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  • Teeth implants

    Hi here, further to some dental problems I have had two teeth extracted and I wanted to replace them. Well I should say that this can't be seen as...

  • Tingling feeling in the gums

    Hello, I have a tingling feeling right in my gums and wanted to know what is causing this. Thanks for your help.

  • Whitening of teeth

    Hello, I have the two front teeth that are yellow and I want to get them white. Can you please help me about it? Thanks in advance.

  • A hole in the tooth

    Hello I just noticed a hole in my tooth and this is not very beautiful. It's not painful for the time being, but I need to know why I have a hole...

  • Red pimples on the tongue

    Hello is this normal to have sorts of red pimples on the tongue and in the deepest part of it? This is very strange guess I did not notice them or...

  • Black teeth

    Hello, I have dark patches inbetween my teeth. Can you please tell me what I may use to get them white again? Thanks in advance.

  • Wearing dental braces since three years

    Hello, It's going to be three years that I am wearing these dental braces and I'm rather ugly with this. I'm a bit embarassed with this. Can...

  • I want my teeth align and straight

    Hi my canine teeth of milk were not falling and finally the adult ones came out and unfortunately I had to go to the dentist to get them removed....

  • Wisdom teeth extraction and pain

    I am facing hard times. I got two wisdom teeth removed last week and here I am again suffering like a dog. Now there is another tooth that is...

  • Lump in the gums

    Hello, I have had my tooth extracted three days back and there's a lump that has been formed at the side of the gum where the tooth had been...

  • Yellow teeth

    Hello I need to know why my teeth turned yellowish, I do take great care of them. I brush them twice every day, I also use the mouthwash and...

  • Tooth pain

    Hello, My tooth is paining so much that I am even thinking of removing it myself. How do I calm this pain till having an appointment at...

  • white teeth secrets

    Hi. I would like to know whether there are some specific consumable products ,fruits of vegetable that can help to to Whiten my...

  • Pregnant or not

    Hello, I have nausea and morning sickness since some days. I have not yet had my period too. Can these symptoms be indicating that I'm pregnant....

  • Extraction of the teeth

    Hello, I have had my molar teeth extracted this morning and there kind of a hole in there. I'm having difficulties to eat because of it. What...

  • Life of your teeth

    Hello, How long the teeth of a human body normally live please? Thanks in advance.

  • Decaying tooth causing bad breath

    Hello, I have a decaying tooth in my mouth and it is causing me to have a very bad breath. I'm quite embarrassed about it. I'm not even able to...

  • Swollen tongue

    Hello, My tongue is swollen, I mean it is really and this prevents me from breathing properly. It just got swollen what should I do with such a...

  • No teeth decay

    Hello, I have no teeth decaying but still I'm having a very bad mouth breath, why is this so please? Thanks in advance.

  • Hole in the tooth

    Hello, I have noticed that I have a dark hole in my tooth but I'm having no pain from it, can you please tell me what I need to do? Thank you.

  • Bad Breath

    Hello, I feeling quite irritated with my mouth breath. It's tastes like blood. What can I do to get rid of this bad smell from my mouth please?...

  • Teeth getting yellow

    Hello, I have my teeth which are getting yellow day by day. Even if I brush them, they still remain yellow. There are even some parts which have...

  • Sensitive teeth

    Hi, I have always being very careful with my teeth but the problem is that they are are very sensitive. Why is it? What can I do about this...

  • Tooth decay

    Hi, how long does it take for the tooth to decay please? Thanks a lot

  • Dental braces

    Hello, I just wanted to know why the orthodontist put a blue stopper on each side of my upper jaw. Is it for the rubber bands? Thank...

  • Rotten or not

    Hi, How can i be sure that my teeth has been rotten without consulting a dentist? This this morning even if brush my teeth night and...

  • Moving wisdom teeth

    Hello, my teeth is moving its the wisdom one and seems as if it won't take long to move out, do i need to go to the dentist or let in fall on...

  • remove plaque

    Hi, I would like to know whether it is possible to remove plaque and tatar myself without having to pay a dentist ? Its not that i...

  • Teeth Whitening

    Hi Dear team. First of all i wish you all a happy new Year 2012. My name is Johnny i am 36 years old i have been a heavy smoker...

  • Calcium deposits

    Hello, For some time now, I've noticed the presence of calcium deposits on my teeth. Do you please have any good tips on how remove them....

  • Gaps in between my teeth

    Hello, I have gaps in between my teeth and want to know whether these gaps will grow wider as time goes by. Thank you.

  • Gum disease

    Hello, I'm experiencing gum disease and need help because it is causing me much pain in my mouth. I really need help, please help me, it's...

  • Rash on my lips

    Hello, I have a rash on my lips, please help me, what do I need to do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Salty water

    Hello, Why is it reccommended to gargle your mouth with salty water instead of normal water ? Thanks in advance.

  • Swollen tonsil

    Hello, I have the tonsil swollen, can someone please tell me what I need to do in order to reduce the tonsil swelling please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tooth aching

    Hello, I'm having a very bad toothache for the past two days and it is really ruining my life, someone please tell me what I can have to soothe...

  • Bone

    Hello, Are the teeth considered bone please? Thanks in advance.

  • How many wisdom teeth for me??

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if i will have four wisdom teeth or if there is a chance that all of them will not appear? Thanks i'v...

  • Decay of the tooth

    Hello, How long does a teeth takes to decay in the mouth. Is there any possible way to stop the teeth from decaying at all? Thank you.

  • Nutrition

    Hello, What is recommended to be eaten when someone has just has had his teeth extracted please? Thank you.

  • Bacteria in the mouth

    Hello, What causes bacteria in someone's mouth please? What is the solution to it please? Thanks for your help.

  • Bad breath

    Hello, I have a bad breath when I wake up in the morning and even when I brush my teeth, I still have the same bad breath. What's the reason for...

  • Sharp tooth pain

    Hello, I'm having a toothache for 2 days, and also a headache. What can I have please for soothing this pain? Thank you.

  • Extracting teeth

    Hello, How long will it take for my gum to heal after I had a bad tooth extracted, it was a molar? Thanks in advance.

  • Black spot

    Hello, I have back teeth darkening and it is not pretty to look at. Please help me! Thank you.

  • Placing dental braces

    Hello, I have always been scared about seeing the dentist, but need to know whether it is painful to place braces please. Thank you.

  • Yellow teeth

    Hello, It's been since three months that I have noticed that I have my teeth of a yellow color and even if I brush my teeth after each meal that...

  • Braces removal

    Hello I will get rid of my dental braces this week and I wanted to know how long will this take and if it is painful or not?

  • Teeth in Adults

    Hello, How many teeth do adults normally have please? Thank you.

  • Preventing a teeth to decay

    Hello, I have a small on my molar teeth. Can I know what I can do for preventing it to decay further please? Thanks.

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