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  • Pregnant since a month

    Hello, I'm actually pregnant and want to lose weight. However, I have heard that a diet might be dangerous for the baby, can you advise me any...

  • Stomach ache

    Hello, I have my stomach aching since I had sex with my boyfriend. I want to know whether it is normal. Thanks.

  • Wrist

    Hello, Since I'm pregnant, I'm having my wrist swelling but without any pain. It is the first time that I'm pregnant, is it normal? Thank you.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

    Hello, Can somebody please help me about this term? What's ectopic pregnancy? Thank you.

  • Pregnancy

    Hello, Is it possible that I am pregnant now even though for six months of having sex, I don't not having my period. Thank you.

  • Period confusion

    Hello, Here's my question. Last month I started having my period and it lasted for about 14 days. I went to the emergency room because I was...

  • Best age

    Hello, What is the best age for someone to get pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Urine pregnancy tests

    Hello, Are these pregnancy tests reliable because I have done three tests, two have come out negative and one positive. Thank you.

  • Heartburn during pregnancy

    Hello, What is reason behind the Heartburn during pregnancy ?

  • Anemia during pregnancy: Is it dangerous?

    Anemia is a condition in which red blood cells are not in the required quantity inside the expecting mother. It is being recommended to pregnant...

  • One whole month

    Hello, I have not had my period for already a whole month and I have been worried about being pregnant. However while getting through a...

  • Can I be pregnant?

    Hello, It's the first time that I had sex last month and I have not yet had my period. Can it be that I am pregnant please? Please answer me, I...

  • I want to have a baby

    Hello, I'm 32 years old and I want to have a baby. Since the last eight months, I have been trying. The problem is that since some four months,...

  • Miscarriage

    Hello, I'm already 40 years old and never had a baby. I had two miscarriages. I fear another miscarriage if I try to conceive a baby. I want to...

  • Afraid of giving birth

    Hello, I wanted some counsel, as I am to give birth to a child soon. It almost 9 months and my doctor told me to prepare myself. My problem is...

  • White discharge during pregnancy

    Hello, I am pregnant since two months and I am having a white discharge running down, is this something normal during pregnancy please? Thank you.

  • Risks of pregnancy

    Hello, I am on birth control pills and my boyfriend ejaculated in my vagina yesterday, what are the risks of pregnancy please? Thanks.

  • Am I pregnant?

    Hello, I have not had my period. It's been already three days, can I be pregnant please? Thank you.

  • 6 months pregnant

    Hello, My wife is 6 months pregnant and for some days, she has been feeling very exhausted, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Pregnancy risk

    Hello, My boyfriend didn't use any condom yesterday, he simply ejaculated on my inner thighs. Is there any possibility that I get pregnant...

  • Feeling sick

    Hello, I am having nausea for a week now, is this normal or am I pregnant? Thanks in advance.

  • Nauseous

    Hello, I am feel very nauseous when I get home from work, can this be a symptom of pregnancy please? Thank you.

  • Sore breast

    Hello, Is sore breasts a symptom when someone is pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • 5 weeks and no embryo visible

    Hello, This morning I had an ultra sound and it didn't reveal anything. No embryo was visible. The doctor told me to wait a couple of days...

  • Tired headaches

    Hello, I am extremely tired and it seems that this is making me have a very bad headache. I never had this before, can it be that I am pregnant...

  • Ejaculation

    Hello, How many sperms comes out when someone ejaculates please? Thanks in advance.

  • Blood test

    Hello, Is a blood test more reliable that a urinary pregnancy test please? Thank you.

  • 2 days late

    Hello, My period is 2 days late, I did have unprotected sex during the past month. Can it be that I am pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Not pregnant

    Hello, I am not pregnant and I am confirmed with the pregnancy tests that I have made. If it was for some days, I believe that it could have...

  • Chest Pain

    Hello, I am pregnant and feeling pain in my chest with breathing troubles, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Pregnant girlfriend

    Hello, I had sex for the first time with my girlfriend yesterday and I had no time to get myself a condom. I simply used the withdrawal method...

  • Date that I got pregnant

    Hello, Is it possible to know when I got pregnant? I mean the day that I had sex with my husband? Thank you.

  • Risks of pregnancy

    Hello, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend yesterday. The problem is he never uses condoms; he draws out his penis and ejaculates outside...

  • Pregnancy with one ovary

    Hi, I have a cyst on the right ovary and I will very soon have my surgery. The problem is that it is not the first time I am doing this...

  • Only 17 years old

    Hello, I am with my boyfriend since already 17 years and I wish to have a baby. Do you believe that it is a good idea please? What do you advise...

  • Wishing to get pregnant

    Hello, I have not had my period I am five days late. I am very happy about it. I want to get pregnant but when I went through a pregancy test,...

  • Problem in the uterus

    Hello, I have been trying to have a baby for years and finally wondered whether I have a problem so decided to get to a doctor. Finally, I was...

  • Am I pregnant or not?

    Hello, I have not had my period, I have a three day delay on period. Am I pregnant or not please? Thanks.

  • Dizzy feeling

    Hello, I have been feeling rather dizzy for the past few days and I feel tired all day long. Can it be that I am pregnant? Can someone...

  • Period again within 5 days

    Hello, I had my normal menstrual period which lasted for six days and now after five days, I am having it again. I just cannot understand what's...

  • Too fat !!!

    Hello, I'm reaching my 7 month of pregnancy in 2 weeks and sincerely I am not able to look at myself. How can people say that a pregnant woman...

  • Sex during pregnancy

    Hello, Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy please? Can it hurt the baby or the mother? What if the penis hit the head of the little...

  • Milk production

    Hello, I am 2 months pregnant, and I was wondering when I will start to produce milk. I am unsure of when this happens, any help please?

  • Precautions during pregnancy

    Hello, I wanted to know what should be avoided during pregnancy. I mean what should I avoid eating or doing for example. Thanks for...

  • Cysts at the ovary

    Hi, I have been trying for a baby for 5 years, finally it's on the way. I am 2 month pregnant but I am having some complication that I hope...

  • Pregnant or not?

    Hello, My husband and I are trying to have a baby and after the ovulation test we've been having sexual intercourse during 5 days. Now my...

  • Is my baby still growing?

    Hello, I am 6 weeks pregnant and worried as I can't feel the baby and having no sign of pregnancy and so on. No pain, no nausea, only at the...

  • Sugar in urine

    Hello, I 'am having my first pregnancy and I am just back from the gynecologist consultation. I am at 4 months of pregnancy and he says that I...

  • Unprotected sex before menstruation

    Hello, I've been so very stupid and had an unprotected sexual intercourse with my boyfriend on day before my menstruation. Can I be pregnant...

  • 6 months pregnant

    Hello, It has been since six months that I am pregnant and now I am feeling so tired all the day long. Is this normal or I am having any...

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