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  • Not feeling so well

    Hello, I am not feeling so well, can you please tell me what should I do if I have a cold sore? Thanks for your help.

  • Bad breath when waking up

    Hello, I have a very bad breath when I wake up in the morning, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Upset stomach

    Hello, I often have an upset stomach making me have the urge to vomit in the morning after having my breakfast, what may be causing this...

  • Blood in urine

    Hello, What is the reason that may cause someone to have blood in his urine please? Thanks for answering, it's urgent. Hadesss

  • Coma

    Hello, What is the longest period that someone has ever remained in coma please? Thank you.

  • Cure for bipolar disorder

    Hello, Is there any cure for bipolar disorder please? Thanks in advance.

  • Reason for pain

    Hello, What is the reason that people feel pain please? What makes them feel pain? Thanks in advance.

  • Something like nausea

    Hello, I often eat spicy foods. I have no allergy from them but the problem is that they come back up to my throat and gives me a burning...

  • Three days

    Hello, I have been suffering from stomach pain since three days now. What is causing this please? Thank you.

  • Shaking hands

    Hello, I always have my hands shaking when I drink beer, why is it so? Thanks for your help.

  • Nutrional values

    Hello, What are the nutritional values of lettuce and cucumber salads please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bitten by a bee

    Hello, I have been bitten by a bee on my hand and it has completely swollen. Do you have any tip for getting it healed please? Thanks in advance.

  • Throwing out

    Hello, I had vomitted yesterday and I have a very bad sour taste in my mouth, how do I get rid of this bad taste please? Thanks for your help.

  • Different kind of troubles

    Hello, I am having headache, pain at the stomach and my legs are very weak. What do I need to do in order to get rid of this? Thanks for your...

  • Blisters in between the fingers

    Hello, I have blisters in between the fingers of my feet, what may be causing this and what do I need to do for these to heal up faster...

  • Continually having pain

    Hello, It has never been so painful before. I used to have frequent pain at the temple but now the pain is really unbearable. I may have it...

  • Back pain from sleeping on my brother's bed

    Hello, Yesterday I slept on my brother's bed. The problem is that when I woke up this morning, I was having a real bad back pain, what should I...

  • Digestion problem

    Hello, I have digestion problem since three days. I have a bloated belly and feeling rather bad pain at the stomach. What do you advise me to do...

  • Giving blood

    Hello, There is a blood donation this Sunday and I have all my friends motivating me to give blood. I need to know if it hurts when blood is...

  • Saliva

    Hello, Is there any bacteria which can be transmitted via the saliva please? Thank you.

  • Night shifts

    Hello, Can working on night shifts cause any damage to the body in any way please? Thanks.

  • Cataract surgery

    Hello, How long does a cataract surgery last please? Thanks in advance.

  • Always feeling thirsty

    Hello, I always feel thirsty. I have this problem since I have started working on the highway. Yet, I do drink enough water. Why do I have such...

  • Bad luck

    Hello, I am very unlucky. My life is a complete nightmare. I catch all sorts of diseases. I will get sick at least twice every three months. Why...

  • Socks wet

    Hello, I have my socks which are wet when I remove them. I notice from time to time and it make me feel very cold and my feet stinks because of...

  • Creatine

    Hello, At what age can I normally start taking creatine for increasing my body strength please? Thank you.

  • Eating in between meals

    Hello, How is it possible for me to stop eating all sort of stuffs in between meals please? Can you please give me a help about it? Thanks in...

  • Surgery for dislocated finger

    Hello, My dad has had surgery for a dislocated finger and I want to know if it will help him if ever has protein supplements. Thank you.

  • Lice

    Hello, What attracts lice on someone's head please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pancreas problem

    Hello, My aunty has been diagnosed with a pancreas problem and she is getting hospitalised for a surgery in two days. Is there anything that she...

  • Smelly sweat

    Hello, When I sweat, I have my body which stinks very much. What do you suggest for getting rid of this problem please? Thanks in advance.

  • Stagnant water

    Hello, Why is it not good to drink stagnant water please? Thanks in advance.

  • Paracetamol use

    Hello, What is paracetamol used for please?

  • Pain at the butt

    Hello, I am experiencing a very bad pain at the butt when I am sitting. It is very uncomfortable. I need to sleep on my belly because of this,...

  • Healthy diet

    Hello, What is the most healthiest diet that you advise me to have in order to grow taller please? Thanks in advance.

  • Fever

    Hello, At what temperature do you know that someone has fever please and also to what temperature it may reach? Thanks in advance.

  • Hypnose

    Hello, Has anyone ever been hypnotized please? Thanks in advance.

  • Better digestion

    Hello, Does foods rich in fibre helps for better digestion please? Thank you.

  • Sleeping without clothes

    Hello, Is there any risk to bad health condition when someone sleeps without clothes? Thanks in advance.

  • Rib cage

    Hello, I am suffering from pain at the rib cage since yesterday. In fact, I had lifted some heavy weights and this is why I am having this pain....

  • Banana peels

    Hello, Can someone eat banana peels without having any any risk to his body please? Thanks.

  • Feet getting numb

    Hello, When I stay seated for a rather long time, I have my feet which become numb. What is the reason for me to have such kind of troubles...

  • Benefits of yoga

    Hello, What are the benefits of practicing yoga please? Thanks in advance.

  • Chest pains

    Hello, I need to know if eating too many fruits make someone have chest problems. Can you please answer me? It's urgent. Thanks for your help.

  • Having too many chilly sauce

    Hello, What are the disadvantages of having too much chilli sauce in my meals please? Can someone please help me about it? Thanks in advance.

  • Itchiness

    Hello, I have the body which extremely itches when I sleep at night. It's not because of mosquitoes at all, can you please tell me what may be...

  • Three weeks

    Hello, It has been three weeks already that I am having nausea, it is very irritating. It begins right after breakfast and I have been having...

  • Frequently vomiting

    Hello, I have been vomiting since some weeks. I simply can't understand what's wrong with me. Has anyone ever experienced the same thing...

  • Cracking noises

    Hello, I have cracking noises when I bend my knees. It is not annoying, irritating or painful but why do I have this please? Thanks in advance.

  • what should do

    Hello, Is it normal to cough up a blood clot

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