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  • Bigger calves

    Hello, How is it possible to have bigger calves please? Thanks in advance.

  • Weather change

    Hello, I always get sick when there's a weather change. Is this something normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bruise taking too much time to heal

    Hello, I have been bruised and it is taking too much time to heal up. What is the reason behind please? Thanks in advance.

  • Hands sweating

    Hello, I have my hands which gets wet really fast because of sweating, what can I do for this please? Thank you.

  • Isotretinion

    Hello, What is isotretinion please? Thanks in advance.

  • Physicians

    Hello, What do physicians do please? Thank you.

  • Exhaustion

    Hello, I get exhausted very rapidly when playing football. Within five minutes of playing, I will already be panting, what's wrong with me...

  • Itchy skin

    Hello, I always have an itchy skin when I am in bed at night. I keep on scratching it and when I wake up, it becomes all red. Please help me....

  • Lots of medications

    Hello, I have been to a doctor for lower back problems and I have been prescribed lots of medications, should have them all? I don't like taking...

  • Hernia

    Hello, What is hernia please? Thanks.

  • Stomach acid

    Hello, How can stomach acid be dangerous to the body please? Thank you.

  • Hiatal hernia

    Hello, What may be the cause of hiatal hernia please?

  • Not being able to move my neck at all

    Hello, I am not being able to move my neck at all. I am having this problem since I woke up this morning. I don't understand what has happened,...

  • Sweating so much

    Hello, What can I do for not sweating please? It is a very big problem to me, I cannot stay five minutes at work without sweating, please help...

  • Wrist problem

    Hello, I am having a very big problem with my wrist. I am unable to move it. It will be paining so much at the slightest move. It has even...

  • Antibiotics

    Hello, What is the role of antibiotics please? Why does someone need to have antibiotics when he is ill? Thank you.

  • Gall bladder

    Hello, Is the gall bladder removed when you have troubles caused by it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Gastroparesis

    Hello, What is this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Enema

    Hello, What's enema please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ugly scar

    Hello, I have been burnt at the hand and it has left a very ugly scar, how can I get rid of this scar please? Can someone please help...

  • Anaphalaxis

    Hello, What's anaphalaxis please? Thanks in advance.

  • Chairs

    Hello, What kind of chairs do you advise me to have for not getting any back problem please? Thanks.

  • Hemorhoid

    Hello, What is the real cause of hemorhoid please? Thanks.

  • Lower metabolism

    Hello, Why do old people have a lower metabolism please? Thanks in advance.

  • Red spot after party

    Hello, with my boyfriend and lots of friends we've partied like sick people during the weekend and we have been drinking a lot. The problem...

  • Vomiting

    Hello, What can someone do in order to vomit if ever someone has consumed something that is poisonous and may result in death please? Thanks in...

  • Feelings

    Hello, From where does human feelings come please like anger, love or sadness? Thanks.

  • Cutting nails

    Hello, Why doesn't it pain when someone cuts his nails please? Thank you.

  • Amount of protein

    Hello, How much protein does the body needs please? Thanks.

  • Constipation

    Hello, I always feel like I am constipated, what's the source of this problem and how to get rid of it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Never feel hungry

    Hello, I never feel hungry but the problem is that I often have my stomach which hurts because I don't eat. What is the solution to this...

  • Sleeping disorder

    Hello, I have a very bad sleeping disorder. I cannot settle when I need to sleep. I never feel sleepy when I get in bed. What should I do...

  • Unbearable pain

    Hello, I always have my stomach hurting after having my dinner at night. This is a daily issue, can someone please explain to me what is causing...

  • Farting

    Hello, What causes someone to fart please? Thank you.

  • Pain at the shoulder

    Hello, I am having a very bad pain at the shoulder because I over trained at the gym yesterday. I need to have rest. How much time do you advise...

  • Does it hurt?

    Hello, Does it really hurts to have a torn muscle please? Thanks in advance.

  • Is fats necessary

    Hello, Is fats really necessary to the body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Eating watermelon seeds

    Hello, What happens if someone eats water melon seeds please? Can it be dangerous? Thank you.

  • Migraines

    Hello, Why do I have migraines so often please? Thanks for your help.

  • Warts

    Hello, How does someone catch warts please? Thank you.

  • Treatment for a blocked nerve

    Hello, What is the treatment for blocked nerves please? Thank you.

  • Always depressed

    Hello, What is the reason for my son to remain so depressed please? He is 16 years old and I am wondering what's happening to him. Can someone...

  • Gaining weight healthily

    Hello, I am a 14 years girl and I weigh 37kg for 1m56. I'm so skinny that my friends laugh at me. How to gain weight rapidly, but in an...

  • Length of the intestines

    Hello, How long are the intestines please? Thanks in advance.

  • Weight loss and frequent diarrhea

    Hello, I have been experiencing frequent diarrhea during the last month. Today when I checked my weight, I noticed that I have lost 4 kilos,...

  • Hands sweating too much

    Hello, I have my hands which sweat very much. This has been since a very long time that I have this problem, do you have any solution for me...

  • Serious infection

    Hello, Can cutting yourself while shaving cause a serious infection please? Thank you.

  • Cold

    Hello, I have fever and I want to know whether staying in cold will make my health worse or it will help me get well. Thanks for your kind help.

  • Energy drinks

    Hello, I often have energy drinks like monster or red bull. I prefer having it than any other drinks even if they are expensive. However, I have...

  • Sharp shooting headache

    Hello, I am suffering from a very bad sharp shooting headache, please tell me how I can get rid of this please. Thanks for your help.

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