

    Hello, My cousin has a few stretch marks at the side of her abdomen, how is it possible to get of these stretch marks please? Can someone...

  • Small red pimples

    Hello, I have some small red pimples that have appeared on my forehead, how do I get rid of these please? Is there any effective solution for...

  • Sun rays

    Hello, How can sun rays affect someone negatively please? Thank you.

  • Lipstick

    Hello, I am using a new lipstick since three days and it seems that my lips get swollen when I use it. What may be the cause please? Thanks,

  • Will it change?

    Hello, Will the size of my breasts change if I start doing cardio exercises for losing weight please? Thanks in advance.

  • Crooked nose

    Hello, I have sort of crooked nose and it is very ugly, what can be done please to have a normal nose like everyone? Thanks in advance.

  • How to remove blemishes?

    Hello, I'm 13 and I have a rough facial skin. In short, I have acne but also lots of little pimples and oily skin. So if you have a solution to...

  • Veins appearing on my face

    Hello, I'm a 14 years old girl and when I feel hot, there are veins that appear on my face. It is rather irritating and I feel rather embarassed...

  • Acne spreading all over my body

    Hello, I am having an acne break out all over my body and yet I am 26 years old. Is this something normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Skin moisturizer

    Hello, Of what use is a skin moisturizer please? Thank you.

  • Skin peeling off

    Hello, I have the skin which is peeling off, what must I do please? Thank you.

  • Cocoa butter

    Hello, Can cocoa butter help me get rid of stretch marks please? Thank you.

  • Growing so slowly

    Hello, I have curly hairs and I wish to why they grow so slowly compared to straight hairs. I have my friend who's hair is growing rapidly but...

  • Differences in size

    Hello, I have my sisters who have different size of breasts, what is the reason please? Thanks in advance.

  • Feeling embarrassed

    Hello, I have shaved my arm pits yesterday and I am feeling so embarrassed now because of the fact that my skin is darker at the armpits, what...

  • Smooth skin

    Hello, How is it possible to have a more smooth skin please, any suggestion please? Thank you.

  • Dry skin

    Hello, I am having dry skin peeling off from my legs. It is very ugly to see, what can help me please? Thank you.

  • Bump on my lower lips

    Hello, I have a bump on my lower lips that is very irritating, what may have caused this and how to get rid of this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Advices against acne

    Hello, I have acne which is spreading all over my face. Any advise how to get rid of this please? Thanks.

  • Facial work outs

    Hello, Are there any facial work outs that exist for having a better look please? Thanks in advance.

  • Weight at 15 years old

    Hello, I am a 15 years old girl and I wish to know what weight I must weigh please. Thanks for your help.

  • Firm breasts

    Hello, How is it possible to have firm breasts please? Thanks in advance.

  • Beauty products

    Hello, Can beauty products make someone get rashes on her face please? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne breakout

    Hello, What may cause acne break outs and what can I do in order to prevent it please? Thank you.

  • Bigger breasts

    Hello, How is it possible to have bigger breasts please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ugly scar

    Hello, I had been burnt at the shoulder and it has already been five months that it has left a scar. Is it possible for it to disappear with the...

  • Sweating in the butt

    Hello, I sweat a lot, mostly at the butt, can someone please tell me what I must do? Thanks.

  • White hair at 15

    Hello, I have white hair on my head and I am only 15, what must I do please? Thank you.

  • Growing white spot on the face

    Hello, I have a growing white spot on the face, how to prevent it from growing bigger and get rid of it please? Thank you.

  • Beauty tips to stop breaking my nails

    Good morning all. I am Vivian and I have a nail problem. Each time I finally succeed in leaving them long, they tend to break and I am totally...

  • Not at ease with my breasts

    Hello, I have big breasts and I feel really embarassed with these. When I am in a public place, there are always some people watching at my...

  • Breast reduction

    Hello, Is it something normal to have your breast reducing in size when breastfeeding? Thank you.

  • Acne spread on my chest

    Hello, I have never had acne before and it has spread over my chest. It is making me look so dull, how can I get rid of this faster than...

  • Scar on the chest

    Hello, I have a scar on my chest and want to get rid of it. How can I get rid of it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Dark spots on the face

    Hello, I have lots of dark spots on my face. I had used a cream for removing acne pimples and it has dried up like this, what must I do...

  • Precautions for acne

    Hello, What are the things that I may do in order to prevent acne breakouts please? Is there any suggestion that can help me? Thanks for your...

  • Bruised at the forehead

    Hello, I've banged my forehead and I want to know whether it will leave a scar. If yes, then how can I make it disappear, please help me. I...

  • Clearing acne

    Hello, Is there any method for clearing acne for good please? Thanks in advance.

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