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Spinal cancer

It all started with lung cancer which is out of control. My mother has had ablation of the lung and vocal cords also. After 6 months complaining about pains in the back the doctor thought it was lumbago but in the end we found out that she is suffering from a spinal cancer and now traces were found on her liver. How do we deal with this a... Read more

Evening face mask

Hello, normally during my menstruation I have some pimples on my face and my chin. I've tried to treat this with green clay? I read that this can be left on over night, but is this true, will it treat my pimples?

She can't be on her own

Hello I have a question about my best friend who is 36 years old; she is divorced and is not able to remain on her own. She hates to be alone and prefers to go out with stupid guys that don't even suit her in order to be with someone. She can't stand it to be alone at home at any moment. Any way to help her please?

3.5 Kilos in one week!!!

Hi I checked my weight today and it seems that I gained 3.5 kilos in one week how this is possible please? I do control my diet and not changing anything since months. I am stunned in seeing this.

Breast cancer in men

Good morning I want to talk about my father in law he has been diagnosed a breast cancer but before he had metastasis. Well I don't know much about his situation and the stages of his cancer and I want to know if he will get better?

Not mourning her father

My best friend has lost her father and she make as if everything is going on smoothly, she does not talk about her mourning and live life normally. Her mother says that she spends her time in bed or in front of the TV. We need to help her but how?

Why am i so small?

Hi I find myself too small for my age I am only 1m50 and 14 years old. My friends are high and well-made compared to me who is so little. They find this nice and are always nudging me will all sorts of joke about the fact that I am small compared to them, how to change this.

Side effect of treatments

Hello I would like to talk about my son who suffers from diabetes. Well he is very bad and suffers from pain in the legs. Actually he is under a new treatment that the doctor prescribed him and this helps a lot. He takes his insulin and also makes use of a pump, but the problem is that he has strange feelings every day. Can you te... Read more

Laser intervention presbyopia

Hello, I was operated laser INTRACOR for presbyopia, 10 months ago. Now I can read without glasses. But once I'm far, I see blur. The specialist wants to see my astigmatism with laser and says that my eyesight will be much better. Are any people there who are in the same situation as me? Thank you for your answers