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I'm so depressed

Hello, I'm 15 years old and have been having been feeling low for the past month. I have never had any real friends and also never feel like talking to anyone because of it. I want to live normally but never find anyone to share good or bad things. What do I need to do please? Anyone has ever been in the same situation?

I have a stomach infection

Hello, I have been experiencing a bad mouth breath and when I visited the doctor, he said that I have a stomach infection. He has prescribed me some antibiotics and I need to have five pills daily. The problem is with these pills, my mouth has a worse breath than before. What do I need to do please?

I want to gain some muscles

Hello, I'm slim and need to gain some weight. For doing so I know that I need to eat more but what kind of food do you advise me and also, will it be right for having twice the amount of meals that I used to have? Thanks for your kind advices.


Hello, 2 weeks ago I changed workplace and I have no friends. I'm always alone in here and don't know what I need to do. I feel depressed and don't know how to overcome this loneliness, please help. Thanks.

Itching scrotum

Hello, My scrotum itches and when I checked it out today I found a pimple there. It was all white with a dark brown spot on it. Can someone please tell me what it is. Thanks in advance.

Small butt

Hello, I have a small butt and I want to know what's the solution to having a bigger butt. I look so slim with this small but, what do I need to do please? Thanks in advance.

Penis concerns

Hello, I am 14 years old and my penis is 12 cm. Is this a normal size please? There is a slight excess of skin around my penis. Thanks in advance..

How to do with girls?

Hello, I am Ben, 16 years old and I would like to learn a little bit more about girl's anatomy. Well I have never had any sexual relationship with any girl but I would really like to learn some tips before trying it once. Hum I have a girlfriend and I am very much afraid that my lack of experience might make her go away. ... Read more

Sprained wrist

Hello, I've got a wrist sprain while playing basketball yesterday. Is here any way I can heal the sprain faster than waiting, I've got an important match next Sunday? Thanks.

Bad taste

Hello, I have been taking some medication lastly. Now I'm in good health but there's a bad taste that has remained in my mouth, can someone please tell me why I have this? Thanks.