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  • Too much salt in food

    Hello, Can too much salt in someone's food cause any health damage please? Thank you.

  • Coughing and blood coming out

    Hello, I am having heavy coughs and when I spit, there blood and mucus which is coming out, please help me. I need your help. What do I...

  • Prescription

    Hello, Can someone have painkillers without any prescription please? Thanks.

  • Lower right side

    Hello, I am suffering from a slight pain at the lower right side of my stomach since I had returned from the basketball training yesterday. It...

  • Infected

    Hello, I have an infection at the tongue I believe. I'm not having any taste from it. Can you please tell me what I must do to get it...

  • Butter

    Hello, Can butter make someone get a high cholesterol level please? Thank you.

  • Steroids

    Hello, Why are steroids illegal please? Thank you.

  • Two prices for the same drug

    Hello, I have been to the pharmacy for some medications this morning. I found it weird that the same medication was being sold at two different...

  • Unbearable cramps

    Hello, I am experiencing unbearable cramps and yet I am not having my period, what's going wrong please? Somebody please help me!

  • Herpes

    Hello, What is the treatment for herpes please? Thanks in advance

  • Losing appetite

    Hello, How is it possible to lose appetite please? Thanks in advance.

  • My cousin lost his mother

    Hello, I have my cousin lost his mother and he is depressed. He is not even talking to anyone. How can I help him please? Thank you.

  • Sleeping pills

    Hello, I am having coughs and the doctor has prescribed me sleeping pills.What is the reason for prescribing me sleeping pills please? Thanks...

  • Cholesterol level

    Hello, How is it possible to control one's cholesterol level for not having any health problems later please? Thanks in advance.

  • Food poisoning

    Hello, What may cause food poisoning please? Thanks in advance.

  • Salty sweat

    Hello, Why is sweat salty please? Thanks in advance.

  • Maximum hours

    Hello, What is the maximum hours of time that someone may sleep please? Thank you.

  • Thyroid

    Hello, What is the treatment for thyroid please? Thank you.

  • Blood tranfusion

    Hello, What happens if a different group of blood is transfused in a another person's body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Early symptoms

    Hello, What are the early symptoms that show off when someone is having too much water please? Thank you.

  • Strangely fainting

    Hello, I had been to the football playground and fainted when I was returning at home. I never experienced this before, what may have caused...

  • Drinking too much beer

    Hello, I am used to drink beer everyday when I get home from work and I wish to know whether alcohol has any effect on the immune system of a...

  • Lower back

    Hello, Whenever I get up from my seat at work, I feel a slight pain and it will be gone when I have stood up. I always have this pain at work,...

  • Not feeling well

    Hello, It's been since I have stopped getting to the gym that I am not feeling well. I always feel restless. What's the problem with me...

  • Prevention

    Hello, What does someone need to do, when he is injured, for not letting it infected please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sunburns

    Hello, Is there any solution for sunburn please? Thanks in advance.

  • Largest organ

    Hello, What is the largest organ in the human body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Too much calcium

    Hello, Can someone have too much calcium in the body please? Thanks in advance.

  • 15 years old boy

    Hello, How many meals must a 15 years old boy normally have in a day please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lettuce

    Hello, What is the advantages of eating lettuce salads daily please? Thanks in advance.

  • Swollen glands

    Hello, What is the reason that I am having swollen glands please? Thanks in advance.

  • Frequent urination

    Hello, What is the reason for having frequent urination problem please? Thank you.

  • 7 kilos underweight

    Hello, I have been told that I am 7 kilos underweight and need to gain weight. How will I do it please? Won't I look too fat afterwards? Thank you.

  • Medical check ups

    Hello, How often should someone get to a doctor for medical check ups please? Thanks.

  • Catching herpes

    Hello, Can someone catch herpes when she has gone to a swimming pool please? Can swimming in infected water or whatever make you have...

  • Diarrhea since three days

    Hello, I have already been to the doctor and yet I am still having diarrhea, what's going wrong with me please? What must I do please? Thanks...

  • Pain from bladder infection

    Hello, Is this really very painful when you have a bladder infection please? Thanks in advance.

  • Parkinson disease

    Hello, Can the parkinson disease be cured please? How long does the treatment last if there's any? Thanks in advance.

  • Hands always remaining cold

    Hello, I have my hands which are always cold. It is very strange. I think that I have always had this problem since I was a teenager. Can you...

  • Lungs

    Hello, Is it possible to have food stuck in the lungs please? Thank you.

  • Treatment with magnets

    Hello, What is this treatment with magnets known as please? Thank you.

  • White blood cells

    Hello, What is the reason that we can't see white blood cells in our blood when we get cut please? Thanks in advance.

  • Anesthesia

    Hello, How are people put on anesthesia please? Thanks for your answers.

  • Sleeping pill

    Hello, My doctor has prescribed me to have a sleeping pill before getting to bed. What will happen if ever I have more than one please? Thanks...

  • Addicted to watching television

    Hello, I am really addicted to watching television and wish to know what may help me get rid of this addiction, can you please help me? Thanks.

  • Stye

    Hello, What should be done when someone has stye please? Thank you.

  • Pain at the side

    Hello, I always have pain at the rib cage when I jog. It will start hurting after some ten minutes of jogging. It is not so painful but it does...

  • Fasting

    Hello, How many days can a man stay alive without eating anything please? Thank you.

  • Rashes on the hand

    Hello, I have rashes on the hand, how to get rid of this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Drunk too much beer

    Hello, I am not feeling well at all today because I drunk too much last night. What can I have in order to feel better please? Thanks.

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