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Asthma she can't eat properly

Hello, my sister is 15 and the doctors says that she is suffering from asthma but she has never had the asthma crisis i mean suffocating and lacking of air. She is actually not able to eat properly and says that she has the feeling that there is something blocking her stomach preventing her from breathing properly. What should... Read more

Hairs growth

Hello, I have much hair growing on my back. I have this trouble since I was thirteen. It's very ugly, I'm like a gorilla. Please tell me what I need to do to get rid from this. Thanks in advance.

Pain at the lower abdomen

Hello, I'm suffering from pain in the abdomen since some days and there are times when I cannot even walk around because of it. I have to sit some five to ten minutes before the pain soothes. It's very hard for me. Can someone please help me about it? Thanks in advance.