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  • Glucose or energy drinks

    Hello, What's better to have glucose drinks or energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster please? Thanks in advance.

  • Back pains from bad sleeping position

    Hello, I often have back pains which comes from bad sleeping position. It really affects me at work because I have to stand up all day long. I...

  • Asperger's syndrome

    Hello, What are the symptoms that appear when someone has the asperger's syndrome please? Can you please answer me? Thank you.

  • Nerve block

    Hello, What is the solution for a nerve block please? Can a massage therapy help? Thanks in advance.

  • More snacks

    Hello, I have noticed that I have more snacks and cakes than I eat at for lunch and dinner. It seems that my appetite is decreasing as each day...

  • Scoliosis

    Hello, What is scoliosis please? Thanks in advance.

  • Agoraphobia

    Hello, Can someone please explain me what agoraphobia is? Thanks in advance.

  • Sweating

    Hello, What is the reason that the human body sweats please? Thank you.

  • Body temperature

    Hello, What is the normal body temperature of a person please? Thanks in advance.

  • Shampoo

    Hello, I have purchased another shampoo and since I am using it, I have my head itching very much. What may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • How much time?

    Hello, How much time does someone need to work out daily please? Thank you.

  • Expired mayonnaise

    Hello, How will you know if the mayonnaise you are having in your bread is expired please? Thanks.

  • Alcohol consumption

    Hello, How frequently must someone be consuming alcoholic drinks in order to be called an alcoholic please? Thanks in advance.

  • How long

    Hello, I want to know how long the HIV virus takes to destroy the immune system completely. Thanks for your help.

  • Gall bladder infection

    Hello, How do you confirm that you have a bladder infection please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ice treatment

    Hello, Is there any medical treatment where ice is used please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tiredness and frequent headaches

    Hello, I am feeling very tired since some days and I am also suffering from frequent headaches. It's greatly affecting me. I have lots of...

  • Alcohol overdose

    Hello, What must be done when someone has an alcohol overdose please? Thanks in advance.

  • Feeling cold all the time

    Hello, I always feel cold. I have this problem since a very long time. Even in warm weathers, I feel cold. Is there something wrong with me...

  • Door slammed on my elbow

    Hello, I had the door which slammed on my left elbow yesterday and I have been suffering from extreme pain all night long. It has been worse...

  • Virus

    Hello, What is the virus or bacteria which causes someone to have fever please? Thanks.

  • Bones

    Hello, Do bones in the human body regenerate please? Thanks in advance.

  • Cocaine

    Hello, What kind of damage does cocaine cause to the body please? Thank you.

  • Death because of flu

    Hello, Can someone die because of flu please? Thanks in advance.

  • Percentage of water

    Hello, What is the percentage of water that the body contains please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sensitive belly button

    Hello, I have my belly button which has become very sensitive, what to do please?

  • Removing varicose veins

    Hi, I'm 46 and soon I will be removing a varicose vein in the leg. If you too had any similar experience, I would like to know what happened,...

  • Vitamins

    Hello, What are the vitamins that you obtain from the consumption of lettuce salads please? Thank you.

  • Dermatologist

    Hello, What is the role of a dermatologist? What does the latter do please? Thanks.

  • Not feeling hungry at all

    Hello, I am not eating anymore at work now and I don't feel hungry at all. It has been like this for some months but the problem is that I am...

  • Dead bodies

    Hello, How much time does a dead body take to decompose please? Thanks in advance.

  • Constipated since a week

    Hello, I am not feeling very well since more than a week. It seems that I am constipated. What must I do in such a situation please? Thanks.

  • Alcohol addiction

    Hello, I have been abroad for three years because of my studies and when I returned, I found that my dad has been addicted to alcohol. He drinks...

  • Coughing since more than a week

    Hello, I am have coughs since more than a week now and it is making my life so miserable. It worse at night. I keep coughing and find sleep very...

  • Malaria

    Hello, How does someone have malaria please? Is it a serious disease? I mean, can someone die from malaria? Thanks in advance.

  • Acute pain at the chest

    Hello, I often have a sharp shooting pain at the chest and it may last for some 20 to 30 seconds only. What may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Vegetables

    Hello, Is there any vegetable which contains protein please? Thanks in advance.

  • My size

    Hello, My thirteen and I'm 45 kilos for a height of 1m62. Is it a normal size at this age? Thanks in advance.

  • Tired, dizzy and bad sight

    Hello, It's been more than six months that I'm feeling greatly tired and sometimes I feel dizzy. I have the impression that I'm losing sight...

  • Weather change

    Hello, I always get sick when there are weather changes, why do I get sick so often please? Thanks.

  • Gaining too much weight

    Hello, I am gaining too much weight since the past months and still I eat very little. What may be causing this please? By the way, I am 15...

  • Digestion trouble

    Hello, I always feel like I have my food which stucks in my throat, what must I do please? Thanks.

  • Anorexic

    Hello, What makes people anorexic please? Thanks in advance.

  • Partial paralysis

    Hello, I have my uncle who has been partially paralyzed and he has to stay on bed. Can someone please tell me what may have caused this...

  • Swollen ankle

    Hello, I had a heavy box which fell on my feet and since then, it's paining very much and I even have my ankle swollen. What do I need to do...

  • Building lean muscles

    Hello, How is it possible to build lean muscles without any fats please? Thanks in advance.

  • Nausea

    Hello, I have nausea every day in the morning, why is it so please? Thank you.

  • Sprained ankles

    Hello, What must I do for getting my sprained ankles healed please? Thanks in advance.

  • Growth period

    Hello, I want to know how we can know whether our growing period is finished. I'm actually 13 years old and I'm a girl. Thanks in advance.

  • Breaking my bone

    Hello, I have the foot swollen and I am wondering whether I may have broken a bone while doing yoga. Is this possible please? Thank you.

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