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My grandma

Hello, My grandma is sick and she says that she is dead all the time. Everyone has talked to her but she continues saying that she is dead. She seems to be mentally affected, what must be done please? Is there anything that may be done to help her please? Thanks in advance.

Afraid to have sex

Hi my name is Jenny , 15 years old. I am with my boyfriend since 8 months and I wanted to have sex with him but I am terrified. Too much saying about the first time makes me repulsive. The fact that I would be suffering makes me crazy and also thinking that it could spoil the moment. Any tips please?

Allergy to her rabbit?

Hello at home we have 2 dogs and my daughter is very much at ease with them. But for her birthday she received a rabbit and since then she is suffering from bronchitis, itching eyes, runny nose and all sorts of symptoms which makes me think of an allergy. Do help please.

Hives since 3 years

Hi I am suffering from hives for 3 years and after several tests and exams they are not able to tell me why. No treatment can help me and I am desperate, if you are in the same situation do help me please.

Throat cancer stages

Good morning everyone my father is suffering from a throat cancer I am worried, the diagnosis was made last week and left us all miserable. He was only suffering from pain in his throat and now he is having a cancer, what will be the next step in this hard time?

Torn muscle

Hello, I'm having deep pain at the thighs and I'm not even able to walk properly. I had been to the gym two days back and did some squats, can it be that I have torn my muscle please? Thanks in advance.