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  • Braces on teeth

    Hello, I have got dental braces placed yesterday and want to know how many days I will have to wear them, can someone please tell me? Thank you.

  • Decaying tooth

    Hello, I have a decaying tooth in my mouth. I've been having headaches from time to time for a few days, can this be from the tooth please?...

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  • bad alignment

    Hello, My teeth set is not well aligned, what should I do please? Thank you.

  • Invisalign braces

    Hey! I have very crowded teeth. I wanna get those Invisalign invisible braces, but I am not sure about it. I came to know about it from my...

  • Need TMJ Surgery

    Hello everyone!! I'm troubled with TMJ these days. I'm having difficulty in opening mouth and there is a severe pain while chewing food. As I'm...

  • Dental phobia and wisdom tooth removal

    Hello, I am 20 years old girl. From childhood onwards, I am afraid of visiting a dental clinic. Now I am forced to visit the dental clinic. My...

  • Swollen

    Hello, I have my wisdom tooth growing and it has caused my gums to swell, please help me. What do I need to do please? The pain is really...

  • dental braces

    What is the minimum age to put dental braces?

  • Is this dental filling again work in my case

    Hi, I am 27 years old, lives in Whitby. I am suffering from a toothache for about three days. Most of my teeth are in the decayed stage. I use...

  • Any reviews on dental crown procedure ?

    Hello, I’m experiencing sensitivity and chilling on my left molar tooth which has a filling in it. I did the filling a while before and now...

  • Is it worth spending money on short term braces?

    Hello, I'm 20 years old and I'm planning to get braces from Short Term Braces Orthodontic Clinic in Houston ). My lower front teeth are crowded...

  • Loose front tooth

    Hello, What is the reason for my front tooth being loose and what should I do please? I am afraid of losing my tooth, please help me.

  • Broken dentures...what to do?

    My mom's dentures have broken and our dentist is not in place. I'm worried as my mom is not able to eat anything and it's hurting for her. I have...

  • Brushing and flossing teeth with braces

    Hi.. I am planning to wear braces this year. It would be really helpful if someone could explain about brushing your teeth with braces. What if...

  • Whitening my teeth [Closed]

    Hello, Do you have any tips for me to whiten my teeth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I always have a bad breath. It is very irritating while talking to friends, please tell me what I need to please. Thank you.

  • Braces making my jaw hurt

    Hello, I have just had braces fitted and they are hurting a lot, what should I do please in order to get rid of this pain please? Thanks in...

  • Acute tooth pain.

    Hi, I am 14 years old. For some time now I have been suffering from acute tooth pain. I have taken ibuprofen as medication which relieved it...

  • Teeth moving

    Hello, I feel like all my teeth are moving. I have never had any problems with my teeth set. So, what's making them move please? Thanks in...

  • Tooth sensivity

    Hello, What is the reason that my son has tooth sensivity please? Thanks in advance.

  • Zoom teeth whitening system..any idea?

    Hello, One of my friends did laser treatment and she got sparkling white teeth. This was the main reason why I wanted to whiten my teeth. So I...

  • Can dental implants replace on same day of tooth extraction?

    Hello, My mom has some problem with two of her teeth and her dentist Dr. Phelan in Oakville told her to extract those two teeth and said that it...

  • Which tooth replacement procedure to consider?

    Hello, I have recently met with an accident and my upper front teeth are broken which is noticeable and that makes me uncomfortable. So I...

  • Growing wisdom tooth

    Hello, At what age does someone normally start to have his wisdom tooth growing please? Thank you.

  • Acute pain

    Hello, I have an acute pain coming from my teeth set and it has swollen slightly. Can you please help me. Kind regards.

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I have my cousin who has a very bad breath and he claims that he brushes his teeth daily. It's been since very long that he has this...

  • Dry lips

    Hello, What to do when someone has dry lips please? Thank you.

  • How do whitening toothpastes work

    Anyone know that how do whitening toothpastes work? How effective they are at whitening teeth?

  • gum bleeding

    I don't have luck of vitamin c but my gum is bleeding for the years . What would be the solution.

  • Whitening my teeth

    Hello, I have my teeth set which has gone yellow. I keep brushing my teeth for ten minutes for at least 3 times per day. Yet, it will get back...

  • Do braces hurt?

    Hello, I need to get braces placed in a weeks time and I am very afraid it hurts. Does it hurt to wear braces please? Thanks in advance.

  • Gum recession

    Hello, (This is a serious question and I hope the detail will be excused as it is necessary to put the problem in context): If anyone has...

  • in pain

    In a lot of pain bad tooth its killing its killing me anyone help me out ?

  • bleeding gums

    How do I cure bleeding gums

  • what new methods are under development to prevent and treat toot

    Someone knows that what new methods are under development to prevent and treat tooth decay?

  • How do I get rid of a toothache? [Solved]

    Hello, I have an abscess that made ??me horribly suffer and I would like to know if there was a magic cure, something grandmother or whatever...

  • Dentist phobia

    Hello, So, am in a very strange plight. The person or the thing that scare me the most, I tend to feel compelled to go towards them. I have...

  • Stomach ache

    Hello, I am suffering from a mouth infection and I have already been to the doctor for it. I am now experiencing a bad stomach ache. Is it...

  • Disease Symptoms

    Hello, I have been ailing since 2005 and when I approach the doctors no tests are done and from the symptoms given herein they give to me a...

  • Teeth painful

    Hello, I had my wisdom teeth removed but still the lower front small ones are still very much in pain as if there is not enough space. How...

  • Molar tooth extraction

    Hello, I had taken my son to the dentist today and the dentist took some 20 to 30 minutes to remove his molar tooth, is this normal please? Why...

  • Small jaw

    Hello, how to know if my jaw is too small please? I am having problems with my teeth too because of same. As if there is not enough space...

  • Bite my tongue

    Hello, I bit my tongue while eating and it went numb, can this cause an infection please? Thank you.

  • Headache after extraction of tooth

    Hello, I had had my wisdom tooth and since that I am suffering from headache, is this normal please? Thanks.

  • Burnt my tongue

    Hello, I have burnt my tongue while drinking hot coffee. I have no taste while eating anything. For how much time will this stay like this...

  • Bitter taste in the mouth

    Hello, For two or three days now I have bitter taste in the mouth, first I thought it was something I ate, but it seems that one of my tooth is...

  • Tonsils removed

    Hello, Why do people have their tonsils removed please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tooth infection

    Hello, I believe that I have a tooth infection, there is a black spot that has appeared and it is not going away no matter how much I brush my...

  • Bad alignment of the teeth set

    Hello, Is there any solution when someone has a bad aligned teeth set please? Is there any solution to this please? Thanks for your help.

  • Locked jaws

    Hello, What must be done when someone has locked jaws please? Thanks in advance.

  • Spaces in between the teeth

    Hello, I have spaces in between my teeth and it is very irritating when I drink cold drinks. I makes my teeth very sensitive, is there...

  • Wisdom teeth paining very much

    Hello, My wisdom has not yet come out and still it is paining so much. I am not being able to sleep at night, how to soothe this pain...

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