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  • Decaying tooth

    Hello, I have a decaying tooth and it is becoming more serious as days are passing by. The hole is growing bigger. Can I have a filling please?...

  • White tongue

    Hello, I have had a tongue piercing and right there, it has become completely white, is this something normal? Thanks for your help.

  • Removing braces

    Hello, I have removed my dental braces but the dentist says that he will have to place them back in two weeks, what is the reason that I will...

  • Toothache at pregnancy

    Hello, I am 4 months pregnant and I am having a toothache which is making my life so hard. What painkillers can I have in order to get though...

  • Brushing my teeth

    Hello, When do I need to brush my teeth in the morning? Is it before having breakfast or after? Thank you.

  • Hands sweat

    Hello, I often have my hands which sweat extremely no matter what I am doing, what do you advise me to do to get rid of these sweaty hands...

  • Pain at the back of my teeth set.

    Hello, I am suffering from a real bad pain at the back of my teeth set and I was wondering whether this could be my wisdom teeth which growing....

  • Broken teeth

    Hello, My front inscisor tooth broke yesterday while my friend slammed slammed the door in my face. I have been injured at the lips but what's...

  • Wisdom teeth

    Hello, I have my wisdom teeth tearing my gums and it is aching so much, please tell me what I need to do. I cannot bear it anymore, it's urgent....

  • Age for placing dental braces

    Hello, At what age is it advisable to wear braces please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tooth extraction

    Hello, I have just been to the dentist for a tooth extraction and I'm feeling like there's a piece of tooth that has remained in my gums. Is...

  • Can I wear dental braces at 30?

    Hello, my teeth have always been weird and crouched and since little, I have wanted to wear dental braces but my parents could not afford them for...

  • Loose tooth

    Hello, I have a loose tooth and it keeps moving. However, it does not cause any pain, what is the solution to this trouble please? Can anyone...

  • Bad taste

    Hello, I am having a very bad taste in the mouth when I wake up, how can I get rid of this bad taste please? Thanks in advance.

  • Abcessed tooth

    Hello, How is it possible to relieve pain from an abcessed tooth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Side effects of wisdom teeth extraction

    Hi, I just got my wisdom teeth extracted since a couple of days and I would like to know if there's any specific side effect regarding the...

  • Unwanted pain with my new braces

    Hello, My new braces are giving me much pain since the very first day I got it fitted. It is still the same after a whole week and I would like...

  • Placing dental braces

    Hello, Do dentists place the dental braces on the first appointment itself? Thank you.

  • Swollen lips

    Hello, I have caught a cold and I have the upper lips that is swollen, what has caused it to swell like this please? Can someone please answer...

  • First period

    Hello, At what age am I supposed to have my first period? All my friends have already had it, do I have any problem please? Thank you.

  • Tooth filling

    Hello, My tooth filling is coming out, what do I need to do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Crooked teeth

    Hello, My daughter's front incisor teeth are crooked, what can be done please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tongue tie

    Hello, What is a tongue tie please? Thanks in advance.

  • Gums paining

    Hello, My gums pain me so much, can you please tell me what may be causing such kind of trouble please? Can someone help me about it? Thanks...

  • Teeth moving

    Hello, My canine tooth is moving. I have the habit to open bottles of beers with it, what should I do now please? Thanks in advance.

  • Smoking

    Hello, I am a heavy smoker and smoke at least 20 cigarettes daily. The problem is that my front teeth are becoming all yellow, what can I do to...

  • Wearing retainers again

    Hello, Is it possible to wear retainers again for fixing my teeth please? Can it be done? Thank you.

  • Painful jaw

    Hello, I have pain in my jaw for over a week now. What may be the cause of this pain please? Thank you.

  • Dental braces

    Hello, How long have you been wearing your dental braces please? Thanks in advance.

  • Braces

    Hello, I have been for the first appointment for placing dental braces, can you please tell me how much time it will take for me to have the...

  • Growing teeth

    Hello, Does it hurt when a baby has his teeth growing please?

  • Wisdom teeth extraction

    Hello, Does it hurts when you have your wisdom teeth extracted please? Thank you.

  • Crooked teeth

    Hello, I have only one crooked teeth, do I really need to get braces to have it straight please? Thanks in advance.

  • Teeth getting yellow

    Hello, I have my teeth getting yellow, what do you advise me to do please? Thanks.

  • Swollen gums

    Hello, My son has swollen gums, what may have caused this? Thank you.

  • Teeth going inwards

    Hello, I have my front teeth which goes inwards and wish to know whether this can be placed back correctly? Thanks in advance.

  • Spicy foods

    Hello, I like eating spicy foods and I have my teeth all yellow. Does spicy foods make someone's teeth yellow please? Thank you.

  • Cavity

    Hello, What's the best thing to do when someone has a cavity please? Thank you.

  • Teeth problem

    Hello, How long does it take for your wisdom teeth to cut through the gums to come out please? Thanks in advance.

  • Jewelry on teeth

    Hello, I have seen that there are some people who wear precious stones on the teeth, what's the use please? Thanks.

  • Welts

    Hello, I'm having welts on the back on my tongue, what is causing this please? Has someone in this forum ever experienced the same situation,...

  • Broken braces

    Hello, I have broken my dental braces while playing rugby, what must I do now please? Thanks.

  • How long will this last?

    Hello, I have had my wisdom tooth removed two days back and it is still paining so much, how long will this last please? Thank you.

  • Cuts from dental braces

    Hello, I had my dental braces fitted 2 days ago, but I have a problem eating properly. The most important thing is that I have got my lips...

  • Cavity in the teeth

    Hello, How long does it take for a tooth to decay please? Guess I'm having a sort of cavity or rot of mine and I am worried but I can't see...

  • Dental jewelry

    Hello, I wish to know if dental surgery can be dangerous. I wish to have a little jewel on my teeth and I would like to know what happens...

  • Loosing teeth

    Hello, Is it possible for someone to loose all his teeth please? How can this happen and why? What can I do to prevent me from losing my...

  • Lower front teeth in pain

    Hello, After the extraction of all my wisdom teeth i am still in pain. Several times i went to the dentist because i've been suffering...

  • Dental braces getting loose

    Hello, It's been a week that I have had my dental braces and it has been very irritating. It seems that it is getting loose, can I remove them...

  • Orthodentist

    Hello, What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodentist please? Thanks.

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