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  • Mucus in the throat

    Hello, I am suffering from fever. Since the past two days, I have also had mucus in my throat and it is causing much discomfort to me, can you...

  • Sleep Apnea

    Hi...what happens when the use of CPAP machine during sleep doesnt seem to be of any help for sleep apnea condition..what are the side effects of...

  • eyes

    Hello, I am recently experiencing some difficulties in reading some small letters. Can i start using spectacles??

  • eating of ice cream often will damage our hearing problem?

    Whether eating of ice cream often will damage our hearing problem?

  • Clogged ears, what to do?

    Hello, I have right ear clogged since this morning! I told myself that I had to have the ears full of earwax so I have cleaned and since my...

  • Irritating feeling in the throat

    Hello, I am experiencing a very irritating feeling in the throat. It is as if U have mucus in there but it is not getting away. What must I do...

  • Blocked nose

    Hello, I am unable to breath through my nose. It has been since some months that I have this trouble, what do you advise me to do...

  • Broken nose from hard hit from ball

    Hello, My son has had his nose broken at the football playground. He has been admitted at the hospital and luckily his respiratory system has...

  • Sore throat

    Hello, I have often been having a sore throat lastly, can you please tell me what's the solution to get rid of this please? Anyone can help me...

  • Spitting blood

    Hello, My friend is spitting blood since yesterday, what does he have please? What may cause someone to spit blood please? Thank you.

  • Ears hurting

    Hello, I have my ears which are hurting very much. I am having no listening trouble but it is paining. It has been since a five days that I am...

  • Ear problems

    Hello, My dad is having ear problems and he is not hearing so well. What is the solution for this please? Thank you.

  • Blood

    Hello, I am in a real mess, please help me, it's urgent! I have blood coming from my nose. Please help me, what do I have? Thanks.

  • Buzzing sound at the ears

    Hello, I have a buzzing sound at the ear since three days and it is not allowing me to sleep at all. What must I do please? Thank you.

  • Throat

    Hello, I am having a very bad burning sensation in the throat which is not allowing me to talk or eat properly. This has been the case since...

  • Too much noise

    Hello, What should I do if I work in a place where there are lots of noises which may damage my ears please? Thanks for your kind help.

  • Broken nose

    Hello, Does someone's speech get affected when his nose is broken please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sore throat

    Hello, I work in a packaging company and I often have a sore throat. It's because of my work and I want to know whether there is anything that I...

  • Swollen bump

    Hello, I have got a swollen bump right under my ear. It is very nasty, what's this please? Thanks.

  • Mucus stuck in the throat

    Hello, I have mucus stuck in the throat and it is making me have enough pain when I talk, cough or eat. What do you advise me to do...

  • Pressure right at the temple

    Hello, I am suffering from a very bad pain and pressure at the temple. It is not going away with any kind of painkiller, can you please help me...

  • Dizziness when having ear drops

    Hello, I have been prescribed some ear drops and everytime that I use them, I have a dizziy feeling. Is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Nose broken

    Hello, I have had the office door slammed right on my face and I have my nose broken. How much time will it take to heal up completely and will...

  • Diesel

    Hello, I have been trying to repair a car since this morning. There was diesel which was spilt on the floor and I inhaled it for hours. Now, I...

  • Something stuck in the throat

    Hello, I feel like there's something stuck in my throat. Can you please tell me what I need to please?

  • Blood from my nose

    Hello, I was stratching my nose this morning and found some blood which came out from my nose, what's the problem with me please? Thanks in...

  • Blood when spitting

    Hello, I have blood which is coming out when I am spitting. What is causing this please? Can someone please help me? Thanks greatly.

  • Not smelling anything

    Hello, I am not being able to smell anything, what can be blocking my nose please? Thank you.

  • Coughing excessively

    Hello, I have been coughing excessively since the past days. It is dry coughs and I need a solution to get rid of this, can you please help...

  • Sweet voice

    Hello, Does having honey daily make someone's voice sweeter please? Thanks in advance.

  • Nose itchy

    Hello, I have the nose itchy inside when I wake up in the morning. What is the reason for this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Food stuck in the throat

    Hello, While having my breakfast this morning, I had food which got stuck in my throat. I have drunk lots of water for it to get down but I...

  • Bump in the ear

    Hello, I have a hard bump that has appeared in my ear. It is very hard and it is hurting very much. It is not allowing me to sleep at all. I had...

  • Sore throat

    Hello, I am suffering from a sore throat, can someone please tell me how long it will take for me to heal up? Thank you.

  • Water in the ears

    Hello, I went to the swimming pool yesterday and I had water that went into my ear. It is only when I got home that it started paining. What...

  • Pain at the temple

    Hello, I am suffering from a slight pain at the temple since some days. I have been having some painkillers but it doesn't have any effect on...

  • Damaged ear drums

    Hello, How can someone damage his eardrums please? Thanks in advance.

  • Question about saliva

    Hello, From where does the saliva comes out please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ear paining

    Hello, I am suffering from a really bad pain in the ear. I also have wax coming out from it. What must I do in such a situation please? Thanks...

  • White spots under the tongue

    Hello, Hello, my 2 year old kid has white spots under the tongue that prevents him from eating. Have you any idea of what it is? Thanks for...

  • Pain at the back of the ear

    Hello, It's been since two years that I'm suffering from pain from the back of the ear. I have tried some painkillers at night when going to...

  • Ear scab!!

    Hello, I just noticed that for some time now that I have scabs in the ears. They are a mixture of red, orange and brown, and even purple...

  • Small lump on the side of the neck

    Hello, I have a small lump on the right side of my neck. I can't see it but I feel it while passing my hand on it. It is not painful and when I...

  • Reason for ear infection

    Hello, What causes ear infections please? Thanks.

  • Sore throat

    Hello, I have a sore throat since yesterday and it hurts when I speak. What is the solution to get healed from this please? Thanks greatly for...

  • Slight bleeding

    Hello, I have my nose slightly bleeding since some time, what may be causing this please? Can this be something serious? Thanks for your help.

  • Post nasal drip

    Hello, I am getting through very bad times and wish to know what is the best cure for me please, can someone please help me about it? Thanks in...

  • Constant pulse in the ears

    Hello, It's been since days that I having a noise in my ears. It seems like the sound of my pulse, can anybody please help me about it, it's...

  • Tongue and throat burning

    Hello, My tongue burns day and night. I cannot fall asleep because of it. I also have a burning throat. I had some strepsils but the burning...

  • Calories and Vitamins

    Hello, I am supposed to be on 1200 calorie a day diet. And they said that I shouldn't go below that, because I may not get the nutrients that...

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