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  • too thin

    Hello ! So, I am 13 years old and i weigh 40 kg for 160 cm, and i think i am too thin and many people say that too... also, I don’t have my...

  • Not able to drink alcoholic drinks

    Hello, I am not able to drink any alcoholic drink without vomiting, what's wrong with me please?

  • Unable to sleep earlier

    Hello, When I get home from work, I am unable to sleep earlier than 23.00. Do you have any tips for me to get asleep earlier please? Thanks...

  • Bad smell from the feet

    Hello, I always have a very bad smell coming from my feet when I remove my socks. This is very embarrassing when I have to remove my shoes at my...

  • Growing taller than my dad

    Hello, Can I grow taller than my dad please? Thanks in advance.

  • What's better?

    Hello, I have joined a gym and was wondering with what it is better to mix the protein supplements, with milk or water please? Thanks in advance.

  • My son is not enough

    Hello, My son is not enough. He is 15 years old and I am very worried about it, how can I make him eat more please? Thank you.

  • Water in the ears

    Hello, I had been to the swimming pool and had water which entered my ears. I have my ears paining so much because of this, how to get this...

  • Penis enlargement.

    Hello, Is there any apparatus which may help penis enlargement please? Thanks in advance.

  • Having sex

    Hello, At what age may teenagers start having sex please? Thanks in advance.

  • Depressed

    Hello, What do I need to do when I am depressed please?

  • Eating more but still losing weight

    Hello, I am eating more but still I am losing weight, what's happening to me please? Thank you.

  • 13 years old boy

    Hello, I am 13 years old and I want to get abs, how do I do this please? Thanks greatly for your help.

  • Car accident

    Hello, My son has had a very bad car accident and I am very worried about his health. He has had his middle finger dislocated and he has to get...

  • Hair growing in the armpit

    Hello, When does someone has hair growing in her armpit please? Will she be having her hair growing in her armpit as soon as she starts having...

  • Drinking daily

    Hello, I am drinking beer daily these days, does it mean that I am addicted please? Thanks in advance.

  • Want a change

    Hello, I want to gain more muscles and look more stronger than I am. I need to change myself and my looks, what do you advise me to do for...

  • how do i control my self if am teenager?

    Hello, Am teenager but i dont i want to have sex until i become how can i control my self from having so much feelings?

  • height problem

    Hello, how could i improve my height i'm not at 5' at the age of 18 +

  • Shy with girls

    Hello, I am very shy with girls, what should I do please? Thanks in advance.

  • Larger chest

    Hello, I am 15 years old and wish to have a larger chest, what should I do please? Thank you.

  • Pokémon go

    Comment l avoir?

  • 65 kilos

    Hello, I am 65 kilos and wish to know how tall I need to be. Can someone please answer me? Thanks.

  • Insomnia solution

    Hello, What is the solution for insomnia please? Thanks in advance.

  • Harming himself at the hand

    Hello, I have a friend who has been cutting himself at the hand since very long and that's why he has lots of scars at the forehand. What is the...

  • internet [Closed]

    Hello, in my laptop internet is connected only over the internet explorer (browser) not in other browsers can you say me the reason

  • Growing taller

    Hello, How is it possible to grow taller please? Thank you.

  • Slow metabolism

    Hello, How to deal with slow metabolism please? Thank you.

  • Having grey hair

    Hello, I am only 15 years old and I have grey hair. Am I going to have all my hair growing white please? Thank you.

  • Cuts on my face

    Hello, I always cut myself when I shave and there are many cuts on my face. Why do I cut myself so often please? Thanks for your help.

  • Growth hormones

    Hello, Can a teenager have growth hormones to boost up his metabolism please? Thank you.

  • Inner chest

    Hello, What are the work outs for the inner chest please? Thanks in advance.

  • Deca durabolin

    Hello, What is the use of deca durabolin please? Thank you.

  • Yellowish colour

    Hello, I have my sperm which is of a yellowish color. It is the first time that I am having this color of sperm coming out when I ejaculate....

  • Torn muscle

    Hello, I work at a packing factory for loading heavy boxes on lorries and I have torn my muscle this morning. I have already been to the doctor...

  • Broken ankle

    Hello, I fell down from my motorcycle during a race. I was enough lucky only to break my ankle but now I have to stay in bed. It is so boring at...

  • Extreme and unbearable pain in the knee

    Hello, I am suffering from a very bad pain in the knee since a week and wish to know whether the knee cap can get dislocated because I am...

  • Growth

    Hello, What is the real age that a girl stops to grow please? Thanks in advance.

  • Disorder in metabolism

    Hello, I have heard that the tallest person had a disorder in his metabolism which made him grow so tall. What is the name of this disorder...

  • 56 kilos

    Hello, I am 56 kilos and 16 years old. Can you please tell me what is the right height for me? Thank you.

  • 500 more calories

    Hello, How many kilos I will gain if I add 500 calories to my daily meals please? Thanks in advance.

  • Pain at the thighs when doing squats

    Hello, I always have pain at the thighs when I do squats, is this normal please? Thanks.

  • White discharge and no menstruation!

    Hello I am 12 years old and since I am 10 I am having white discharge! Is this normal? Am I going to have my menstruation or not? All of my...

  • Feeling so skinny

    Hello, Why do I feel so skinny please? T

  • 52 kilos

    Hello, I am 52 kilos and I want to know how tall I will be when I will be 18 years old. Thanks for your help.

  • Feeling shy !

    Hello, Since 9 months, I've been hanging around with a guy who i find very nice, caring and lovely. I had my very first sexual intercourse...

  • Oatmeal

    Hello, Is oatmeal good for gaining weight please?

  • Rest after gym work out

    Hello, How much rest must someone have after each session of gym work out please? Thank you.

  • 48 kilos

    Hello, What is the normal height that someone must be when she is 48 kilos please? Thanks in advance.

  • Beard

    Hello, I am a 14 years old boy and I have already my moustache growing but at what age will I have my beard growing please? Thanks in advance.

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