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  • Placing dental braces

    Hello, I have to get to the dentist for placing dental braces next week and I wanted to know does it hurt when you have braces. Thanks for...

  • Gums hurting

    Hello, I have a slight pain in the gums and what I find weird is that it is where I have no teeth that the gums is hurting, is this normal...

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I am having a bad smell from my mouth after having extracted my tooth since yesterday. What should do please? Thanks in advance.

  • White bump on the gum

    Hello, I have a bump in the gum and it has a white thing just in the middle, what's this please? Is this something to worry about? Thanks for...

  • Recurring mouth ulcers

    Hello, What can be the reason for having recurring mouth ulcers please? Thank you.

  • Sodium bicarbonate and braces?

    Hello, Everyone says that Sodium bicarbonate whitens the teeth! But I have braces and my teeth are slightly yellow. Can I safely make use of...

  • Extraction of the wisdom teeth

    Hello, Why are there so many people who have their wisdom tooth extracted please? Thanks.

  • Healing of gums

    Hello, How much time does a tooth extraction takes to heal completely please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I have a decaying tooth and this is causing bad breath. What do I need to do please? it is very irritating and no matter how much I...

  • Wisdom teeth

    Hello, When does wisdom teeth start to grow please? Thank you.

  • Painful jaw

    Hello, I have been through an x ray because of this and it was as if the root was dark. What's happening to my teeth please?

  • Crooked teeth

    Hello, I had extracted a milk tooth and although my teeth are growing they are not straight, they are growing crooked. What can I do please? ...

  • Bad taste

    Hello, I have a bad taste in the mouth. It is as if a metal taste. What's is the source of this bad taste please? Thank you.

  • Teeth care

    Hello, How often must someone have to brush his teeth in order to have healthy teeth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Mouth ulcer

    Hello, What must I do when I get a mouth ulcer please? Thank you.

  • Swollen tongue

    Hello, I have a tingling feeling in my tongue and the sides seem swollen. What's this please? Thank you.

  • Got my braces off

    Hello, I went to the dentist for the removal of my dental braces today and I am feeling a bit weird. It is as if I am missing something from my...

  • Swollen gums

    Hello I have swollen gums can anyone tell me more about this please? I am much in pain as if they are going to bleed or explode. What should I do...

  • I want white teeth

    Hello I need to have white teeth how can I do please? They are yellowish and this is not very beautiful for a girl. I've been wearing braces for 3...

  • Cavity in between the teeth.

    Hello, I have a cavity in between the side teeth and it affects me when I have cold drinks. Does anyone have any suggestion for helping me...

  • Pain from my dental braces

    Hello, I am having pain from my dental braces and it is very irritating. Does anyone have any advise for me please? Thanks.

  • Home solution

    Hello, Is there any solution to whiten one's teeth at home itself please? Thanks.

  • My mouth smells

    Hello, I have the mouth which smells since some days and no matter if I brush them for a longer period of time, it is still the same. Can you...

  • Suffering with the braces

    Hello I am wearing braces for the past 2 weeks but I am in such pain. My mouth is very sensitive, and the pain is everywhere, I can't stand it....

  • Cavity filling

    Hello, I had a cavity filled at my dentist last week, and it seems that it is coming out. Can someone please tell me what I need to do? Thanks.

  • Taking off braces

    Hello, I have braces since three months and no matter what, I must say that I am still irritated by this. I want to take them off but need to...

  • Crooked teeth

    After visiting several dentist most of them told me that at 30 years old it is too late to correct my crooked teeth. I am desperate and one of...

  • Blocked jaw

    Hello, I have the jaw blocked on the left side for 1 month. It is so inconvenient. There is no pain but it is difficult for me to drink with a...

  • Better set of teeth

    Hello, How do I get a better set of teeth please, mine are all yellow. Thanks in advance.

  • Growth of wisdom teeth

    I am afraid at the idea of having wisdom teeth. I also question myself on if there will be enough space in my mouth to let them grow. Is it...

  • Pain after treatment

    Hello everyone I am having some complications. When I went at the dentist with a horrible pain in my mouth he saw that there was a tooth that had...

  • Tooth abscess

    Hello, I've had a tooth abscess for three days now and it seems that it is getting bigger and bigger, what must I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Straight teeth

    Hi last year I had to interrupt the orthodontic treatment that I was having and now I can see that in fact the treatment was not over at all as my...

  • Gums bones exposed?

    Hello I've noticed that at the level of my gums the bones are very present I mean I can see then clearly as if they are simply covered by a little...

  • Bleeding gums

    Hello every day I have blood in my mouth when I brush my teeth and this comes from the gums. I hate this, and I am looking for an efficient way to...

  • Mouthwash

    Hello, Can mouthwash have any side effects on the dental braces that someone wears please? Thank you.

  • Killing nerves before crown?

    Hello, I need a quick and simple confirmation from people who have had a crown fitted. I need to know if the dentist is going to get rid of the...

  • Bad breath

    Good morning I have an embarrassing situation, I suffer with bad breath. My mouth smells bad and I force myself to avoid talking so as not to...

  • Dead tooth

    Hello, What is a dead tooth please? How does someone get a dead tooth? Thanks in advance.

  • Using different toothpastes

    Hello, Are there any side effects to using different toothpastes please? Thank you.

  • Cavities

    Hello, Does it hurt when we get cavities filled up please? Thank you.

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

    Hello, I had my wisdom tooth recently extracted and since then, I'm having pain in my mouth. The pain is up to my ears, is this something...

  • Wearing braces

    Hello, I have braces which were put in place just yesterday and I want to know what is the toothpaste I need to use when having braces. Can...

  • Periodontitis treatement

    Hello can anyone tell me more about treatment against periodontitis? A friend of mine told me that the dentist opens his gums to clean the bones...

  • Teeth whitening

    Hello, I wish to whiten my teeth and this is why I am going to the dentist. Can you please tell me how much time it takes. Thanks in advance.

  • Removal of wisdom teeth

    Hello after seeing two dentist they both agree that I need to remove my wisdom teeth. The biggest problem is that those teeth are not coming out...

  • Removed her own braces

    Hello, I have a daughter of eight years old who had braces. I don't know how she managed to remove the braces because it was irritating her....

  • Abscesses in my mouth

    I am having several abscesses in my mouth and this is horrible for me to live with. Can anyone give me some help to deal with this situation...

  • Dental surgery or mouth splint?

    Hey I need an advice urgently please. I went to the dentist who found out that there is a little problem with my mouth. He proposed two...

  • Will it be painful?

    Poor me I am going to have my braces tomorrow and I wanted to know if this is going to be painful? Will I be able to eat properly even with the...

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