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December 24, 2011
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April 5, 2012

Painful breathing

Hi We partied hard for a couple of days, and I feel awful today. Yeah the water pipe party was really amazing but now when I am breathing I am also having pain and difficulties to continue the breathing process. What should I do? Can it be the Shisha that is causing me so much trouble please?

Lighter eye color

Hello, How do you get your eye color lighter please? Is it actually possible? Thanks in advance.

Addicted to his video games

Hello, My son is completely addicted to his video game. He spends most of his time on it. He prefers to stay at home playing rather to get out with his friends, what must I do please?

Leg pain

Hello, I am experiencing a very bad pain in the lower right leg and I am unable to get to work because of it. What may be the source of this particular pain please? Thanks in advance.

Sour taste after removal of gallbladder

Good morning I am Loraine and after the removal of the gallbladder two weeks ago I am having a sour taste in my mouth. I wanted to know what is best to eat in my situation please. What are the ailments that I should favor or avoid? In how many times will I be much better please?

Risk of pregnancy

Hi, I am afraid of being pregnant.. about 4 weeks ago my boyfriend and I have unprotected sexual intercourse ... it was just after my mens. What are the risk that i am pregnant?

Scratching till blood

Hi guess this could be an allergy as each time I remove my socks my feet itch so much that I keep on scratching till they bleed. Can anyone explain me this please?

50 beats per minutes

Hello my heart beats a rhythm at 50 beats per minutes when I am at rest do I have to worry as I read here that the normal heart rate is between 70 to 85. I am already a bit worried thanks for answering my question. Regards.