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Swollen throat

Hello, I have a swollen throat and it's paining very much when I talk or move my head. I was wondering whether the this is because of the fact that I have asthma. Can this be related in any way please? Thanks for your help.

Red eyes everyday

Hello, I am a data entry operator and I spend most of the time in front of the screen. Since two weekend I have noticed that my eyes are regularly red at the end of the day what can I do to stop this?

2 Packets of cigarette daily

Hello My first cigarette was at 14 years old when with my boyfriend we had a fought and since then I never stopped. I wanted to have the patch but which were forbidden to people under 18 according to the pharmacist who refused to sell me them. Now that I am 18 I am having 2 packets of cigarette how do I do to stop it all? Read more

Fat on my arms

Hello, most people have cellulite on the thighs but I have fat upper arms and think this is cellulite. I have orange peel type of skin on the arms even if I do sport or not. How do I get rid of this cellulite? This is urgent please help me.

Is it genital herpes?

Hello, I have a pimple on my penis some kind of transparent and fragile one. After some research and seeing some photos I have the feeling that this is herpes? I have had only two unprotected sexual relationship in my life, but I have never seen this on either one of them. Help me please. Read more

Cholesterol at 26 years

Hello, I wish to know if it is normal to suffer from cholesterol at the age of 26. Well I am still long and I am having difficulties to accept this illness in my life and it has been diagnosis last week.

My daughter hates me

Hello, I'm having such bad times these days and I'm lacking of courage. My daughter and I are in conflict all the time and I also have the feeling that she hates me. In fact she is having the adolescence crisis and it is very hard for me. At the same time my husband quarrels with me and insults me so it is much difficult for m... Read more

Orange juice

Hello, What are the advantages of drinking orange juice? Is it good to drink orange daily or it may cause any disease later onwards? Thanks in advance.

Fever and loss of appetite

Hello, My 8 month old daughter has a fever for two days ago and since then she will not eat anything at all, and even when she tries to eat she will immediately vomit all the food. I don't know what to do next, please I need some help.

en cuanto tiempo ace efecto el JADELLE

Hello, ayer me puse el dispositivo jadelle qusiera saver en cuanto tiempo ace efecto pues se me olvido preguntarle a la doctora!!!! porfa y gracias

Pain at the heart when i breath

Hello, I'm having pain in my abdomen and it is very painful. Well it's as if something is stretching inside and very often i have difficulty in breathing. When i intake air it stretches still causing me pain :(


Hello, What do you need to do on the spot when you are burnt please? Thank you.

Bone troubles

Hello, What do you need to do when you are experiencing bone trouble please? Thanks in advance.

20 days of constipation

Hello, I'm 22 and I'm constipated. I should admit that I am not the best friend of vegetables. But the problem is that my belly is very much swollen and I did not relieve myself since 20 days. This is long isn't it? So do help me friends.