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  • Itchy feeling

    Hello, What is the reason that someone may have frequent itchy at the vagina please? Thanks in advance.

  • 18 años tengo yo y el 53 casado

    Me siento muy mal saber que ando con nombre Casa mucho tengo 18 años y el 53 y no no estoy por el con interés lo que me tiene muy estresado es que...

  • When is my most fertile day

    Hello,i v got irregular periods ds month my periods started on 4th of May and it ended on the 8 May how do u knw my most fertile days Me and...

  • Are men actually uncomfortable and.not grossed out

    I am a woman. First of all I LOVE sex, trying new things and being creative sexually. I have been with woman and men and most people things its...

  • Is watching porn without masturbating harm?

    Hello, I am about 38 year old and am still single, used to watching the porn videos both homosexuality and straight. But if I will...

  • Loss of sexual desire

    Hello, How is it possible ,even for a long term marriage, to survive when one of the partners refuses to even try to cooperate or even discuss...

  • Does porn have negative effect on body by just watching?

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and just wondering if watching porn has any negative effect on brain or body by just watching and not masturbating. I know...

  • Peeing during ejaculation

    Hello, Is it possible to pee when masturbating please? Thank you.

  • Masturbating

    Hello, Is it bad to masturbate please? Thank you.

  • Delay orgasm

    What is the effect of circumcision on orgasm and how we can delay our orgasm?

  • Afraid of penetration.

    Hello, For more than 1 month, I have been to scared to allow my partner to penetrate me. He is now fed up with the situation. Am very afraid....

  • so weak

    Hello, this ovi kkc. i'm so weak sex with my partner, i stay only 2 min. now what can i do ?


    Tuve relaciones con mi novio el último día de mi regla se le salió el condon me tome la pastilla anticonceptiva primero una y después la otra no...

  • Unprotected sex

    Hello, I would like to know precisely to what extent can a pregnancy be avoided by having unprotected intimate intercourse.

  • No period

    Hello, I have not yet had my period, what may be causing this please? Can it be that I am pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Vagina burning

    Hello, I always have a burning sensation from my vagina after having a sexual intercourse, is this something normal please? Thanks in advance.

  • sex

    Hello, jhjhk

  • Losing my virginity

    Hello, I have my boyfriend who is insisting on having sex with me. I am a bit afraid and I wish to know whether it hurts when someone loses her...

  • Duration of a female orgasm

    Hello, How long does a woman has her orgasm please? Thank you.

  • Embarassed

    Hello, I have often been told that men are very embarassed about talking about masturbation, why is it so please? Thanks.

  • HIV

    Hello, I am very worried about my health. I admit that I have had sex many times and with different girls. Since sometime, I am feeling very...

  • Foreskin

    Hello, What is the reason that I have my foreskin always stuck at the back? Thank you.

  • Getting pregnant by fingering

    Hello, I would like to know if there is or not, a possibilty of a girl getting pregnant by fingering her vagina. thank you

  • Sexual intercourse

    Hello, Is there any danger of having sex too early please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bruise at the penis

    Hello, I have a slight bruise that has appeared on my penis. It is very itchy. I have the penis which is all red because of this, what is...

  • pimples on the face

    Hello, I have several pimples on the face and I wish to know whether it may be related with having sex. Can someone please answer me? Thanks.

  • Breaking my hymen

    Hello, Is it possible to get my hymen broken without even having sex please? Thanks in advance.

  • Wet underwear

    Hello, I have noticed that I have my underwear all wet when I return home and no it is not because I have been horny. What is the reason for...

  • pain

    Hello, im having more pain having sexual

  • Is this normal?

    Look I'm not going to lie I'm 13 and i totally understand about puberty, But i got a question that gets me worried. Going deeper into the question...

  • penis disable

    actually i'm 43 years old. i didn't marriage. and no sexual relation with opposite side. But unfortunately i do masturbation. Now my penis vein ...

  • Wet dreams

    Hello, I'm 22 years old and I had 3 consecutive wet dreams every night. Is this normal?? If not then what should I do?

  • WOndering why

    Hello, We are together since one and a half year and he says that we are made for each other. However, I have great desire for him, that is, I...

  • Reason for having brown discharge

    Hello, I have often observed a brown discharge and I wish to know what is the cause for having these. Thank you.

  • Urinary tract infection

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what may cause a urinary tract infection in someone please? Thanks in advance.

  • Ejaculation

    Hello, I can have intercourse for a couple hours without cummin. I also have masturbated for up to 6 hours til I came! Any suggestions?

  • I am a student I have bad habit of watching sex films how do you [Closed]

    Hello, Simply, I think that watching porn is a very big problem and it is nearly impossible to give up it. If you never watched porn, this...

  • Tips to delay premature ejaculation? [Solved]

    Hello, I'm young and never had sex with my girlfriend. I wish to have it but I have a big trouble of premature ejaculation and that's why I'm...

  • I'm so nervous

    Okay this is my situation, I've a boyfriend and most of the time we use condoms, he has condoms in his house so we use those condoms, but I think...

  • Increase my penis size

    Hi, Ii am 14 years old from LA, I heard about some pills that enables penis enlargement, I would also like to know whether masturbation...

  • Risk of sida by blowing and hand job

    Is there risk by blowing without or with condom?

  • boredem

    Hi can I talk to anyone I'm new ?

  • first pill

    Hello, This is my first pill I have to take the first day of my period. I had brown losses yesterday but really were not abundant. I took the...

  • Green vaginal discharge

    Hello, I am having a green vaginal discharge which is coming out from my vagina, can someone please tell me what's this? Thanks.

  • Home remedy

    Hello, Is there any home remedy for a yeast infection please? Thank you.

  • Cramps even after my menstrual period

    Hello, I have cramps when I have my menstrual period but the real trouble is that I keep having these cramps even after that I have had my...

  • sperm quantity

    Hello, each time I ejaculate my sperms a just a small quantity, is this normal or does it affect me making babies n what do I do to have more sperms

  • Masturbation and urinary tract infection

    Hello, I want to know whether frequent masturbation can cause someone to have a urinary tract infection, can someone please answer me. Kind...

  • Yeast infection

    Hello, Can someone please tell me how it is possible to cure yeast infection effectively please? Thanks.

  • Brown vaginal discharges

    Hello, What is the reason for someone to be having brown vaginal discharges please? Thank you.

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