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  • I think I’m pregnant after using the next day pill.

    Hello! I have a question, my husband and I usually have sex using the pull out method and when he comes inside I take the next day pill, but as of...

  • 4 days late

    Hello, I'm freaking out. My period is 4 days late and I feel like I have no symptoms of my period coming, only that I'm very emotional and...

  • foods and diets

    Hello, Are there foods that one can eat to increase their chances to conceive?

  • Uteral pain

    Hi My name is Isabel and over the years I have been suffering from unending and unceasing pain in my uterus. I tried to visit clinics and...

  • Prevention against pregnancy

    Hello, What is the best method for preventing someone from getting pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Gap between 1st and 2nd child

    Hello! everyone.I gave birth to a baby boy 1 year ago.Now me and my husband are trying for next baby.I have heard that there should be gap between...

  • Should I take risks to get pregnant?

    Hi, there! I decided to post here as I need some help and advice right now. I had some kidney problems. Actually, it’s an infection that bothers...

  • Pregnant since 5 months

    Hello, It's rather strange, I'm five months pregnant and yet never had any symptom of pregnancy like nausea or anything else, is it normal?

  • I want to be pregnant

    I haven't had my period since October, and Saturday my bf and I we make love and he came inside me, and Sunday morning I bleed a litle bit it was...

  • im so confused

    hi there im so confused so its been 5 months mw and my babe togetjer i still havent ended up prego. lately im been feeling something move im my...

  • pregnancy issue

    Hi My name is Jackeline and am a new member of this forum. During my pregnancy, the doctor broke sad news to me. I was suffering from a lateral...

  • oligohydramnios

    Hi My name is Edith and I am a new member in this forum. I will highly appreciate to share more with you. During my pregnancy, I developed...

  • Pregnancy expectations

    What are some of the things I should expect when pregnant and after pregnancy? I have had a lot about pregnant women cravings. Therefore, must I...

  • paining month

    Hi My name is jane and am very new in this forum. I would be very glad to share with everyone about my was during my second...

  • health

    i have problem of irregular periods my reports are like this heamoglobin 11.4 hba1c 6.1% fsh 5.43 tsh 2.04 ft4 12.18 lh 5.93 amh...

  • Hi dear

    Hello Dear I had my period 5th of September and it lasted for five days which end on 9th.i took postinor2 when i had unprotected sex with my guy...

  • pregnancy

    Denunciar Estela cortez- 18 ago 2016, 02:55 Hola buenas tardes Yo tengo 46 años he tenido el dispositivo desde mi ultima hija que ya tiene 16,...

  • am i pregnant?

    Hello, Plz i need help. My frnd had protected sex on 18 January for first time and she is not sure that the sperms touched her or not. Then...

  • health

    hi i want to ask something that gives me worth asking but I want to know what happens I had anal sex with my boyfriend as 8 times after the last...

  • risk of pregnancy?

    Hello , I had sex three days after taking the pill the next day . no risk of pregnancy ?

  • pregnancy

    Hello, who i make fast prenancy

  • Please I have to know what happend

    Hello! I have a problem. I had sex on April 25th. On 2 of May i have my menstruation. We are now in 3 of june and menstruation didn't came I am...

  • help, am I pregnant?

    I was giving my bf a handjob and a bit of his semen fell onto my hand (I had all my clothes on). I immediately washed them with hot water, soap,...

  • Can i get pregnant?

    Could I get pregnant from dry humping (or outercourse) with my boyfriend in the pool? We were both wearing bathing suits (plus he was wearing...

  • How many sperms

    Hello, How many sperms are shot out when someone ejaculates please? Thanks in advance.

  • Chlamydia

    Hello, my freind had got clamedia from her freind and she is prenant,they gave her a 1 dayy dose of medicine,will she and her baby be ok?

  • How can I get pregnant fast? [Solved]

    Hi, Would you have some advices for quickly being pregnant? Thanks in advance

  • How to know if I'm having a boy or a girl? [Solved]

    Hello, I am two months pregnant and I'd want to know if you know some grandmother's tips to know the sex of the baby? thanks :-)

  • 10 week period

    Hello, Hello, My daughter was born on Oct. 1st. Ive been on my period since she was born. I had my long one which lasted 5 weeks, but continued...

  • 18th day

    Hello, Is it possible to get pregnant at the 18th day of the menstrual cycle please? Thank you.

  • Three months pregnant

    Hello, I am three months pregnant and my boyfriend does not want me to keep the baby now. He says that he is not prepared for it. I'm just fed...

  • Methods for checking whether someone is pregn

    Hello, What are the methods that exist for checking whether someone is pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Not pregnant

    Hello, I am not pregnant but it has already been four days that I have not yet had my period, what's causing this please? Thank you.

  • Am I pregnant please?

    Hello, I have been having nausea during the past days and also feeling weak when walking in the sun. Do you believe that I am pregnant...

  • Cesarean on the 2nd childbirth?

    Hello, I was three months pregnant when I had surgery for fibroids and four months later I suffered a cesarean for my daughter. And 1 year...

  • Negative result

    Hello, I have not yet had my period but the pregnancy test has been negative. Is this pregnancy test really reliable please? Thank you.

  • Right leg pain

    Hello, I am pregnant and I am suffering from pain at the right leg. How can I get relieved from this pain please? I have been told not to have...

  • Puked twice

    Hello, I have thrown up twice today and I have also not yet had my period, do you believe that I am pregnant please? Thank you.

  • At what age

    Hello, At what age is the body of a woman enough developped to become a mother please? Thanks in advance.

  • Any possibility that I am pregnant

    Hello, I am very sexually active and it has been four days that I have not yet had my menstrual period. I did have sex with several guys...

  • I think that I am pregnant

    Hello, I am already two days that I haven't had my period and I believe that I am pregnant, how can I confirm it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Blood test

    Hello, I have been trying to conceive a baby and I want to know whether there is an alternative and more practical method for checking whether I...

  • Pregnancy symptoms

    Hello, What is the first symptom that shows off when someone is pregnant please? Also when does it appear? Thank you.

  • Having sex

    Hello, Is it possible to have sex when someone is pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Never missed any period

    Hello, I never missed any period in my life and still while testing how a pregnancy test works, I have had a positive result. Is it possible to...

  • Mistaken ejaculated in her

    Hello, I didn't wear any condom and admit that I was a little drunk. I simply ejaculated in her. I couldn't help it. It was just a mistake but...

  • I am not having my period since two months

    Hello, I am not having my period, can it be that I am pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Baby delivery

    Hello, Are women put under anesthesia when they have their baby delivery please? Thank you.

  • My boyfriend is a fool

    Hello, He used to have sex and ejaculated outside my vagina but this morning he mistakenly ejaculated some of the sperm inside my vaginal. I am...

  • Conceiving a baby

    Hello, Is it possible to conceive a baby and to know when the baby will be born please? Thanks.

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