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  • Toothpaste on skin

    Hello, What is the effect of toothpaste on the skin please? Thanks in advance.

  • Whiteheads on the face

    Hello, I have whiteheads on my face and it is so ugly, please help's urgent! Thanks in advance.

  • Fat belly

    Hello, I have a slightly fat belly and I wish to lose it, what do you suggest in order to lose it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne on genital parts

    Hello, I have acne only on my genital parts, can someone please tell what I need to do for getting rid of this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bench press

    Hello, Will bench press help me have bigger shoulders please? Thanks.

  • Skin turns red

    Hello, My skin turns red when I am exposed to the sun or hot temperature. What is the solution for this kind of troubles please? Can anybody...

  • Hairy back

    Hello, I have hairs growing on my body and there's a lot of on my back. What must I do? Is there any effective mean to prevent them from...

  • Lightening the skin colour

    Hello, How is it possible to lighten the colour of my skin please? Thanks in advance.

  • Experiencing hair loss at 20

    Hello, I am very worried because I am losing my hair and I am only 20, is this normal please? Thanks.

  • Breasts growing

    Hello, I am 15 years old and my breasts keep on growing, why is it so please? Thanks in advance.

  • Night bra?

    Hello, I am used not to wear any bra when I sleep, can it make my breasts fall please? Can it have any side effect please? Thanks.

  • Shaving and acne

    Hello, Can shaving make you have acne please? Thanks in advance.

  • Having a smaller waist

    Hello, I have love handles and I wish to know what are the work outs than can help me have a smaller waist please? Thank you for your help and...

  • Not overweight

    Hello, I am not overweight at all but I have big thighs, what can help me get my body in a good shape please? Thank you.

  • Small black spots on the skin

    Hello, I am having small black spots on the skin. Can someone please tell me what I am having please? Thanks in advance.

  • White stuff

    Hello, I have had a piercing at my nipples two days back and there is a white stuff coming from it. It has become all red but it is not paining....

  • Red face

    Hello, When it's hot, my face turns completely red. I wish to know whether there is any possible way not to have this trouble, someone knows how...

  • Face mask

    Hello, Can face mask be an effective method for getting rid of acne please? Thank you.

  • Fitness Gym

    Hello, I am Sandra and have just joined a fitness gym for shaping my body but I have a question, will fitness make me have a bigger butt? Thanks.

  • Breast surgery

    Hello, I have small breasts and wish to know what may be the price of a surgery for getting them bigger, can someone help me about it? Thanks...

  • Removing a mole

    Hello, I have a mole on the face and this is not pretty at all. Can someone please tell me how to get this removed? Thank you.

  • Dangerous.

    Hello, I have been told that cellulitis is very dangerous, can I know what makes cellulitis so dangerous please? Can you please enlighten me...

  • Fairer skin

    Hello, Is there anything that I can do to get fairer skin please? Thank you.

  • Stretch marks

    Hello, How to get rid of stretch marks please? Thanks in advance.

  • 19 years old

    Hello, I am a 19 year old female and am 5'5 feet tall. Can someone please tell me what my weight is supposed to be at this height? Thanks...

  • Square chin

    Hello, I have a square chin which is very ugly. I find myself so ugly with this, is there anything that can help me please? Thanks in advance.

  • Small breasts

    Hello, I have small breasts and wish to know whether is any thing that can make them look bigger when I wear clothes. Thanks.

  • Acne spreading fast

    Hello, I have acne which is spreading all over my body very rapidly, what can I do please to get rid of this? Thanks.

  • Hair color

    Hello, Is it healthy to dye your hair please? Does it cause any damage to the hair? Thanks.

  • The growth of the breasts

    Hello, At what age your breast stop growing please? Thanks.

  • Sex preventing acne?

    Hello, Does having sexual intercourse prevent someone from having acne please? Thanks in advance.

  • White spots on my nail

    Hello, I have some white spots that have appeared on my nails, what are these please? Thank you.

  • Would like bigger breasts

    Hello, Is there no solution apart from a surgery for having bigger boobs please? Thank you.

  • Allergy from perfumes

    Hello, I cannot wear any kind of perfume because I have allergy with the alcohol present in it. Is there anything that I can use instead...

  • Red spots on my thighs

    Hello, I have red spots appearing on my thighs and it is very ugly. How to get rid of these please? Thanks in advance.

  • Itchy moles

    Hello, There are some itchy moles that are appearing on my chest and they are growing bigger day by day. Has anyone ever had this please? Thank...

  • Baby acne

    Hello, I have my baby who has acne and it is very ugly. How to get rid of these please? Thank you.

  • Use of piercings

    Hello, What is the use of piercings?

  • Acne pimples

    Hello, What is the most effective method to get rid of acne pimples please? Thanks.

  • How do I remove a black spot from my face

    Hello, I have numerous black spots my face and they are too obvious. I am really frustrated and uneasy about it. I'd like to have some tips on...

  • Surgery for bigger breasts

    Hello, I am 15 and want to get bigger breasts with surgery, do you believe that this is a good idea please? Thank you.

  • Cuts after falling from a bike

    Hello, I had a fall from my bike and I have a nasty cut on my face, what do you suggest for getting this healed as quickly possible please?...

  • Scar on my calf

    Hello, I have a scar on my right side calf and it is very ugly when I wear short or skirts, is there any possible to get this removed please?...

  • Sunburn

    Hello, What is the solution for sunburn please? Thanks in advance.

  • Stretch marks

    Hello, How to get rid of stretch marks please? Thanks in advance.

  • Solution to pimples

    Hello, What is the best method for getting rid of pimples most rapidly possible please? Thanks in advance.

  • Preventing wrinkles

    Hello, At what age do we start having wrinkles please? Anyway to prevent wrinkles and the ageing of the skin? I am worrying at 27 and I...

  • Honey for facial massage

    Hello, Can I make use of honey for my skin please. I read that honey could be used as a beauty product and I am tempted to try it! They...

  • Hair growth

    Hello, any way to stimulate hair growth? I can say that mine are very slow at growing and i would like to stimulate it. Thanks for...

  • Plastic surgery?

    Hello, How can surgery affect a persons life please? is this safe or not? Can you gave example of poor surgery or any side effect, that...

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