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  • Pregnant or not?

    Hello, I got my period the 20th of June and it lasted for about 5 days. I had sex the day before and since two days ago, symptoms like...

  • Medications

    Hello, Why are pregnant women not allowed to have any medication please? Thanks.

  • Four months pregnant

    Hello, I am pregnant since four months and I have recently started having nausea from time to time. Is this something normal please? Thanks in...

  • How to know if I am pregnant

    Hello, I am very worried since I have not yet had my menstrual period. It has already been two days now. How is it possible to know if I am...

  • Risks of getting pregnant

    Hello, What is the risk of pregnancy if ever I had sex with my girlfriend and she forgot to take her birth control pill on that date...

  • Pregnant and frequent having migraines

    Hello, I am pregnant since three months and I am constantly having migraines, what are the painkillers that I can have in order to relieve...

  • Risk of pregnancy when having sex

    Hello, What is the risk of pregnancy when having sex drunk please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnancy first symptoms

    Hello, I had a delay of one day on my period and I want to know what the first symptoms of pregnancy are. Do you believe that I'm...

  • Ovulation

    Hello, Hello, How can I know my ovulation dates if I have an irregular menstrual cycle, thanks.

  • For how much time

    Hello, I want to have an explanation on how to calculate the number of weeks that I'm pregnant, can you help me about it? Thanks.

  • Bleeding during ovulation

    Hello, I had my periods already at the beginning of the month and when I reached my ovulations dates, I started experiencing some bleedings, can...

  • How many days?

    Hello, I want to know how many days are there between a sexual relationship and pregnancy. Thanks in advance.

  • Losing blood,

    Hello, I'm pregnant since four weeks and I'm losing blood since the last two days, can you please tell me what's happening. Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnant since a month

    Hello, I am pregnant since a month and I have talked about it with my boyfriend. He simply doesn't care about it. He doesn't want me to keep the...

  • Nothing to worry about

    Hello, I have been through a blood test since I was not having my period. The doctor said that I was not pregnant and I had nothing to worry....

  • Pregnant without any intercourse

    Hello, Is it possible for someone to get pregnant without even having a sexual intercourse please? Thanks.

  • How painful it is?

    Hello, How painful is it to give birth to a child please? Thanks in advance.

  • Abundant bleeding

    Hello, We are trying to have a baby since eight months. I had my period last night and it was running out abundantly with some pieces of skin...

  • Scared

    Hello, I have pain at the beneath of the stomach. I believe that it's sourcing from the ovaries. Thanks in advance.

  • Losing blood

    Hello, As soon as I reach four weeks of pregnancy, I started experiencing some bleedings. Can you please explain me what's happening to...

  • Getting pregnant most rapidly

    Hello, It's been three years that I'm trying to get pregnant since my miscarriage. However all the efforts are going in vain. I want to know how...

  • Ovarian cyst

    Hello, I have a cyst at the left ovary and I want to know whether there's a possibility for me to get pregnant. Thanks.

  • I want to get pregnant

    Hello, Is there any way to ovulate daily? Is it possible, please help. Thank you.

  • Miscarriage

    Hello, I had a miscarriage and I want to know in how much time it's possible to have a baby again. Thank you.

  • Extremely worried

    Hello, I am very worried about being pregnant. I have not had my period and it's already been two days. What do I need to do please? Thanks in...

  • I am pregnant

    Hello, I am pregnant and am experiencing frequent muscular pain. I can manage but I want to know if it is possible to have painkillers before...

  • Bloated belly and tiredness

    Hello, I have my belly all bloated, having nausea and also feeling very tired during the day. Can this be indicating that I am pregnant...

  • Feel like I gaining too much weight

    Hello, I am pregnant and I have been gaining too much weight. What kind of diet do you advise me please? Thank you.

  • Gain weight

    Hello, I have never been pregnant and I want to know whether someone gains weight when she gets pregnant. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Pain at the nipples and stomach

    Hello, It's been a month now that I have stopped taking contraception pills which I had previously taken for seven months. I gained ten kilos...

  • Kind of troubled

    Hello, I'm trying a third baby but I'm finding it rather difficult. I don't know what's going wrong, please help. Thanks.

  • Worried about my girlfriend

    Hello, I had sex with my girlfriend last month and she had her period two days late. Is there any risk that she is pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Withdrawal method

    Hello, Is the withdrawal method a good and safe method for not getting pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Risk of pregnancy

    Hello, I have been having my period since 2 days and yesterday my boyfriend insisted to have sex with me. However, during the act, he didn't...

  • Fainting

    Hello, I am pregnant and I often feel dizzy and faint. Is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Uncomfortable pads

    Hello, It's the third time that I'm having my periods and I want to know whether there are no other solutions than these pads because I find...

  • About a pregnancy test

    Hello, I had unprotected sex on my ovulation days and I want to know after how many days I can carry out a pregnancy test, thanks.

  • At the 23rd day

    Hello, I'm having some white vaginal discharge and I want to what it is actually means, can you please tell me. Thank you.

  • I believe that I am pregnant

    Hello, I had sex with my boyfriend and the latter ejaculated a little inside before taking out and ejaculating the rest on my thighs. I believe...

  • Red pimples all over my face

    Hello, I am pregnant and I am having red pimples all over my face, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Completely tired

    Hello, I have not yet had my menstrual period and I am feeling very tired during these days. I keep on staying in bed, can it be that I am...

  • Heart of the fetus: what week?

    Hello, after how many weeks, can we hear the first heartbeat of a fetus? Thank you for your answers.

  • Heartburn during pregnancy is Common

    Heartburn during pregnancy is basically the acid indigestion. The stomach stuff gets a reflux which is being felt in the lower throat area. No...

  • Pregnant

    Hello, What is the best period for someone to get pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Fertilization

    Hello, How long does it take for fertilization in the uterus please?

  • Risk of pregnancy

    Hello, Is there any risk of pregnanct to have sex after my period has stopped please? Thank you.

  • Delayed period

    Hello, It seems that my girlfriend is experiencing some delays in her period because of some pills that she took. She is quite worried because...

  • Hair dye during pregnancy

    Hello, I have a simple question for you. I'm pregnant (4 months) and wanted to dye my hair as I have to attend a party soon. Many persons are...

  • Removal of the IUD

    Hello, I have just removed my IUD and I want to know how much time it can take to remove fertile because I want to have a baby sooner than...

  • Weird symptoms

    Hello, I have nausea and pain in the down part of my belly, that is, I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms. However, I have been through a...

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