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  • Breast cancer- Will massage therapy help?

    Hello, I am having breast cancer. I am going through the first stage. As I am at my sixties surgery is not possible for me. So I am taking...



  • breast cancer

    Can someone explain me this my mom was at the doctor and she recived this diagnostic.... It was in spanish so I try to translated.... Please let...

  • Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment [Solved]

    Hello, I want to present you this very good article: So if you...

  • cure ulcer nd be alert on cancer...

    Hello, how t okill cancer formin cells..heard if ulcer is ther ther is a chance of formin let me cure ulcer nd kill ang formation cells...

  • How do you spot cancer early? [Solved]

    Hello, How can it be possible to spot cancer at the first stages itself before that it worsens? Thanks.

  • lung cancer

    Hello, my uncle is in the 3rd stage of lung cancer getting chemotherapy in a super speciality hospital ....chemo drug name is...

  • Skin cancer

    Hello, I have my skin all dry since long. I thought that it was dehydration but no matter how much water I have, it is still the same, can it be...

  • Uncurable

    Hello, At what stage does cancer becomes uncurable please? Thanks in advance.

  • Cancer patients

    Hello, How many cancer patients are there over the world please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lung cancer and infection

    Hello my father is suffering from a lung cancer and the doctors are very pessimistic about his situation. He contracted recently a lung...

  • Incurable tumor

    Hi after have been operated from glioblastoma my husband has lost usage of his hand and leg on the left side. He is now suffering from a...

  • Throat cancer

    Hello, Does only the easophagus gets attacked when a throat cancer is concerned please? Thanks in advance.

  • Fear of cancer

    Hello, Why are so many women afraid of cancer please? Is this something normal? Thanks in advance.

  • Bumps under the breast

    Hello, I have two bumps which have appeared right under my breast and it hurts a lot, what is this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Symptoms for knowing if I have lung cancer

    Hello, What are the symptoms that will indicate if I have lung cancer please? I smoke a lot and often have breathing problems. Thanks for your...

  • Breast cancer

    Hello, Is pain at the breast an indication that I have breast cancer please?

  • My mom has a lump under her right hand

    Hello, I believe that my mom is having breast. She has a lump under her right hand at the armpit. I have told her that she must go to the...

  • X rays

    Hello, Can x rays make some get skin cancer please? Thank you.

  • Organs from a dead body

    Hello, Can organs from a dead body be transplanted to a patient please? And also, is it legal? Thank you.

  • Bump under my arm

    Hello, I have a bump which has developed under my arm and it is very irritating. I am afraid that I have cancer, please help me. I really need...

  • Coffee for cancer

    Hello, Is it true that coffee reduces the risk of skin cancer please? Thanks in advance.

  • Daddy has liver cancer

    Hello, I just don't want to believe this but this is true. He has already been admitted to the hospital and the doctor's saying that the cancer...

  • Cure for cancer

    Hello, I have two of my family members who have died out of cancer. My dad says that it may be hereditary and this really scares me. Is there...

  • Lung cancer

    Hello, My aunty has been diagnosed and hospitalized for lung cancer. The doctor says that she has little days to live. Is there no way to save...

  • Long exposure to the sun

    Hello, I was wondering whether long exposure to the sun may cause skin cancer. Is it possible please? Thanks in advance.

  • Side effects from cancer medications

    Hello, Can a patient having cancer experience side effects from cancer medications please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lung cancer

    Hello, Is there any way to get cancer apart from smoking please? Thanks in advance.

  • More risk to breast cancer

    Hello, Is it true that you have less risk for getting breast cancer when you don't wear bras please? Thank you.

  • Small bumps appearing

    Hello, I have small bumps appearing on my elbows. It hurts when I place my elbow on something. Can this be cancer please? Thank you.

  • Lung cancer

    Hello, What are the early symptoms of a lung cancer please? If ever I had lung cancer developping in my body, how would I know it at the early...

  • Lump on the neck

    Hello, I have a weird lump that has appeared on my neck. It is on the side and it is not painful at all. It has been five days back that I had...

  • Cancer medications

    Hello, How do cancer medications work in the body? Can I have some explanations about it please? Thanks for any answer.

  • First symptoms of cancer

    Hello, What are the first symptoms of cancer please? Thanks in advance.

  • Melanoma

    Hello, I have been through a surgery while it had reached the second stage and I have read that I must be examined each three months. Can you...

  • Breast cancer

    Hello, I have a small lump beloe my right breast and I am wondering whether this may be a breast cancer. What are the symptoms that appear when...

  • Skin cancer

    Hello, What is the causes of skin cancer please ? Thanks in advance.

  • Throat cancer

    Hello, I want to know if I can have it cured. Thanks.

  • Pneumonia

    Hello, Can someone please tell me whether pneumonia can develop into lung cancer? Can it happen please? Thanks for your help.

  • How is prostate cancer treated? [Solved]

    Hello, What is the treatment for prostate cancer please? Thank you.

  • Ovarian cancer

    Hello, Can someone die out of ovarian cancer please? I need an answer, please reply me. I have my best friend who has been diagnosed with...

  • Prostate cancer

    Hello, How can someone get prostate cancer please?

  • Sunburns

    Hello, Can sunburns cause skin cancer please? Thanks in advance.

  • Brain tumor

    Hello, Do you get frequent migraines when you have a brain tumor please? Thanks in advance.

  • Hepatitis viruses

    Hello, Can these viruses cause chronic viral infections? Thanks.

  • Virus

    Hello, How is the virus responsible for cancer known please? Thank you.

  • Nipples

    Hello, I'm a man and I want to know what can cause pain in the nipples. I have heard that for women, it could be a sign of breast cancer but...

  • Surgery

    Hello, . I've had this hovering over my head since that time. I've been in a funk of epic proportions. It's just a repair of a hiatal hernia is...

  • Skin cancer

    Hello, I don't understand how skin cancer appears. Also why the hairs on the patient's body falls and never grow back again. Is there any one...

  • Bowel cancer

    Hello, My mum is seriously ill. She has bowel cancer, can it be cured please? Thanks for your utmost help.

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