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Soreness after sex

Hi everyone I need your opinion on what I am going through these days. After a sexual intercourse with my boyfriend has started all my pains. I was not well lubricated and when he penetrated me it did hurt a little bit. After wards I've noticed that between the vulva and the anus it is all red and painful. I can't even touch this space as... Read more

I hate my body at 44 kilos!

Hi, I weigh 44 kilos and measure 1m57 the problem is that I don't feel good with my body. I'm just over with a diet where I've lost almost 5 kilos and still i am not okay with myself.

It's all blur

Hello, I've found a slight squint in my right eye and it bothers me a lot as it affects my eyesight causing a blur close up. In addition I am myopic. I understand that there is treatment for the eye with strabismus. I want to know if treatment can completely fix the squint.

Swollen belly

Hello, My every day I have this swollen belly and people think that I am pregnant and this is also what I think from time to time. This causes paranoia in me forcing me to do pregnancy test regularly which are always negative. My belly is flat when I wake up and afterwards once I indulge food it gets swollen what's my problem?

Long term effect of antibiotics

Hello, What are the long-term effects of antibiotics on acne? I have been taking erythromycin for almost 2 months now, and although the acne is a little better it still has not gone. But I worry about taking the antibiotics long-term? I wish I could believe in a treatment that works, not a temporary improvement! Read more

Vitiligo makes me complex

I suffer from vitiligo on my face this makes me feel bad and I want to know if anyone has got any treatment for this. If you also you have the same problems do share with me I feel so lonely when I walk in the streets where people look strangely at my face.

Hairs on my face

Hello, Further to some ovarian problems and complication that have been diagnosis since long I have hairs on my face. I have stopped hormones treatments and stop taking pills too. This problem very much affects my daily life and I'm lacking of self-confidence how do I do?

14 years old how to lose weight

I'm 14 years old, 1m71 and weighting 59 kilos. I have never had boyfriend and my girlfriends told me that I have to lose weight as boy don't affectionate fat girls! I try to put myself on diet to stop eating but this is very difficult. At home my parents would find it suspect if I don't eat and I'm very fond of food. How t... Read more

Injections or insuline pump

Hello, I suffer from diabetes since I'm one years old, now I'm 24 and married. I use the injection of insulin which is not my favorite moment of the day. My diabetologist says that it's time to change treatment. Actually I am having 2 injections per days he says either I'll have 3 injections per days of the insulin pump can ... Read more

9 years old daughter obese need help

Hello, I am the mother of a cute little girl of 9 years old but my child is overweight or obese. She measures 150 cm for 62 kilos. We have already consulted a dietician but she keeps on eating secretly and keeps gaining weight. Actually she is complaining about pain the knees and she is very much breathless. How to do?