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  • PMR

    Will Boswella Turmeric capsules help me as I have PMR disease and have been predisone for 2 years. I am taking 4 mg. per day. and go to a...

  • Spinal trouble

    Hello, What is the treatment when someone has spinal trouble? Thanks in advance.

  • hip xray finding

    what is subchondral sclerosis

  • I feel that the blood of my left leg is injected

    Hello, Sometimes I feel that the blood of my left leg is injected, especially in the the area situated immediately on my ankle. This...

  • Pain problems

    Hello, Good morning. How to clear spine pain. How to clear zero negative arthritis

  • Knee joints pain

    Hello, I am suffering a lot from my knee pain.I came to know that ,it wl be cured avoiding non vegetarian food.Is it true that it wl reduce uric...

  • Spinal problem not allowing me to do anything

    Hello, I am suffering from a spinal problem which is not allowing to anything, please help me. Thank you.

  • Pain at the forearm

    Hello, I had lifted a heavy bed yesterday for placing it another room and now I am having pain at the left forearm, how can I get rid of this...

  • Deficiency of calcium in the body

    Hello, What must be done when someone experiences calcium deficiency in his body please? Thanks for your help.

  • Pain at the elbows

    Hello, I have joined a gym a month ago for keeping my body fit and every time that I do military press, I have my elbows which hurts. Why do I...

  • Shoulder pain

    Hello, Can a massage therapy help me get rid of shoulder pain please? Thanks in advance.

  • Slight pain in the lower back

    Hello, I always have a slight pain in the lower back when I do sit ups in the gym. Am I worrying for nothing or it may be something serious...

  • Knee getting worst

    Hello, I banged my knee with the side wood bar of my bed while getting up. It was an unbearable pain at first but after, it was all over but...

  • Doubting my neck

    Hello, I've noticed strange and painful pinching on the left part on my neck. I thought that it would stop during a couple of days but the...

  • Plugged ear

    Hello, Hello, This morning, i got up with a strange feeling in my left ear. It's like if some fluid kinda water was bubbling in it Is this...

  • Pain at the right elbow

    Hello, I often have pain at the right elbow. Is it because of any kind of deficiency please? Thank you.

  • Warmth

    Hello, Can a warm temperature make muscular pain disappear please? Thank you.

  • Pain at the rib cage

    Hello, I am feeling a very bad pain at the rib cage and it is not allowing me to make any movement, please help me.

  • Extreme pain from the calves

    Hello, I had been to a fun day yesterday and today I am feeling a very unbearable pain in the calves, what may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Jogging in the cold

    Hello, Does jogging in cold weather makes someone's joints weaker please? Thank you.

  • Weak shoulders

    Hello, I have very weak shoulders and I wish to know what may help me have more strength in them, can you please help me about it? Thanks.

  • Having more calcium

    Hello, I had been to the doctor for pain the knees and he prescribed me some calcium supplements. Yet I have been having these supplements for...

  • Spinal problem since three months

    Hello, I am having a spinal problem and it has already been since three months. Will I stay with this pain for long please? Thanks in advance.

  • Suffering from muscle pain

    Hello, I always suffer from muscle pain when I get home from gym. How is it possible to get rid of this pain please? Thanks in advance.

  • Arms and legs shaking

    Hello, I have my arms and legs shaking since some days. What may be causing this please? Thank you.

  • Cold in the knuckles

    Hello, I have my knuckles all cold and it is very painful. It's been since the beginning of the year that I am experiencing this. What can I do...

  • Pain at only one knee

    Hello, It hurts very much at night. Nevertheless, it comes only from one knee unlike all the cases that I have gone through in this forum. Can...

  • Weak spinal cord

    Hello, I have a weak spinal cord according to my doctor, what is the most effective treatment that exists for this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Spinal problem

    Hello, I am suffering from a back pain since three days. How do I know whether it is a spinal problem please? Thank you.

  • Right shoulder

    Hello, I have always been having a slight pain at the right shoulder but now it has become more painful. It is worse at night. I just cannot...

  • Calcium deficiency

    Hello, I have been told that I have a calcium deficiency and I need to have foods with calcium. Can you please tell me what are the foods that...

  • Permanent pain

    Hello, I had broken my left foot bone. It has already been six months and I still have a slight pain from it. Will I have this pain for the rest...

  • Fibromyalgia

    Hello, I'm suffering from fibromyalgia since five years and I looking for an effective treatment. Can you please help me about it? Thanks.

  • Stress management

    Hello, Do you have any tips for stress management please? Thanks in advance.

  • Elbow hurting

    Hello, When making movements with my right hand, I am having my elbow hurting. What is the problem please? What may be causing this? Thanks in...

  • Pain in joints

    Hello, I often have pain in joints and have to bandage my knees and elbows at night. What is the problem which causes this please? Thanks.

  • Diagnosis for weak bones

    Hello, I have my elbows and knees which pain frequently and I wish to know how the diagnosis goes on, can anyone please explain me how it goes...

  • Elbow pain ruining my life

    Hello, I am suffering from an acute pain at the elbow since already 2 weeks. It is not allowing me to move my hand at all, please tell me what...

  • Dislocated finger

    Hello, I have a cousin who has been to the hospital and been admitted because of a dislocated finger. Is it possible to place it...

  • Pain at the knuckle of my right thumb

    Hello, I suffering from pain at my right thumb, what may be causing this please? Thanks in advance.

  • Cracking knuckles

    Hello, I have my son who keeps on cracking his knuckles, does it have any side effect please? Thanks.

  • Strange sound

    Hello, I have a strange sound which is made when I bend my knee. It is as if I have my bones crushing with each other, can someone please help...

  • Calves and knees

    Hello, I am feeling a very bad pain in the calves and the knees. It is as if I have caught a cold over these parts of my body. I cannot do great...

  • Pain at the right elbow

    Hello, It's already been a complete month that I am experiencing a really bad pain at the right elbow, can someone please tell me what's going...

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  • Pain in the joints

    Hello, I am having pain in the joints since already a year now. The medications that I have been prescribed aren't working at all, what do you...

  • Pain in the veins

    Hello, For the past few days I have had a few pains in my legs and arms. The pain seems to be coming from my veins, can someone please help me?

  • Like a cold in the knees

    Hello, I have like a cold in the knees and it is very painful. I have much difficulty to walk, please tell me what this can be. Thank you.

  • Problem in the spine

    Hello, I have a problem in the spine which is making my back hurt extremely, what is the solution to this please? Thank you.

  • Forearm paining

    Hello, Well, it is not only the forearm, the pain takes from my wrist and goes up to my elbow, what should I do please? Thank you.

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