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  • Confused mind

    Hello, I always feel like confused when a girl talks to me. Also I must admit that I am very why when a girl starts talking to me. How can I get...

  • Brain

    Hello, Does the brain control the whole body please? Thanks in advance.

  • Cheating husband

    How do you handle a cheating husband? I have not caught him actually but he has changed abruptly - always irritated and fins faults to create...

  • Embracing the Journey to TRUTH

    Does anyone else struggling with feeling like something is missing in your life ?? or feeling lost and out of place because what we are TAUGHT to...

  • how to deal with a liar husband

    How To Catch A Cheater With A Text Message Spy App D How To Catch A Cheater With A Text Message Spy App

  • Concentration problem

    Hello, What may help me concentrate more on my studies please? Thank you.

  • Depressed because of my boyfriend

    Hello, I'm actually in depression because my boyfriend has left me. I have lost appetite and also stay much time alone without talking to...

  • Unable to feel.

    Why it is so hard to handle our emotions during the face of the infertility? I know it can be so hard but not this much that I am losing hope. I...

  • BFF stole something stupid...

    Disclaimer: this will sound like a cliche stereotypical "girl" fight but it's a lot deeper than that. Humor me. So this friend and I have...

  • Anger

    Hello, What is the solution for not getting angry anymore please? Thanks in advance.

  • Forget someone

    Hello! I was just wondering something. I used to get along really well with a guy and from one day to the other he stopped texting me.. I...

  • money or love

    How can I identify if my boyfriend loves me or he love my money?

  • Having wet dreams daily

    Hello, Is this something normal to have wet dreams every day. I wonder whether I'm not actually peeing on the bed at night. Thank you.

  • Fear of failing at school

    Hello, I'm 15 years old and for a year now, I have been suffering with depression. I wish I knew why I am like this? I feel alone because...

  • I want to stop humming.

    I find myself humming the words to a song or phrase virtually all day. From research, I find it is called Logorrhea. Does anyone know a cure or...

  • hysteria

    Hello, m mahham age 20 n i got married 7 months back married. i got this decease after 1 month of marriage. in starting no one can recognize my...

  • No Memory

    Hello, I have been taking psychiatric medications for 5 years. Everyday i take, Seroquel 300 mg, lithium 900mg, lamictal 200mg. I dont know...

  • want to be alone

    please help me doctor .I Always want to be alone. i do not want to go out of my home. IN the home I TALK LITTLE. even my wife and kids notes...

  • ?cheating?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what's wrong with my soon. To be exhusband ? I am so hurt. And confused my husband cheated many times...

  • What are some good family traditions, habits, or activities? [Solved]

    Hello, Collecting ideas for family traditions/habits/activities. Thinking of new parents who came from highly dysfunctional homes now beginning...

  • love

    Hello, What happens when best friends become lovers. Thanks

  • thanks

    Hello, happy new year to you ! I wish 2013 with full of peace.

  • Father suffers parkinson since he is 28

    My father suffers from Parkinson since he is 28 years old. Now he is 52 and things are worst but he tries to keep calm. This illness is...

  • Anxiety

    Hello, I am very anxious since I have started working. How can I get rid of this anxiety please? Thanks in advance.

  • Running out of options

    Hello, I am so tired of looking for a job, I was with the same employer for over 25 years. I have experience I have qualities and I even went...

  • Size of the hips

    Hello, Can the size of the hips or belly affect a woman's brain please? Thanks in advance.

  • Weird therapy

    Hello, I am having a weird therapy at the psychologist for being stressed all the time and it is not working at all, what should I do...

  • Fluctuating moods

    Hello, I have noticed that my moods fluctuate greatly when I am at work but it is different when I am at home. I am very irritated when I am at...

  • Dermatillomania

    Hello, What's dermatillomania please?

  • Fear for gaining weight

    Hello, Is there any name for the fear of gaining weight and growing fat please? Thanks in advance.

  • Education

    Hello, Can I please know how slightly mentally disordered children are educated please? Thanks in advance.

  • Mental disorder

    Hello, Is depression considered as a mental disorder please? Thank you.

  • Average age

    Hello, What is the average age that people start suffering from alzheimer please? Thank you.

  • My mum is suffering from the divorce

    Hello, My mother is undergoing a divorce with my father and i have the feeling that she is not able to cope with it all. She started...

  • Scared of spiders

    Hello, I have my little son who is very scared of spiders, how can I help him get rid of this fear please? Thanks in advance.

  • My son is in depression

    Hello, How can I help my son who is in deep depression since some days please? Thank you.

  • Cause.

    Hello, What makes people have bipolar disorder please? Thanks in advance.

  • Scared of the dark

    Hello, I am very scared of the dark. I am so afraid that I have to sleep with the lights on at night. Is there any treatment for getting rid...

  • Alzheimer

    Hello, Is there any cure to Alzheimer please? Thanks in advance.

  • Phobia

    Hello, What are the main source of phobias please? Thanks in advance.

  • Worried because of my work

    Hello, I am feeling very worried because of my work. I have been put on probation and it has not been a fair decision at all. That's why I want...

  • My wife quit me

    Hello, My wife has left me for another man and I am not feeling at all. I have started drinking since some time and getting in deep depression....

  • Signs of mental illness in a person

    Hello, What are the signs that may indicate that a person is suffering from any kind of mental illness please? Thanks in advance.

  • Shyness

    Hello, Is there any possible mean to get rid of shyness please? Thank you.

  • Addicted to eating paper

    Hello, I have a very bad addiction problem unlike all other people you may have known. I am addicted to eating paper. I cannot get rid of this...

  • Angry

    Hello, I am very hot tempered and since there's a new colleague working with me, it's become worse. I am trying to control myself but there are...

  • Loneliness

    Hello, Can loneliness result in a mental disease please? Thank you.

  • Depression

    Hello, Can depression pills affect someone mentally please? Thanks.

  • Sad when I am not with my boyfriend

    Hello, I am always feeling sad when my boyfriend is not with me and I get really depressed. Is there no possible mean to get rid of this feeling...

  • Depressants

    Hello, What are the depressants that I can have please? Thanks in advance.

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