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  • Blackhead spots

    Hello, Any magical solution to get rid of blackhead spots due to acne please? These are horrible and I would like a solution please? I'm 13...

  • How to tone my body

    Hello, I am 18 years old having 54 kilos for 1m68. I'm happy with what I am but I would like my buttock, legs and arms to be toned. How can i...

  • Skin exposed to sun

    Hello, How can the sun be good or bad for the skin? How to know when to expose ourselves or not ? I keep away from the sun most of the...

  • Redness on my cheeks and nose

    Hello, For several years some parts of my face is red. Most of it is on my nose and a bit on my cheeks and the rest are white. As I won't be...

  • Pimples

    Hello, I had some pimples on my face and burst it out. It is worse than before now. What must I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Acne

    Hello, I suffer from acne and have done for a year, it is bad at the moment. Is there anything that can help me please? What are the...

  • Itchy feeling after using razors

    Hello, I have always been using razors for shaving my pubic regions and it leaves an itchy feeling, what can help me please? Thank you.

  • Acne breakout

    Hello, What causes an acne breakout please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ugly tattoo

    Hello, I have an ugly tattoo at the left upper arm which I had when I was very young. I want to have it removed, what do you advise me to do...

  • Weight issue

    Hello, I am feeling a bit overweight and I wish to know what it the right weight for a girl of 14 years old. Can someone please help me about...

  • Rashes on my feet

    Hello, It's been one week that I have bought a new pair of leather shoes and I have started having rashes on my feet. It is very irritating...

  • Ugly hands

    Hello, My hands are ugly. They seem like those of old people. Yet I am only 16 years old. It seems that it is getting worse and worse by day....

  • Dry spots from acne

    Hello, I have been using a cream for my acne pimples and I have these dark spots that have appeared from these the dried pimples. What do I need...

  • Spots around the chin and on the neck

    Hello, I have some spots, slightly white, which has started appearing in my chin and neck. They are growing bigger. Does someone know what it...

  • Skin damaged

    Hello, I have been using a washing solution for my car and it has made my skin damaged. Actually, it has made my skin peel off, will it comeback...

  • Make up

    Hello, It's been two days now that I bought a new set of make up and since then I have started to have some small white pimples on my cheeks....

  • Red rashes

    Hello, I have red rashes all over my body and wish to know what may help me to get rid of these, any suggestion please? Thank you.

  • Firm breasts

    Hello, How is it possible to have firm breasts please? Thank you.

  • Stress and hair loss

    Hello, I am becoming bald and I must admit that I am a healthy person who has a healthy life. I just get stressed often because of my personal...

  • Cure for acne

    Hello, Does anybody know of an effective cure for acne because I have acne pimples which are spreading considerably over my face. Thank you.

  • Dry skin

    Hello, My skin is dry but it is not affecting me at all, do you have any suggestion for me please? Thank you.

  • Too small breasts

    Hello, I am soon going to be 21 and I still have small breasts. I have tried many sorts of things but none of them have shown any result. Do...

  • Breast enlargement

    Hello, I am 15 years old and want to know whether I can have a breast enlargement at this age. Has someone ever had a breast enlargement at 15...

  • Breasts growing bigger

    Hello, I am pregnant and I have noticed that my breasts are growing bigger. Will it stay like this after the childbirth ? I just don't like big...

  • Tiny dark spots on the cheeks

    Hello, I have lots of tiny dark spots on the cheeks which is makes me look so ugly. I want to get rid of these but how do I do it please? Any...

  • Breats not growing

    Hello, I don't find that my breasts are growing. Can someone please tell me what's the problem with me? I am 12 actually.

  • Red cheeks

    Hello, My cheeks are red. It is so annoying but I just don't know what to do about it. By the way, I am a 15 year old girl. Do you have any...

  • Swollen lips

    Hello, While playing volleyball, I accidentally got hit in the mouth. My friend's elbow caught my face and I couldn't do anything to prevent...

  • Sun deficiency

    Hello, I was wondering if a sun deficiency can be really bad for the skin? How to have enough of it without loosing skin complexion please?

  • Hair loss

    Hello, Is there anything that might help me to get my hair to grow back please? I am partially bald. Is there any treatment for this please?...

  • Sunscreen

    Hello, I have brought home a sunscreen and there is no expiry date on the bottle, can I use it please? Thank you.

  • Oily hair

    Hello, like a lot of people I think, I have oily hair. Even though I wash it regularly (almost everyday), after a short period (10-12 hours) the...

  • Alleviate the dark circles

    Hello, I have dark circles under the eyes . I'm tried to use some special products to get rid of them, but they are always the same. I have...

  • Small red spots

    Hello, I have small red spots on my thighs that are appeared two days ago. Is this is something serious please? Thank you.

  • Huge hips

    Hello, I am 15 and have huge hips compared to my waist. What can I do to lose this please? I have been gaining too much weight since the past...

  • Scars from pimples

    Hello, I had two big pimples on my cheek and they have dried up. The problem is that it has left two scars on my face. I did not burst them,...

  • 14 years old

    Hello, I am 14 years old and still I have small breasts, what's the reason behind this please? Thank you.

  • Tongue piercing

    Hello, I have had a tongue piercing this morning and am having difficulties to eat with this. When will it get healed so that I can eat properly...

  • Red spots that appear on my body

    Hello, I have some red spots that often appear in my body for some five to ten minutes. Is this a skin disorder please? Thank you.

  • Chubby cheeks

    Hello, I have very chubby cheeks and wanted to know whether this means that I have a lot of fat in my body? Thanks for your help.

  • Acne since I am on diet

    Hello, I've been on diet for some days and I have acne spreading over my face. Can this diet be causing such a trouble please? Thanks in advance.

  • Uneven breasts

    Hello, My right breast is bigger than the left one. Is this normal please? Thanks.

  • Annoying wrinkles

    Hello, I have wrinkles on my face and I want to get rid of these. Is there any effective product that you may suggest me for getting these...

  • Skin damage

    Hello, What is the most common thing that causes skin damage in human beings please? Thank you.

  • Skin reaction to tap water?

    Hello I wonder if it is possible for the tap water to give pimples please. I mean at home ours has some rust inside and you can even taste the...

  • Citrus juice for beautiful skin?

    Hello Can anyone tell me if natural remedies are really good for the skin? I mean all the stuff that we read in magazines explaining that citrus...

  • Oily skin

    Hello, I've got a very oily skin and this makes my skin a problem, is there a solution for me please? I've tried clay but it gave me lots of...

  • White spot bellow my lips

    Hi I have a white spot on my face specifically bellow my lips on the right side. No itching or burning or red spot around and I am very much...

  • Acne on face

    Hi My daughter is suffering from acne but she's got a very strange pimple on the chin which worries me a lot. There is something like a...

  • Dry skin

    Hi, The skin of my face is dry to such extent that it burns a lot, even my whole body. What should I do?

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