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  • Tortuos and calcified Aorta

    My radiographic report states: Both lung field are hyperraerated with depression of the diaphragm. fibrohazed and fibroreticular densities are...

  • Heart's importance

    Hello, Does the body rely completely on the heart please? Is it a myth or it's true? Thank you.

  • understanding cardio

    Dear admins How badly I need to understand cardio and ECG. I want to understand the physiology of the heart for free as I am...

  • High blood pressure at 26 years old

    Hello, I'm 26 years old and I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. All that I want to know is whether I will have this for life....

  • heart

    Hi, im 15 y years old but today i have been with an ache on the left arm, and my mom says that maybe it's because of the cold , but now I feel ...

  • The risks of high blood pressure

    Hello, What are the chances that high blood pressure may result in death please? Thank you.

  • salem69


  • health

    Hello, i have been pain in my heart?

  • veins

    Hello, i want to ask whether is it normal if more veins are seen on our hands.....

  • High beat rate at night

    Hello, I often wake up with my heart beating so fast, what's the trouble with me please? Thank you.

  • Instant pain at the chest

    Hello, I often have an instant pain at the chest and it is right around the heart. I want to know of anyone has ever had this trouble and also...

  • Normal heart beating rate

    Hello, What is the normal heart beating rate of a person please? Thanks.

  • Getting angry very rapidly

    Hello, Since the past days, I have noticed that simple things will irritate me and I will get angry very rapidly. I have also the heart beat...

  • When.

    Hello, When does someone has heartburns please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lowering your pulse rate

    Hello, What is the best mean for reducing your pulse rate when it has risen please? Thanks in advance.

  • Seizure

    Hello, Can insulin shots make someone have a heart seizure which results in death please? Thanks in advance.

  • Stomach pain several times

    Hello last time after diner I've been subject to some pain at the stomach, I thought I had a digestion problem and it went on even worst, I was...

  • How much blood?

    Hello, How much blood is there in the human body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Thrusting at heart level

    Hello, I hesitated a lot and still do to talk about this to my parents. I'm 16, i smoke and since two weeks now, i feel some sort of pinching...

  • ' Heart hole '

    Hello, My 7 months old baby who has a ' hole ' in his heart weighs about 2.5 kgs. According to the cardiologist, she cannot pass the surgical...

  • Heart attack

    Hello, How long does a cardiac arrest lasts normally and how much time does someone have to do something for saving the person's life? Thank.

  • Cholesterol blood test

    Hello, Can slim people have cholesterol please? Thank you.

  • High blood pressure

    Hello, I have always been practicing lots of sports and eating healthy foods but still I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, can you...

  • Better heart health

    Hello, I have noticed that I will be panting when walking long distances and I need to change this. I am really determined for this, please tell...

  • Obesity

    Hello, Can obesity make someone have high blood pressure please? Thank you.

  • Heart transplants

    Hello, I have watched a video of a heart transplant on youtube where the heart to be transplanted was put in an mechanical system for it to...

  • Losing life

    Hello, Can a heart surgery be dangerous? I mean, can someone lose his life during a heart surgery please? Can it happen please? Thank you.

  • Green tea

    Hello, Does the consumption of green tea make someone have a better heart health please? Thanks in advance.

  • Jogging again

    Hello, I have been to the local park today with friends for jogging and I was feeling very breathless. Can I be having any serious problem...

  • Remedy for the prevention of blocked arteries

    Hello, Are there aliments or other nutritional product that can help to prevent or reduce the narrowing of arteries with age going on?

  • Hospitalised

    Hello, I have my dad who had a chest pain and he has been hospitalised. It's rather weird. The doctor has not even said anything. What may be...

  • How much fats

    Hello, How much fats can block an artery please? Thanks in advance.

  • Heart beating faster

    Hello, I have noticed that I have my heart beating faster since some time. I feel irritated with this. What's happening to me please? Thanks.

  • No heart trouble

    Hello, I have been to the doctor for chest pain and he says that I have no heart trouble. What may be making me have these frequent chest pain...

  • Cardiac pain and still teen

    Hello, Next year i'll will turn 18 and there is something that is kinda haunting me. Three days since today, I've been feeling chest pains...

  • Chest pain continues

    Hello, Since three months, i feel something like a little pinching inside my left side chest. I thought that it would stop but it didn't. Do...

  • Pain at chest when I cough

    Hello, I am suffering from a pain at the chest when I am coughing, can you please tell me why I am having this trouble? How to get rid of...

  • Heart attack

    Hello, Can high level of cholesterol result in heart attack please? Thanks in advance.

  • Holding your breath

    Hello, Does your heart stop beating when you hold your breath please? Thank you.

  • Heartbeat

    Hello, When is your heartbeat at its lowest point please? At what time of the day please? Thanks.

  • Cardiac problem at 16

    Hello, I'm 16 years old and while going upstairs, I will have some difficulty breathing. It is really worrying me because my brother was...

  • Stretching

    Hello, Is stretching a cardio exercise please? Thanks in advance.

  • Beat per minute

    Hello, What is the normal heart beat per minute for a baby please? Thank you.

  • Nausea and heartburn

    Hello, I often have nausea and heartburns. Can someone please explain what's happening to me? Kind regards.

  • Garlic as natural remedy

    Hello, I have hypertension and my doctor has advised me to have garlic as a natural remedy. This is why my wife adds more garlic to the food...

  • Blocked artery

    Hello, I have my elder brother who has a blocked artery. He was playing volleyball when he had an attack. He was immediately admitted at the...

  • Health problem

    Hello, My friend has been admitted for having a cardiovascular problem in the middle of the football playground. I am very worried about him. It...

  • Heart problems

    Hello, What is the average age that patients start having heart problems please? Thanks you.

  • Effect of coffee on the heart

    Hello, Does coffee has any effect on the heart please? Can it have any negative effect? Thanks in advance.

  • Heart beating too fast

    Hello, While jogging in the morning, I feel like my heart beats too fast exhausting me. I will take a rest from time to time. Can I know whether...

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