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  • Contraceptive pills

    Hello, Can contraceptive pills cause a delay in your menstrual cycle please? I have always had regular periods. Thanks in advance.

  • Help needed asap

    Hey ladies! Welcome me as I am a new member of this forum.I have a question for you.I am 20 years old and newly married.I think my age is not...

  • what this pill does is to inhibit ovulation or the release of th

    Everyone should know ,Birth control, or deciding whether to have a baby, is at once a personal decision and a societal one. The woman must have a...

  • pregnant

    Hello, Hello there everyone. I am pregnant by mistake. My boyfriend's condom broke and got me pregnant. I am really worried now. How could I...

  • Birth control pills

    Hello, Are birth control pills available at pharmacies please? Thank you.

  • Antibiotics

    Hello, I am having birth control pills since more than three weeks now and I want to know if it is possible to have antibiotics along. Is it...

  • Headache after having control pills

    Hello, I always have a slight headache after some 15 minutes that I have my birth control pills. It is everyday that I experience this, can it...

  • Weird.

    Hello, I used a condom when my girlfriend and I had sex yesterday but it feels weird. I cannot use this, is there anything else that you can...

  • Birth control pills at 16

    Hello, i'm 16 and i would like to know a little bit more about contraception methods please. Well i am interested in starting birth...


    My younger sister went through family planning using the IUD /Copper insertion, but the Doctor inserted it into her excretory organs instead of...

  • missed taking pills-Adepal

    Please i dont know what to do. Am on Adepal tablet but forgot to take four on a straight line. I got up this morning and took the next dose but am...



  • progesterone only pills in somali language

    Hello, Please guide me to the website where I can find Combined oral contraceptive pill (COC) or progesterone only pillls leaflet in SOMALI...

  • pile and control

    Hello, Am having a problem, its a pile like issue. am having a finger like thing pointing out my Anus. at the sametime I have difficulcy in...

  • I've been using an IUD for almost 4 years... [Solved]

    Hello, can i join your conversation?

  • period

    Hello, am using a nurstrate and am struggling to see my periods,wen my periods date came the white discharge comes out only

  • Pain at the penis

    Hello, I have pain at the penis at the insertion of the condom, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Condom broke

    Hello, While my boyfriend was having sex with me, the condom broke. How is this possible please? What is the reason behind? Thanks.

  • Smoking effects on control pills

    Hello, Does smoking cigarettes have any side effect on someone having control pills please? Thanks in advance.

  • Condom

    Hello, Can a condom break while using it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Shy to buy condoms

    Hello, I am very to buy condoms, what may I do please to obtain condoms easily? Thank you.

  • Starting with control pills

    Hello, At what day of the menstrual cycle should someone start taking control pills please? Thanks.

  • Spermicide

    Hello, Can someone have allergic reactions from spermicide please? Thanks in advance.

  • Not enough lubricated

    Hello, My girlfriend is not enough lubricated when I have sex with her, what is making her not enough lubricated please? What is the reason...

  • Methods of contraception

    Hello, What are the methods of contraceptions that exist for women please?

  • Skipping control pills

    Hello, Can I please skip my control pills for just a day? Thanks.

  • Birth control and nervousness

    Hello, Is it something normal to feel nervous when someone is having birth control pills please? I have my girlfriend who is very nervous these...

  • After tommorow pill

    Hello, After how many hours can I have the after tomorrow pill please? Can someone please answer me, it's urgent. Thank you.

  • Condom breaking

    Hello, Is there any risk that a condom gets torn when having sex please? Is it possible please? Thanks in advance.

  • Control pills

    Hello, I am growing fat and it seems that this is going like this since I am having these birth control pills. Do control pills make someone fat...

  • Control pills finished

    Hello, My control pills have finished up and I have not yet bought any, am I still protected though? Thanks.

  • Male contraception

    Hello, Is there any other method of contraception for men if ever someone has an allergy with latex products please? Thank you.

  • Rashes on the skin

    Hello, I am having rashes on the skin since I have started taking birth control pills, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Headaches

    Hello, I am having frequent headaches and nausea since I have started taking these birth control pills. Yet, I have been to my gynecologist and...

  • Heavy period

    Hello, I have started having control pills since two weeks now and I am having a heavy period. Is this because of these pills please? Thank you.

  • How long?

    Hello, How long can someone have control pills please? Does it make someone become infertile if she has it for too long time? Thank you.

  • gaining weight

    Hello, Does someone gain weight when taking contraception pills please? Thank you.

  • Condoms for girls

    Hello, I understand that there are condoms for girls, but are there any birth control pills for guys? Thanks for your answers.

  • Male pills

    Hello, Is there any control pills for men please? Something that can stop them for ejaculating? Thanks in advance.

  • Control pills making me sick

    Hello, Iam feeling sick since I started having the contraception pill, what's going wrong please? Thank you.

  • Will I be protected?

    Hello, I want to know whether I will still be protected if ever I skip my control pills for two days. Can you please tell me? Thanks in advance.

  • Condoms and control pills

    Hello, I have my girlfriend who is taking control pills since a week now and I have a question about it. It may sound silly but I really need to...

  • Best birth control method

    Hello, What is the best birth control method please? Thanks.

  • Not being able to make the right choice

    Hello, I am thinking on getting on birth control pills since some days. I am nevertheless thinking of a cheap method which will not cost me...

  • Innefective

    Hello, Can birth control pills be ineffective when someone is having it? Thank you.

  • Nipples trouble

    Hello, I am suffering from pain in my nipples. I am not at all pregnant and I can confirm it since I have been having control pills since more...

  • Lost my pills

    Hello, I have lost my birth control pills two days back and yesterday I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. He ejaculated outside my vagina...

  • Not willing to take control pills

    Hello, My boyfriend is insisting that I should rather be taking control pills. I am not willing to because of the fact that I have a friend who...

  • Side effects of long time use of birth contro

    Hello, I was just wondering what the long term side effects of taking the pill are? I'm sure they are different according to each individual. In...

  • At what age

    Hello, At what age can a girl start taking birth control pills please? Thanks.

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