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Pregnant or not?

Hello, My husband and I are trying to have a baby and after the ovulation test we've been having sexual intercourse during 5 days. Now my little question is can I be pregnant as I am having pain at the ovaries and as if it is stretching at the left one. Thanks for sharing. Bye

Help to quit smoking

Hello my father is 58 years old and he has decided to stop smoking but I can see that this is difficult for him; I want to know how I can help him for example? Can anyone give me some advices in order to encourage him much more to quit cigarette please?

70 kilos at 15 years old!

Hello I am 15 years old and weighing 70 kilos, I am horrified at my weight but my mother is against letting me have a diet. I need to lose some weight as it is difficult for me to cope with my daily life. I also have the feeling that I turn lazy due to my 70 kilos and I don't have much friends as if at school everyone avoid me because I a... Read more

Still suffering with acne

Hello I am 25 years old, single and having lots of pimples. I thought that at a point in time it will diminish but it is not the case and I can't even look at my face it is so ugly thanks for your help.

Red skin???

Hi I've noticed that each time I go out my skin turn red on my face, arms and legs. This is not much painful but it is really red as if I've got a sunburnt. The problem is that I am not even exposed to sun and as I put my feet out it happens. Can anyone help me please?

I hate my body

I am always hungry all the time, this is out of joke. :( I spend my days eating all sorts of things. I have gain a lot of weight and I hate this. I don't know how to do to care about my body anymore I only think of eating all the time. Should I take some medicine to reduce my appetite?