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  • Top shelf medical marijuana for sale

    Health is weath. Are you suffering from chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, and many more. You can confine in me. You can order from the confort of...

  • Not able to quit smoking

    Hello, I am having difficulty in stopping smoking. I'm pregnant, so very conscious that this is so unhealthy for my baby. I still can not...

  • Smoking almost made me impotent

    Hi My name is Edward and I am happy to join this forum and share my side of the story. In the early stages of a human being, smoking is perceived...

  • Smoking cost me a kid

    Hi My name is Hellen and would like to share my experiences in smoking. After a short while in marriage, I engaged in untoward behaviors that...

  • Emphysema infection

    Hi My name is Lillian and a new member of this forum. I will appreciate greatly sharing more with you. Tobacco smoking was not only a trend but...

  • I escaped hair balding with a whisker

    Hi My name is Maggie and I would like to share an insightful story about my smoking life. When I was growing up, I was taught to always follow...

  • Smoking almost destroyed my central nervous system

    Hi My name is joseph and I am a new member in this forum. Smoking tobacco was a normal thing to me. it always made me feel the air. I couldn’t...

  • Drinking milk

    Hello, Can drinking milk help me remove all the alcohol from the beer that I drank yesterday please? Thanks.

  • everyday problems for everyday people

    Hello, My name is geekchique I am new to this forum, yet finding it very intresting, On the topics that are avaivable and advice...

  • How to convince my wife to quit smoking.

    Hello, My wife is pregnant yet she does not want to get quit smoking. Can anyone please, tell me how to convince her to quit smoking? Thank you.

  • How do you get someone to stop smoking? [Solved]

    how can i prevent ant body frm smoking too mch??

  • No way to stop smoking

    Hello, I have tried different methods for stopping to smoke but there's no way that has really shown a positive result. Please help me, do you...

  • Smoking at home

    Hello, My husband smokes at home and the smell makes me have headaches. What can I do to prevent myself from having headaches please? Thank you.

  • Feeling when having the first cigarette

    Hello, What is the feeling that you had when you had you first cigarette please? Thanks.

  • Smoking more and more as months are passing b

    Hello, I am smoking more and more. I do feel the effect it has on my body. I feel out of breath very rapidly. Please help me, I need to stop...

  • why smoke

    Hello, Why do people smoke please? Thanks in advance.

  • Medicinal marijuana

    Hello, Can marijuana really be used as medicines please? Thank you.

  • Smoking cigarettes

    Hello, How much time does cigarette smoke and nicotine stays in the human body please? Thank you.

  • Quitting smoking passively

    Hello, I finally decided to quit smoking but when I really become in need of it, i get myself nearby a smoking friend just to have at least a...

  • Nicotine

    Hello, Is it possible to know how much nicotine there's in the blood please? Thank you.

  • Stomach ache

    Hello, Does smoking makes someone have stomach ache please? Is this normal? Thanks for your help.

  • Inhaling smoke

    Hello, I am not a smoker but have friends who smoke. I believe that when they smoke, I do inhale the smoke they exhale while breathing. Can this...

  • Vomiting and all sick

    Hello, I had my first cigarette three days back and I started vomiting. At the end of the day, I was all sick having headache, stomach pain and...

  • Weight gain after quitting cigarettes

    Hello, Hello, I've stopped smoking for 3 months now and since then I'am always hungry. I eat all day and gained over 10 kilos lately. I...

  • Marijuana

    Hello, Does smoking of marijuana affects the brain please? Thanks in advance.

  • Alcohol in the body

    Hello, Does smoking makes someone more drunk please? Thank you.

  • Smoking after gym

    Hello, Every couple of days, I get to the gym and right after the work outs, I smoke. Is this a bad practice please? Thank you.

  • How to stop

    Hello, I have been smoking for more than 6 years and want to know if you have some effective tips for me to stop smoking. Thanks for any...

  • Urge to smoke

    Hello, I have the urge to smoke a cigarette each five minutes and I can smoke about 40 cigarettes in a day. I have tried to stop it but can't....

  • Removing all substance from my body

    Hello, I want to know how I can remove all the cheamical substances that has accumulated in my body from smoking cigarettes. How do I do this...

  • Nicotine patches

    Hello, How much nicotine does nicotine patches contain please? To how many cigarettes is one nicotine patch equivalent please? Thanks in advance.

  • Addicted to eating tobacco

    Hello, I have never smoked but I am addicted to removing the tobacco from cigarettes and to eat them. It's been since years that I am doing...

  • Smoking before a blood test

    Hello, Will a doctor know if I have smoked before a blood test please? Thank you.

  • anxiety attack after smoking

    Hello, I always have anxiety attacks after smoking, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Risk of lung cancer

    Hello, What is the probability for a smoker to have lung cancer please? Thank you.

  • Reducing cigarettes

    Hello, I am having much difficulty to stop smoking but yet I really wish to give up smoking. Do you believe that I will be able to finally give...

  • My dad is a heavy smoker

    Hello, Indeed, my father smokes nearly a whole packet a day and the fumes really disturbs me. To what extent may I get serious infections due...

  • Chewing gums to quit

    Hello, Is it the best way to quit smoking by consuming anti nicotine chewing gums or are there other much advisable solutions?

  • Smoking while being on medication

    Hello, Is it bad to smoke when you need to have medications please? Thank you.

  • Smokers

    Hello, My neighbors smoke and I cannot stand smoke at all. I get irritated with this, what can I do to avoid this please? Thanks.

  • Stopped smoking completely

    Hello, I have stopped smoking completely since last week. Can I know how much time it will take for my body to heal up completely from all the...

  • Weeds or cigarettes

    Hello, What's worse please? Weeds or cigarettes? Thank you.

  • Smoking

    Hello, I have been to the doctor and surprisingly, he said that I smoke too much. How does the doctor knows that I smoke please? Thank you.

  • How many years

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what is the life expectancy of a heavy smoker? Thanks in advance.

  • Smoking less cigarettes

    Hello, I have started smoking less cigarettes per day but I am unable to stop it. Do you have any tips that can help me stop smoking...

  • How to stop smoking for good

    Hello, I want to know what may help me stop smoking for good. Is there anyone who succeeded doing it? Can you please share the experience of how...

  • Bad breath because of cigarettes

    Hello, I have a very bad taste and breath from the mouth and I believe that it is because I smoke. What is the solution for getting rid of this...

  • Addiction

    Hello, How much time does it take for someone to get addicted to smoking please? Thanks.

  • Risks from tobacco

    Hello, Does chewing tobacco has the same risk as smoking cigarettes please? Thanks.

  • Weight loss

    Hello, I am a heavy smoker and I am losing weight since some months. I want to know if smoking has anything to do in me losing weight. Thanks...

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