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  • Broken teeth

    Hello, Can a dentist fix a broken tooth please? Thanks for your help.

  • Weak gums

    Hello, I have my teeth moving because of my weak gums, what do I need to do? Thanks for your kind help in advance.

  • Deep pain

    Hello, I am having a very bad pain from my teeth that even painkillers are not having any effect on it. I am fed up and cannot bear it anymore,...

  • Whitening your teeth efficiently

    Hello, Can you please give me the solution for whitening my teeth efficiently please? They are turning more and more yellow as days are passing...

  • Whiter teeth

    Hello, I smoke and my teeth have become a bit yellow, can someone please tell me a proper method to get them white please? Thank you.

  • Gum diseases

    Hello, Who are the people who are more prone to teeth and gum diseases please? Thank you.

  • Lost a tooth

    Hello, Is it possible to place back a tooth when you have been through an accident and that it has fallen please? Thank you.

  • Broken teeth

    Hello, I have a broken tooth and wish to know what may help me, do I have the only solution to extract it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sensitive teeth

    Hello, My teeth are painful as soon as I touch them, what must I do please? Thanks.

  • Teeth hurting so much

    Hello, I have had braces placed and it is hurting very much, please help me. Thanks in advance.

  • Size of the mouth

    Hello, Does the size of the mouth changes as someone grow older please? Thanks in advance.

  • Infection

    Hello, I had my teeth removed and now it seems that I have got an infection. It's very painful, please help me. It also seems that it is...

  • Extremely crooked teeth

    Hello, I have extremely crooked teeth, what must I do please? Can someone please help me? Thank you.

  • Permanent teeth

    Hello, When do people start having permanent teeth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Wearing braces

    Hello, I have been wearing braces for one week and it is very irritating, especially when I am eating. How long does it take to feel...

  • Swollen cheeks

    Hello, I had my wisdom teeth removed today and now I have swollen cheeks, can you please tell how to reduce the swelling please? Thanks in...

  • Gum pain

    Hello, Is there any oil that can be used when having gum pain please? I have a deep pain from the gums and painkillers don't seem to work...

  • Wisdom teeth

    Hello, Guys. I need counsel. *I have to pull my 4 wisdom teeth on the 27th of March and I'm terrified!! *Could someone please explain to me...

  • Ice cream,

    Hello, Can someone have ice cream to soothe the pain after a teeth extraction please? Thanks in advance.

  • Swollen mouth.

    Hello, My mouth is swollen because of a decaying tooth and the dentist has given me some antibiotics and has told me to come in five days. Why...

  • Braces

    Hello, My dad is taking me tomorrow to the dentist for dental braces and I was wondering whether these metal braces will not hurt me or cause me...

  • Tooth extraction

    Hello, I have been to the dentist yesterday and I have had my tooth extracted. The problem is that I still have pain from it. Is this normal...

  • Having healthy teeth

    Hello, What is the best method for having healthy teeth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Not fully grown

    Hello, I have been suffering from a very bad pain with my wisdom teeth but when I went to the dentist for having it removed, he said that I...

  • Braces?

    Hello, I wish to know whether placing braces hurt. Thanks in advance.

  • Speeding the process

    Hello, My dentist has placed braces and I have been told that it may take over one year before that I remove them. Is there no possible mean to...

  • Dental braces

    Hello, I have some dental troubles and I have been to the dentist yesterday. I have been told that I need to have braces but I don't like these....

  • Swollen mouth

    Hello, My mouth is swollen and I need some tips for bringing it down, can someone please help me? Thanks.

  • Braces on teeth

    Hello, I have got dental braces placed yesterday and want to know how many days I will have to wear them, can someone please tell me? Thank you.

  • Braces and spacers

    Hello, I visited the dentist yesterday and got braces and spacers placed on the same day. It is hurting so much, can I remove them please?...

  • Dark gums

    Hello, My gums are dark in color, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Wisdom teeth coming out

    Hello, My wisdom teeth are coming through my gum and giving me terrible pain. Can I have them extracted please? Thanks in advance.

  • Jaw pain

    Hello, I have pain in my jaw, all the way up to my ear. It is sometimes very acute and I cannot bear it at all, can someone please tell me...

  • Crooked teeth

    Hello, I have my canines which are slight crooked and the dentist says that I need to have braces. I need to have them next week but I am a...

  • White spots

    Hello, I have some white spots on the sides of my tongue. I never had this before. I don't smoke, can someone please tell me what these...

  • Toothpaste

    Hello, Does toothpaste contain any kind of microbes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Dark spots

    Hello, I have a dark spot on my teeth, what can I do to remove it please? Thank you.

  • Brown teeth

    Hello, Is there any toothpaste that I can use for having whiter teeth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Broken tooth

    Hello, I broke my side tooth and want to know whether I need to have it extracted or if I can leave it? Thanks.

  • Placing of braces

    Hello, I will soon be at the dentist for placing of dental braces and I'm a bit scared. I want to know whether it is painful. Thanks for any...

  • Secret to have white teeth

    Hi, I am a heavy smoker and all my teeth has become yellow :( it is quite horrible when i smile.. what's the secret to have back white teeth

  • Pain because of wisdom tooth

    Hello, My wisdom teeth are coming through, and I am suffering from deep pain because of it. I wish, I never had them growing. Is it possible...

  • Teeth moving

    Hello, I have the teeth moving, can I please know what may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

    Hello, I have had my wisdom tooth extracted and wanted to know what I may eat after this. Any suggestions please? Thank you.

  • Black spots on the teeth

    Hello, I have some black spots on the teeth, what's this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Scared to extract my tooth

    Hello, I am veru scared of dentists and I have a decaying tooth. I am afraid to go for a tooth extraction, please tell me what I need to do. ...

  • Locked jaws

    Hello, I've got a locked the jaw (on the left side) for several months. And a few days ago the right side is also locked. This is a very...

  • Bad teeth

    Hello, When I was a kid, my teeth were coming in a little crooked, and my parents decided that it wasn't bad enough to warrant braces. So now...

  • Life of teeth

    Hello, How much time does the human teeth stay please? Thank you.

  • Whitening teeth

    Hello, Is there anything that I can have for whitening my teeth please? Thank you.

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