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Surrogacy route

Hi there everyone! I hope you all are well. TTC can be very tough. I haven't been through it myself because I sadly have no uterus. I lost it to cancerous polyps. However, I joined many forums and this is a great problem I see for people. I think my experience can help out a bit here. I tried out surrogacy in my down period of time. It's ... Read more

Success from infertility

Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I want to share my cousin's story who is suffering from infertility. Actually, she became married at 32. After that, she became pregnant and then she had to meet with an accident. At that moment, she lost her pregnancy. Her doctors also declared her infertile due to some internal issues. She didn't know wh... Read more

No baby after 4 years?

Hi I have the feeling that I am cursed as for 4 years I have been trying for a pregnancy. I did have a miscarriage at 2 month of pregnancy earlier this year. I was so excited and then so disappointed. I need help? Will I one day be able to conceive a baby?


Hello, I can't get pregnant and i don't know the reason for it too. The doctors are also unable to find the reason for this. I have gone through extensive testings but the doctors are also unable to find the main cause for my infertility. They can't tell the main problem. I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now. But still ... Read more

dates confirmed

Hello, How have you all been? I have some news. I called my clinic a few days ago to let them know we're ready for our surrogacy program. We have set a date for an initial consultation at the clinic. I really hope things go well. I will keep you all updated. Thank you.

Tried to conceive

Hello, since I have been in my early twenties i have experienced fluctuations in weight. after i got married, my husband and i tried to conceive, but it took us a long time, and we even started to feel so dejected about our situation. eventually i did conceive, however, i had a miscarriage. it was the toughest moment of my life. i felt ... Read more


Hi Everyone! Today I m going to share my sister's journey with everyone. She was in my early 20s when she got married. She started trying to conceive from that time. She tried for 6 years and nothing happened. She also suffered 2 miscarriages. Her life was a mess. She was honestly dead from inside. She was so jealous and upset whenever sh... Read more

First IVF failed

Hello, How are you all? This post is about my friend with PCOS. She went for IVF recently. She's still in Ukraine. She had her first transfer a while ago. Turns out it failed. She didn't conceive. I feel so bad for her. She has lost all hope. Thanks to the doctors of her clinic, they are handling her matters very efficiently. I don't un... Read more

is she pregnant ?

We had sex a week ago or 2. since that day she started feeling. nauseous & stomach pain. but we used a condom. She took a test yesterday and was negative. but she still has pain and nausea, please help!! Read more

Bad Experience need suggestions

Hi, hope you are enjoying good health. I am a daily visitor of this forum. Today, I am here wo share my experience. I am an infertile. I can't conceive naturally. As you all know infertility is really painful. Very few can handle it. My husband and I am very depressed after hearing the news. Our friends supported us and advised us to go f... Read more

I will not be able to have a baby ever

Hello, Good day everyone. How are you all? My husband and I were TTC for a long time. I was unable to get pregnant. I was really worried. I was trying for last three years. A new ray of hope was raised when I missed my period. I started feeling nausea. I took the pregnancy test. I found out that I was pregnant. I was over the sky. All m... Read more

Awareness about PCOS

Lately, I was searching about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) to find more information about it. I have found that This disease is really dangerous and spreading between females. It doesn't Differentiates between females whatever her age. However, Many women don't know about it. I'm sad because the awareness about this disease is not eno... Read more

Infertility problem

Hello, I have been to the gynecologist and he has spotted a low sperm count, can someone please tell me what I may do in order to solve this problem? Is there anything that may help me to get it to a normal count rapidly? Thanks.