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  • Hair loss?

    Hello, I am 26 years old woman, and my hair is falling out? I hate this hair loss. Each time I comb my hair that's a terrible shock! I...

  • Am I pregnant?

    Hello, My period is 2 weeks late, do you believe that I may be pregnant? Thanks for your answers.

  • Urine test or blood test

    Hello, What gives a more reliable pregnacy result please? Thank you.

  • No period but not pregnant

    Hello, I have not had my period but when I carried out a pregnancy test, it showed a negative result. Can it yet be possible that I am...

  • Pregnancy test

    Hello, When do I need to have a pregnancy test please? Thanks in advance.

  • Infection via an intercourse

    Hello, I wish to know whether urine getting in the vagina during an intercourse may cause an infection. Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnant at 46 yrs old

    Hello, I'll be 46 years by the month of April, I have done several abortions during my studies and never had kids up to now. I am married for...

  • ? Pregnant

    Hello, I had sex three times last month, everytime my boyfriend used a condom. I have not yet had my menstrual period. It's already been three...

  • Sex when pregnant

    Hello, Can someone have sex when being pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Period late.

    Hello, I am 3 days late for my period. I did have unprotected sex lastly but my boyfriend did not ejaculate inside, can it be that I am...

  • Teenage pregnancy

    Hello, What is the reason for having so much teen pregnancy nowadays? Thanks in advance.

  • Outside the vagina

    Hello, My boyfriend ejaculated outside my vagina, is there any possibilty that I get pregnant? Thanks in advance.

  • Having my period

    Hello, I am having my period but I was wondering whether someone may have her period and still be pregnant, is it possible. Thank you.

  • No symptoms

    Hello, Can someone be pregnant but her body doesn't show any symptoms of pregnancy please? Thanks in advance.

  • Missed period

    Hello, I have not yet had my period this month, can someone please tell me what I need to do in order to know whether I am pregnant or...

  • Early period

    Hello, I have got my period two days earlier this time, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Having pregnancy symptoms

    Hello, I am actually having pregnancy symptoms but I have done a pregnancy test and the results is negative, what's wrong with me if I am not...

  • Nausea all day long

    Hello, I have nausea all day long, can it be that I am pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Weird movements

    Hello, I feel like I am having something moving in my belly, do you believe that I can be pregnant? Thanks in advance.

  • No period

    Hello, I have gone through a pregnancy test but the result has been negative. However, I am not having my period, I am quited troubled about...

  • Tiredness

    Hello, I am pregnant and feel tired all day long, can I have energy drinks for this please? Thank you.

  • Late period

    Hello, My girlfriend is 8 weeks late for her period. We have never had sex and she affirms that she is still virgin. I am very worried about...

  • Not having my period

    Hello, I am 2 days with my period, I was wondering what may be causing this. I must say that I am not pregnant because I have not had any...

  • 26 days pregnant

    Hello, I have been pregnant for 26 days and I am having pain at the lower back, is this normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • Virginity

    Hello, Can someone get pregnant when she loses her virginity please? Thanks in advance.

  • Not having your period

    Hello, What may make someone not have her period please? What can be the reasons for such a situation? Thank you.

  • Symptoms?

    Hello, I wish to know if someone is having headaches, being nauseous and also feeling tired all the time may be the symptoms to pregnancy. ...

  • Semen

    Hello, Can someone get pregnant with semen please? Thanks.

  • Very tired

    Hello, I am having my breasts which are all tender and also experiencing extreme fatigue, what can this mean please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnancy test

    Hello, Can I have a pregnancy test 13 days before the day that I normally need to have my period? Can I do it? Thank you.

  • No period for two months now

    Hello, I have not yet had my period for two months and I am afraid that I am pregnant. Yet, I have no pregnancy symptoms, can someone please...

  • Pregnant and oversleeping

    Hello, I am 2 months pregnant, I'm feeling tired all the time. It seems that I need rest and that's the reason why I will be sleeping some ten...

  • Negative result?

    Hello, I'm sure that I'm pregnant since my husband ejaculated in me and that on the ovulation dates but the test revealed a negative result, is...

  • Tattooed during pregnancy

    Hello, I'm at my third month of my pregnancy and my boyfriend and I wanted to make a tattoo. Are there any risk of infection? Thanks for your...

  • Losing hair after pregnancy

    Hello, Here is my problem, 2 months after giving birth, I started to lose my hair. I can't even wash or brush them. Is it a normal condition...

  • I'm pregnant

    Hello, I have been to hospital and they are saying that they can't get to know whether the fetus' heart is beating or not. Is there anyone who...

  • Nausea

    Hello, I have been suffering with morning nausea for the past 3 days. Do you believe that I may be pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Afraid of being pregnant

    Hello, I fear I'm pregnant. It's already been two days that I had a sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. I'm all afraid because I'm only 16...

  • Want to get pregnant

    Hello, I'm 30 years old and I want to get pregnant but I don't know about my cycle since it is an irregular one, thanks for any reply.

  • Sexual intercourse during period

    Hello, I would like to know if I had a sexual intercourse during my period, I'm I likely to be pregnant? thank you.

  • Can I give birth again?

    Hello, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and I want a to have a second child, but my gynecologist told me that it would be very hard. Are...

  • Days for formation

    Hello, How many days the formation of a baby takes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Missed period

    Hello, I have not had my period and I am on my third day. I am not pregnant and I can confirm that I am still a virgin. Can you please tell me...

  • Hard nipples

    Hello, I have nipples that are always hard, can it be that I am pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Sore breasts and cramps

    Hello, I have been having cramps since yesterday and also I have my breasts which are sore. Can this be indicating that I am pregnant...

  • Cramps from pregnancy

    Hello, Is there any effective method for getting rid of cramps when being pregnant please? Can someone please tell me what I need to do? Thanks.

  • Pregnancy after cesarean

    Good morning I am the happy mother of a little boy of 1 and a half year old and with his father we want to give him a companion. Well during my...

  • No period since 5 days

    Hello, I have not yet had my period since five days today. I admit that I had unprotected sex but my boyfriend used the pull out method. Is...

  • Contractions- 5th month

    Hello I am 22 years old and pregnant, already reached the 5th month and I am a bit anxious as I have the feeling that sometimes my belly is...

  • Back pain at 9 month

    Hello I am at the beginning of the 9th month of pregnancy and I am afraid. I am suffering with terrible back pain. It is so bad I have to stay in...

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