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  • Bump at the back of my head

    Hello, I have a slight bump at the back of my head. It is not painful at all but I am very worried about it. What can this be please? Thank you.

  • Stomach aching

    Hello, I have my stomach aching each time that I eat something. It is very annoying and I have to rest for some fifteen minutes before that the...

  • Loading

    Hello, I work at the port for loading stuffs in containers and since two days, I have the hands all sore. What wrong please? Thank you.

  • Healthy breakfast

    Hello, I wish to know what are the foods that I may have for my breakfast. What do I need to have for keeping my breakfast a healthy one...

  • Natural remedy for back pain

    Hello, I often experience back pain because of the job that I do. Is there any natural remedy for this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Epilepsy

    Hello, Can epilepsy be cured please?

  • Cereals

    Hello, What do cereals contain for the growth of the body please? Thanks in advance.,

  • Regular getting sick

    Hello, Is it normal to get sick every two or three months please? Thanks.

  • Stomach hurts when I touch it

    Hello, I have the stomach which hurts when I touch it. I just cannot understand what's wrong with me. Can someone please help me? Thanks for...

  • Dislocated bone

    Hello, I have a trouble at the shoulder. I have my bone which has been dislocated and from time to time, I have extreme pain from it. What is...

  • Autopsy

    Hello, Why should an autopsy be carried on a dead body please? Thank you.

  • Polyps

    Hello, How are polyps formed in the human body please? Thanks.

  • Caffeine

    Hello, How many coffee cups must someone normally have each day please? Thank you.

  • Drug test

    Hello, How are drug tests carried out please? Thanks in advance.

  • Constantly having nausea

    Hello, I am constant having nausea since some days but I don't vomit. It is very irritating. It is worse in the morning when I brush my teeth....

  • Farting too much

    Hello, I fart too much when I eat boiled eggs, what's the reason for this please? Am I normal? Thanks in advance.

  • Mosquito bites

    Hello, How harmful can mosquito bites be please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lower back

    Hello, I have the lower back paining so much that I am staying on the bed since two days. I am having difficulty to stand up and walk around....

  • Pain at the left side of the stomach

    Hello, I am suffering from pain at the left side of the stomach since I had been doing crunches at home. The pain is not going away. How can I...

  • Valium

    Hello, What is valium actually used for please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pain at the ankle when I walk

    Hello, I have great pain at the ankle when I walk around. It starts as a slight pain and intensifies within some ten minutes. It's been a whole...

  • Cracking of the knuckles

    Hello, I was used to crack my knuckles before but now I can't. What is the reason for this please? Thanks.

  • Treatment for leukemia

    Hello, What is the treatment for leukemia please? Thanks in advance.

  • Inflammed gum

    Hello, I have my neighbor who has an inflamed gum. How did he have this please? Thanks in advance.

  • About red blood cells

    Hello, What is the normal blood cell count please? Thanks in advance.

  • Fell down the stairs

    Hello, I had fallen down the stairs yesterday and I didn't feel any pain. This morning when I wake up, I was unable to move my right hand....

  • Chronic renal failure

    Hello, I'm 25 and suffer from chronic renal failure. I want to know if there's anyone else who has the same problem. Thanks.

  • Headaches when getting home

    Hello, I always have headaches when I get home from work, is there any specific reason for this please? Thank you.

  • Broken ankle

    Hello, I have broken my ankle at three different places. I have gone through a surgery and it's been really hard since ten days. I'm suffering...

  • Pain at the achilles tendons

    Hello, Since some days now, when I sit down for more than an hour, I will start feeling pain in the achilles tendons and will be unable to move...

  • Eating spinach daily

    Hello, I have my mum who cooks spinach daily and forces me to eat this. I am very fed up of it and don't want to eat it anymore. I have told it...

  • Removal of a cyst

    Hello, How a cyst removed please?

  • Mosquito bites

    Hello, Can I please know why these mosquitoes are attracted only with human being please? I am fed up of these. I can't sleep at all at night....

  • Side effects of aloe verra

    Hello, Does aloe verra consumption has any side effect please? Thank you.

  • Yawning only at work

    Hello, I never yawn when I need to get to bed but when I am at work, I keep yawning. Why is it so please? Why do we yawn after all? Thanks.

  • Constipation

    Hello, I am having a constipation trouble since a week now and I do drink enough water when I eat. I never experienced such a problem before....

  • Pinched nerve

    Hello, What do I need to do when I get a pinched nerve please? Thanks.

  • Eating chicken everyday

    Hello, Is it bad to eat chicken everyday? Thanks in advance.

  • Tickling

    Hello, What is the reason that some people gets a tickling sensation please? Thank you.

  • B12.

    Hello, I have been told by my doctor that I need to have B12 vitamins. He says that I apparently have a B12 deficiency in my body. It has been...

  • Waterborne diseases

    Hello, What are waterborne diseases please? Thanks in advance,

  • Pelvic area hurting

    Hello, It has been three days now that I am suffering from a pain in the pelvic area. Can you please tell me what I need to do in order to get...

  • Burnt myself while using matches

    Hello, I was playing with matches and burnt myself. I have a cream that I am applying on it but it is very itchy. What can I do for it not to...

  • Pain at the butt

    Hello, I am having a slight pain at the butt when I sit, what may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Foods that help for better digestion

    Hello, What are the foods that may help me have a better digestion please? It's been more than a week that I am having different digestion...

  • Soy milk

    Hello, What are the benefits from having soy milk regularly please? Thank you.

  • Infected bruise

    Hello, I have a white stuff coming from the bruise at my knee, do you believe that this is an infection please? Thank you.

  • Cyst

    Hello, Can a cyst return after a surgery please? Thank you.

  • Midgets

    Hello, What is the reason that midgets stay small like that please? Thank you.

  • Snoring in sleep

    Hello, My girlfriend is staying at my place and the only trouble that I am having is that she snores in bed. I cannot sleep at all, is there...

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