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  • Numb tongue

    Hello, I often feel like my tongue is numb. It is rather weird, I have never had any of my friend who had this. What is the source of this...

  • Swollen gums

    Hello, I have my gums which is swollen and when I went to the dentist, he told me to get to a doctor. What's the reason please? Thank you.

  • Motivating my child to get to the dentist

    Hello, My son is very afraid of getting to the dentist. He starts crying when I need to take him to the dentist. How can I motivate him to get...

  • Numb jaws

    Hello, I have the jaws numb since this morning. I am having much difficulty to eat because of this. What may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Numbness

    Hello, I have a numb feeling in my mouth since I have had my wisdom tooth extracted, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • My tooth is decaying

    Hello, My tooth is decaying and it is breaking piece by piece, please help me.

  • Acute toothache

    Hello, I am suffering from a very bad toothache. It's only in two days that I have an appointment at the dentist for extracting it, please tell...

  • Tiny hole in the molar tooth

    Hello, I have a tiny hole in my back molar tooth and it has turned black right on that spot. Please help.

  • Piece of tooth broken

    Hello, I have a piece of my canine tooth which got broken while trying to open a beer bottle, is there any way to fix it please? Thank you.

  • Painful

    Hello, Is it really painful when someone has a tooth extraction please? Thanks in advance.

  • Really bad tooth ache

    Hello, I am suffering from a real bad tooth ache and I can't wait till the next appointment to my doctor. What medications can I have to soothe...

  • Mistakenly removed the wrong one

    Hello, I had been to the dentist this morning and he mistaken removed the wrong teeth. I am rather lucky that it is not my front tooth. What...

  • Moving teeth but not being able to remove it

    Hello, I have my molar teeth which is moving but yet I am not able to remove it with my hand. Why is it moving so much and what must I do...

  • Removal of teeth

    Hello, Is there any thing that I need to do before getting to the dentist for the removal of my teeth please? Thanks.

  • Color

    Hello, What is the best color of brace that I may have please? Thanks in advance.

  • I hate my teeth

    Hello, My teeth have turned completely yellow and no matter how much I keep on brushing them in the morning, they are still the same. What...

  • False teeth

    Hello, I have my dad who needs to have false teeth. I want to know whether he must have all his teeth set removed for having them. It's my...

  • Pain at the jaws everytime I get to the denti

    Hello, I have noticed that I have suffer from pain at the jaws everytime that I get to the dentist. Is this something normal please? What is...

  • Silver teeth

    Hello, Will it be good for me to have a silver tooth please? Does it have any disadvantage? Thanks.

  • Whitening of the teeth set

    Hello, What is the apparatus that dentists use for whitening the teeth please? Thanks.

  • Developing in a something serious

    Hello, Can a cavity develop in anything serious please? Thanks.

  • Black spot on my molar teeth

    Hello, I have a black spot which has appeared on my molar tooth. What is this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Braces which are getting out

    Hello, I have placed my dental braces last week and they are falling now, what must I do please? It is so irritating, can I remove it...

  • Teeth set going yellow

    Hello, I have my teeth set that is getting yellow since I have started smoking. It is not so pretty. What is the solution for making them...

  • For extracting a tooth

    Hello, How long does it take for a dentist for extracting a tooth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Cavity in the molar teeth

    Hello, I have a cavity in the molar teeth and it is growing bigger. It has been since three months that I spotted it. Can it this be blocked...

  • Abcessed tooth

    Hello, How does a person develop an abcess in his teeth set please? Thank you.

  • Dental braces color

    Hello, Can I have obtain dental braces of a different color please? Does it exist in different colors? Thanks.

  • Orthodentist

    Hello, How is an orthodentist different from a dentist please? Thanks in advance.

  • Two front teeth are moving

    Hello, My son has his two front teeth moving since some time. I am afraid that they fall. Can you please tell me what I need to do for this...

  • Gap between the teeth

    Hello, I have some gaps in between some of my teeth. Is there anything that can be done for it please? Thanks in advance

  • Extraction of the last tooth

    Hello, I have my molar tooth at the back which needs to be extracted. I just want to whether it will affect the ungrown wisdom tooth in anyway....

  • Bad taste in the mouth

    Hello, What is the reason that someone gets a bad taste in the mouth when he wakes up in the morning please? Thanks in advance.

  • Molar tooth decaying

    Hello, I am having my molar teeth decaying and it is paining very much, what painkillers should I have please in order to get relief from...

  • Irritating braces

    Hello, I am very irritated with the braces that the dentist has placed. It has already been three days and I am still not used to it, please...

  • Metal dental braces

    Hello, I have had dental braces placed and there's a nasty taste that comes from it. Is there any solution for this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sharp pain in the jaws

    Hello, I am having a sharp pain in the jaws and wish to know whether this may be coming from anything wrong in my teeth set. Can someone please...

  • Lack of sleep

    Hello, Can a lack of sleep cause someone to have ulcer in the tongue please? I have been having this again and again. Can someone please help me...

  • Placing a broken tooth

    Hello, I have my little cousin who has broken his tooth. I want to know whether a broken tooth can be placed back, Thanks.

  • Untreated cavity

    Hello, What happens when a cavity in the tooth is left untreated please? Thanks in advance.

  • Extracted teeth 7 days ago

    Hi, I extracted a teeth 7 days ago, there is food which enters the hole where the teeth was and it pains a lot. The hole is not yet closed , I...

  • Straight teeth set

    Hello, I have some of my teeth which are slightly crooked and I want to have a nice teeth set, what can be done for having it please? Thank you.

  • Orthodontics

    Hello, What is the role or orthodontics please? What do they actually do? Thanks.

  • Decaying tooth

    Hello, How do you know that you have a teeth decaying if there's no cavity please? Thank you.

  • Gum is getting darker

    Hello, I have my gum which is getting dark. I wish to know what's going wrong. Please help me.

  • Stronger gums

    Hello, What are the vitamins that I need to have in order to have stronger gums please? Thanks in advance.

  • Painful jaws

    Hello, I am suffering from very painful jaws since two days, please help me. What do I need to do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Remove dental brace

    Hello, Tomorrow I'm going to take off my braces, and I wonder how long it lasts and if it hurts? Thanks

  • Dental brace

    Hello, Hello, I am 10 years old girl and I had a tooth that grows on the side, I am to wear braces by the end of September, so I am...

  • Rings

    Hello, I have been to the dentist to have a dental ring placed and the strings were normally meant to be transparent but they are clearly seen...

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