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  • Glamsmile

    Hello, What is the use of glamsmile please?

  • Swollen gums

    Hello, I have been wearing these dental braces for one month now and I have found that my gums are swollen, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Decaying teeth

    Hello, I have decaying teeth and it's been since months that it s like this. However, I don't feel any pain from them. Isn't it something...

  • Wisdom teeth removed

    Hello, It has already been 8 days that I had my teeth removed and it is still paining. Is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Loose teeth

    Hello, My front teeth is moving a little and I fear that it falls down. What should I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Dark spots on my teeth

    Hello, I have dark spots on my molar tooth, what's this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Brushing my teeth daily

    Hello, I brush my teeth daily and yet I always have a bad breath. I am fed up of trying different kinds of toothpaste, does any one have a good...

  • My braces are loose

    Hello, I've been wearing dental braces for 2 months but it seems that they are now loose. What should I do please? Is this something normal?...

  • Saliva

    Hello, I have a slight problem and I hope somebody may help me about it. My mouth is constantly watering. I mean it keeps filling up with...

  • Cracking voice

    Hello, I am 15 and I am experiencing my voice cracking. Is this normal please?

  • Mouth wash question

    Hello, I am 14 years old and have been told to use a wash mouth for removing bad breath. What mouth wash do you advise me to use please?...

  • Dental braces broke

    Hello, I had my dental braces today and when I was eating after two hours, it broke. Is this something normal or I need to get to the dentist...

  • White teeth

    Hi, Can somebody tell me what's the secret of white teeth ? P.s without consulting a dentist I hate them!

  • Bad breath.

    Hello, Hello, I have a bad breath. I brush my teeth every day morning and evening, I take chewingum but nothing to do, I feel that its...

  • Problem after extraction of wisdom teeth

    Hello, I'm got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday and since I have a little problem. I have a bad taste in my mouth & it smells very bad. Is...

  • Teeth moving

    Hello, My front teeth are moving but they are in good state. What could be causing such kind of problems please? Thank you.

  • Dry mouth

    Hello, I always have a dry mouth even if I drink lots of water, what's the trouble with me please? Thanks in advance.

  • Problem with my molar teeth

    Hello, I have a serious trouble with my molar teeth. It is so painful and it has become slightly black at the top, what should I do please?...

  • Cavity in the tooth

    Hello, I have a hole in my molar tooth and before getting to the dentist, I want to know what they are going to do, can someone please tell me....

  • Tooth extraction

    Hello, How many days does it take to heal up after a tooth extraction please? Thanks in advance.

  • Dental Work

    Hello I wanted to know if it is possible to remove a crooked tooth even if it is in good health in order to put a dental implant. Mine is really...

  • Hate dentists

    Hello, What is the reason that so many children hate to get to visit the dentist please?

  • Eating without teeth

    Hello I got all my teeth removed and I am waiting for my denture to be ready. This is very much annoying and embarrassing but I didn't have much...

  • One broken tooth

    Hello, I have a broken front tooth for over a month now. Is there anything can be done for it? I am very embarassed to smile or laugh in...

  • Wisdom teeth removal

    Hey there I am terrified as I will have a general anesthesia for the removal of my 4 wisdom teeth. I am even regretting this decision and would...

  • Had my upper teeth pulled down over my lower

    Hello, I was treated for a cavity sometime ago and after the treatment,my dentist suggested a painless procedure of having my upper teeth "pulled...

  • Tooth decay but afraid of dentist

    Hello, I have tooth decay and this is giving me loads of pain. My brother is telling me to go to a dentist but the problem here is the fear...

  • Cold drinks

    Hello, I am having pain in the teeth when having cold drinks, why am I having this please? Thank you.

  • Dental braces

    Hello, I have just got my braces this morning and it is paining very much, can you please tell me when this pain will go away? It's becoming...

  • Extraction of wisdom teeth

    Hello, I have been to the dentist for a check up on my wisdom teeth and he has said that I needed to have it extracted after that it has torn...

  • Jaw pain

    Hello, I am suffering from a very bad pain in the jaws, what may be causing this please?

  • Milk teeth

    Hello, At what age do the permanent teeth replace the milk teeth please? Thank you.

  • Black marks on teeth?

    Hello, I have a black spot that has appeared on my molar tooth, what is this please and how to get rid of this? Thanks.

  • Front teeth aching

    Hello, My front teeth are aching and yet it's not decaying. What may be the cause of this pain please? Thank you.

  • Permanent teeth

    Hello, Can infected milk teeth affect permanent teeth please? Thank you.

  • Can you make an odd tooth grow? [Solved]

    Hello, I have a small tooth, it is right in front and I want to know whether there is any possible method for helping it grow bigger. Can...

  • Broken front teeth

    Hello, I have my front teeth broken and it is very ugly. Is there any method that I can get to replace this teeth please? Thank you.

  • Tooth extraction

    Hello, I had a teeth extracted today and I have lost enough blood from it. There's a blood donation tomorrow and I want to know whether I may...

  • Tough gums

    Hello, How is it possible to make your gums harder please? Thanks in advance.

  • Last wisdom teeth

    Hello, I have my last wisdom teeth which is coming out and it is paining more than the other ones. I want to know whether it will be right to...

  • Braces

    Hello, Do braces hurt please? Thanks.

  • Sensitive teeth

    Hello, My teeth are very sensitive. I will experience a very bad pain at the instant that I will be having a cold drink. It's not pleasant at...

  • Grinding teeth

    Hello, My son grinds his teeth when he sleeps. What causes him to grind his teeth please? Thanks.

  • Bad Breath

    Hello, I am suffering from really bad breath,worse in the morning. I just don't like this, is this normal please?

  • Tooth filling is failing

    Hello, It is the sixth time my tooth filling is loosening and failing. I don't have enough money to pay for another tooth filling. What do...

  • Severe tooth ache : Dentist phobia

    Hello, I got a deep dentist phobia and it's almost impossible for me to be on a dentist chair but unfortunately I'll have to get there sooner...

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I have bad breath; I brush my teeth daily, night and day. I even use chewing gums but in vain. I guess that it is coming from down my...

  • Smokers yellow teeth?

    Hello, I am a heavy smoker, and have smoked since 16. My teeth are now yellow. How can I change this?? Cause I don't want to invest a lot of...

  • Elastic bands

    Hello, Is it possible to remove the elastic band from the braces when I eat please? Thank you.

  • Mouth ulcer

    Hello, I have been using salty water for a nasty mouth ulcer. Now my mouth is going numb. Is there any possible way to cure this please? Thanks.

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